battlestar galactica lost planet of the gods, part 1

Filming & Production But later, Apollo visits Serina in her quarters to discover she is wearing a cadet's uniform; the Colonial journalist wishes to become a shuttle pilot. Episode cast overview, first billed only: Lieutenant Brie The two discover a Cylon outpost This means that the Cylon patrols trailing the Fleet must be capable of at least lightspeed to have caught up with the Fleet's periphery, and still be able to report back while apparently maintaining radio silence.

Jolly appears feverish but manages to land. Baltar insists on no aggressive action or revelation of his Basestar. Baltar is escorted to his new assignment by Lucifer, a Cylon android who seems to have more in common with the Imperious Leader than with the crude, robotic Centurions. One would think Serina could've said something about having flying hours back on Caprica, but this is yet another missed opportunity that makes the show look half-finished. Boomer and Jolly discover a Cylon listening outpost on an asteroid. Put a squid on the bridge next to Sara Rush! Official Sites

(voice) (uncredited), first assistant director (as Bill Holbrook), second assistant director (as Charles Sanford), score recording & mixing engineer (uncredited), Enterprise Synclavier Sound Package, Blaster Beam, composer, animal supervisor: Gentle Jungle [us] (uncredited). Apollo joins Starbuck on a Viper reconnaissance mission beyond the Fleet's tracking range. Report an Issue  |  View production, box office, & company info.

If the Fleet is restricted to sublight speeds, how are they able to flee the Cylons at all, even after being detected? The two discover a Cylon outpost built into a rockface on an asteroid.

Apollo goes ahead to the asteroid to destroy the outpost while Starbuck stays behind with the new warriors.

Since the Cylons are all mechanical and should be equal in all aspects, this seems to be a rather unnecessary and ludicrous claim even for a robot to make. Out on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck come across a great void, while Boomer and Jolly are infected with a plague that soon infects the remaining Viper pilots.

(Funny, but how often do we see Richard Hatch or Dirk Benedict wearing these same suits? Adama then tells Apollo that there is no choice now but to launch the new warriors on the mission to the asteroid. What of the technicians and maintenance personnel in the.

| Company Credits | Soon, Apollo and Starbuck find themselves having to train a group of female cadets, including Apollo's fiancée, Serina. Apollo and Starbuck seem to have their hands full just keeping their squadron in formation. So they re-edited the scene in the pilot to have Baltar removed and added the epilogue and then altered the scene further in this episode. Apollo and Starbuck ultimately lead a reconstituted Blue Squadron, including Serina, to escort Doctor Salik's shuttlecraft to the asteroid.

When talking to Serina about what a catch she'd be, he mentions that "if he were a 100, The scene with Baltar and Imperious Leader is altered somewhat from the epilogue in the pilot episode. Some may not buy into Lucifer's appearance, but this is one Cylon effect that looked perfect for the show. Apollo enters and Adama gives him a roster of colonists who are deemed experienced enough to be combat trained.

What is he doing in there? instead of a more caring and diplomatic "How good was your score?" (as Janet Curtis-Larson), Third Girl Warrior | He fires a round of lasers so Apollo can find him and Apollo does. Adama drops hints that Serina would makes some young man happy and … Shouldn't that kind of thing be left to warrant officers and commissioned officers? On the bridge Adama asks about the status of the trainees.

There are some interesting passages throughout the episode. What a waste. Adama reads a journal in his quarters about the days of Kobol and the magnetic void.

Saga of a Star World • Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I • Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II • The Lost Warrior • The Long Patrol • The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I • The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II • The Magnificent Warriors • The Young Lords • The Living Legend, Part I • The Living Legend, Part II • Fire in Space • War of the Gods, Part I • War of the Gods, Part II • The Man with Nine Lives • Murder on the Rising Star • Greetings from Earth • Baltar's Escape • Experiment in Terra • Take the Celestra • The Hand of God, From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide, Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 1 full episode on, Lost Planet of the Gods full summary and review at Sheba's Galaxy,,_Part_I&oldid=233323, Episodes directed by Christian I. Nyby II, [[frakr:{{{frakr}}}|Satirical view of this episode on WikiFrakr]]. However, the scene was altered when the series was being picked-up, as the producers wanted John Colicos to return as Baltar. Soon, Apollo and Starbuck find themselves having to train a group of female cadets, including Apollo's fiancée, Serina. Baltar warns Lucifer not to fence with him, he then orders Lucifer to capture one of the patrol ships. With so many Viper pilots incapacitated, Adama must recruit shuttle pilots, apparently all female, to train for Viper simulation. Isn't there enough canonical evidence that not all refugees and warriors from the Colonies are Earth-type homo sapiens? Apollo makes his report on the void to Adama and Tigh. The disease still could've incapacitated several pilots, but the whole business of throwing inexperienced pilots into space would be avoided.

