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Beginning in 1964 with 7 Up, directed for British television by Paul Almond with Apted initially on board as a researcher, the series tracked a cross-section of 14 children from England's famously rigid class system, with Apted checking in every seven years thereafter to document what and how they were doing. The long answer to his probing is: It's complicated. And what of Neil, at 7 a bonny lad in a duffel coat skipping down a suburban Liverpool street and by any measure the most beloved of viewers? ‎The original Seven Up was broadcast in 1964 as a one-off World in Action special, featuring children who were selected from different backgrounds and social spheres to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. Both jobs came to pass, but what Tony couldn't dream of was that he would one day buy a handsome holiday home in Spain for his growing family and plan to build a resort there. When you purchase a ticket for an independently reviewed film through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. Of course the project’s other notable participant — and subject — is Apted. Remarkably, the filmmaker Michael Apted kept the project going and has revisited the original interviewees every seven years. We don't see them gulping endless cups of industrial-strength tea or spending every waking hour down the pub or at the private club. Lynn Aged seven, Lynn was filmed alongside Jackie talking about how she wanted to work in Woolworths but she ended up as a children’s librarian. The subject was class in Britain, as briefly seen through the lives of 7-year-olds from different families and socioeconomic circumstances. What he and Paul (now settled in Australia) have achieved with the support of two good women is by any measure remarkable, as is the fact that they've stayed friends. The latest installment of the groundbreaking, award-winning documentary series returns to visit the people whose lives have been followed since they were seven. Two of the most poignant subjects are Symon and Paul, who began the series living in a children’s home and have become the kind of men who make you regret your own shortcomings. Review: '63 Up' Finds Its Subjects Thinking About Death And Brexit Michael Apted's latest installment of his extended documentary/social experiment — revisiting a brace of …

Michael Apted revisits the people who have grown up, and grown older, in this long-running, landmark documentary series. The sui generis documentary project — the latest and ninth installment is “63 Up” — began in 1964 as a stand-alone production for Granada Television. returns to our screens, Radio Times caught up with three of its cast members as they contemplate ageing, death, and … So “63 Up,” which checks in on this motley assortment of now-63-year-old British men and women, drawn from both ends of the class system, will be greeted with bated breath by many. Not so the United States, where the mere mention of social class often triggers strenuous manifestos about meritocracy and equal opportunity.

Like Nick, the farm boy who became a professor in the United States, and Apted, who attended Cambridge University but now lives in America, I found far more career opportunities in the United States than I would have enjoyed in England despite a fancy education.

(He started as a researcher on the first one, and has directed all the movies since.) Life is short and messy, but the project, by virtue of its mission, consistency and narrative shape, smooths out the metaphoric wrinkles.

All agree that inequality persists, but they worry less for themselves than for their children, who face cuts to the country's generous welfare state services, further concentration of wealth in the top tier, the decline of full-time jobs, and most of all the potential ravages of a looming Brexit deal. As Apted speaks in voice-over, filling in gaps and providing some necessary connective tissue for the sections, we drop in on different men and women, or at least those still remaining. But you don't have to have been as hooked as I on the anthology (now available as a boxed set) to find your way around the latest, 63 Up, which is studded with flashbacks to catch you up on how the group has fared since we first met them, mingling to frolic and brawl in a grim-looking adventure playground. What followed had more to do with the global economy than with his business chops, but today Tony, a proud husband, father, and grandfather who moonlights as a cabbie in TV crime shows, has switched his working-class-Tory affiliation for fear of Brexit, and may cast in his lot with the Green Party. Director Michael Apted returns with the next installment of the experimental documentary series in 63 Up. 63 Up review – documentary marvel makes all other reality TV look trivial.

He was in his early 20s when he started working on the first film for “World in Action,” a weekly affairs program.

Without functioning parents, Symon has had a checkered life. One is seriously ill; another has died since 56 Up. The real ones remain etched in faces that, for faithful viewers, can prove very moving, partly because they hold up a mirror to yours. British cinema has always had a far more robust tradition than U.S. of narrative films about the relations between the classes. The latest instalment of the ground-breaking, award-winning documentary series from director Michael Apted returns to visit the people whose lives have been followed since they were seven.

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