Importance of Having Correct Posture

Correct posture reduces pressure on lower back & neck

Incorrect posture causes the head to lean slightly forward increasing the head’s approximate stress on your body from 5kg to 15 – 20kg. Also, when the upper body stoops forward, pressure on your lower back and knees increases.
A proper posture will lessen the stress on your shoulders, neck, lower back and knees to reduce applied force to muscles and fatigue.

Poor posture results in a distorted bodyline

As the lower back plays a crucial role as an anchor for the body, incorrect support gives rise to an increase in back curving or bodies that lean inwards when sitting. This causes the body to become progressively distorted and excess pressure to be placed on one side of the body. The ability to make full use of the ‘human body’s power’ is then affected.

Correcting posture with appropriate support for the lower back allows your body to be aware of proper seating posture, maintaining a natural ‘S’ curve for a beautiful body line.