After what's happened to their people?

That is the only way to explain the new routines, Baltar's familiarity with Lucifer, and Apollo's engagement to Serina. At least for "The Hand of God", the Cylons had their own bridge.

The Cylons get several fighters launched, but Apollo starts destroying them before more can do so. Cheap, and campy looking. In the original movie, Baltar was beheaded in front of the Imperious Leader. Even more puzzling are the reports of erratic flying of the attacking Vipers. There was one nice computer graphics shot used: when Apollo is being dogged by a Cylon fighter, we see an attack computer display showing a nicely done graphical representation of a Viper approaching with a Cylon behind. Had the show more clearly defined the military culture of the characters and the hardship it imposed on them, it would've been a double-edged sword. Powered by, Badges  | 
Apollo enters and sees Serina in her flight uniform. Adama is distracted by mention of the void and goes to his quarters to think about this news. Very nice, especially for 1978. Both seem concerned about how to handle the rogue Battlestar, and content to bicker about it.

Obviously, the sickness which incapacitates these pilots is a device which the entire story's sense of jeopardy rests on. Hindsight being 20/20, guess nobody ever thought of that.) As Apollo and Starbuck approach the Warrior's lounge Salik and Adama stop them just in time and orders the other warriors back in and Salik orders them quarantined. If the Basestar is under his command, why not show him in a planning room with Lucifer, studying a star chart? Fear of assassination, perhaps? The training is interrupted when Apollo is called to the bridge. Again, like the dining room scene, the conversation seems stilted and awkward, over-simplifying the characters' dilemma.

Apollo and Starbuck launch their Vipers first, followed by the new, On board Baltar's ship Lucifer reports to Baltar that they have overtaken, The warriors continue on their mission.

Starbuck and Athena lead the rest of the squadron in picking off the Cylons. Salik insists he will have to journey to the asteroid to discover what caused this disease. There are Nomen and many others. Share !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); (as Janet Louise Johnson). It would've made drama easier for the writers and the actors to portray, and it would've given the characters and their situations more substance. Adama orders security to quarantine everyone who has been in contact with Jolly and Boomer. It's one thing to recruit shuttle pilots to fly Vipers, another to recruit cadets who've never flown a shuttle.

(Looks like it wouldn't have mattered, since both men were already afflicted.). "Battlestar Galactica" Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 1 (TV Episode 1978) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. After nearly getting lost in this void, the two turn return to the Galactica to report their discovery.

Apollo is shocked at this revelation. Is the Fleet capable of building more? Meanwhile, Lieutenant Boomer and Flight Sergeant Jolly probe another direction with their Vipers. In training Athena is in the simulator and as she destroys a Cylon she also inadvertently kills Starbuck. How long has passed since the Battle of Carillon (and, therefore how long has Serina been training as a shuttle pilot)?

The second part was more action packed but this is a good intro. The two "buddies" discover a great black void , which inhibits all forms of tracking, navigation and communication. It makes for some funny, lighthearted moments without ramming any gender issues down the viewers throat (as would happen if it was made now).The story continues on down the route of the Egyptian mythology and Baltar is establishing himself as a really good villain at this point. Baltar and Lucifer spar over what to do about capturing the Galactica and her fleet. A Second Look Baltar seems to get way too familiar with Lucifer in a hurry, doesn't he? This scene seems to have been shot to show off Jane Seymour in a tight uniform. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Blue Squadron reports their mission was a success.

And maybe instead of showing a Cylon airstrip on a vulnerable asteroid's surface, we could see a new type of Cylon space station or mini-Basestar in orbit. Apollo is dismayed that Serina has been (conveniently) training on shuttles for a while, but eventually accepts her decision. On board Galactica Greenbean shows up with victuals for the party and security enters questioning where the supplies came from. Imperious Leader

Still, if some of these ladies are green, you'd expect to see an ensign.

There is also the loose implication that Baltar was ordering Cylon fighter patrols to "hang back" and not reveal themselves to the hunted Fleet.
(24 Sep 1978).

Baltar and Lucifer would have to be more than just cardboard standups, ordering Cylon maneuvers. (as Gay Thomas), Opening Credit Announcer / Both collapse and reveal a strange plague which incapacitates and could kill everyone in the Fleet. It seems everyone got the hang of flying and fighting. The scene between Apollo and Serina in her quarters was nice, but not substantial enough to do either character justice.

With the question of material losses, how many Vipers and shuttles do the survivors have left? Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2 full episode of Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2 full episode on YouTube Lost Planet of the Gods full summary and review at Sheba's Galaxy Lost Planet of the Gods deleted scenes

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