battlestar galactica weapons

Milirem 4700: This is a popular civilian hunting rifle has never seen use by military or law enforcement personnel., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, This page (like all pages on this wiki) was. Two brothers designed the gun, and it was manufactured by the Virgon government. The Colonial Record is held by a Marine Team from Aerelon who were able to score six kills with a single shot.

Since then, it has largely fallen out of use, and has become a collector’s piece. It is semi-automatic but has only a limited .44 Mag six-round magazine. The ship is constructed in the Carrier Drydock located near the Colonial Base in Delta Canopis. A battlestars main purpose was to launch Vipers, so it comes as no surprise that in her 50-plus years of service, she held hundreds, if not thousands of Vipers. CAL Mark 23: The Caprica Arms Laboratory developed the Mark 23 for use by Colonial Marine Special Forces units. The 4700 is a rotating bolt-action rifle that uses a four-round magazine of .30-06 ammunition, plus one in the tube.

It has a bullpup design, with the pistol grip forward of the magazine and the firing mechanism in the buttstock. It has seen widespread success in the civilian market and it often can be seen at shooting ranges with a variety of optics attached. CAL USG: The CAL Universal Submachine Gun saw wide use in the Marine Corps before the relatively recent introduction of the P90. The most popular color? Its small, reliable, and inaccurate as hell due to its superlight weight.

It fires a 7.92x33mm round from a magazine that can hold up to 30 rounds. It feeds the same 7.92x57 round from a 100 round box, however the boxes are usually discarded and the guns crew-served by an assistant gunner who links the belts together and keeps the gun fed.

Here's the small arms that are, as per the series, established within that world. Aquarian PM: This sidearm was used by the Aquarian military and police forces prior to the formation of the Colonial government. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Each magazine holds 30 rounds of 8x22mm and can only be effectively operated under single shot or three-round burst.

Meant to be a shoulder-fired weapon, the scope atop the rifle has a built-in laser rangefinder. This allows for a long, accurate, free-floating barrel in a rifle of compact design. Originally manufactured on Aerelon before the formation of the the Colonial government, the military version was produced primarily on Picon prior to the Cylon invasion. If should be noted, however, that none of this page will be considered canon (NONE OF IT) until approved by staff. It was manufactured for some time and sold to private security firms so these SMG's can still be found. Luckily the distribution of spares is widespread. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Keep clear of friendlies while employing these because when the fuel tanks get hit by bullets it tends to make the user very unpopular. VMS-7: The Virgon Military Submachinegun has seen six prior incarnations that proved very reliable (but for one model) in almost any combat condition.
They were very popular due to the fact that these are essentially harmless to humans. Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Standard procedure in the Colonial Fleet for weapons lockers is to place them under marine guard, with logs on who has entered and exited these lockers. View and manage file attachments for this page. They were found to be ineffective against the cylons, though, so their use has waned in the last thirty years. However, not all of them. SMI 80: The Scorpia Military Industries 80 is one of the standard combat rifles used by the Colonial Fleet and Marine Corps.

While not as common as it once was, the USG remains a favorite among older Marines due to its reliability. See pages that link to and include this page. Somewhat. It is semi-automatic and uses magazines of 10, 20, or 30 rounds, which fit into the handle of the gun. Weapons List Sidearms. Originally designed on Tauron as a cheap sporter rifle that circumvented the firearms restrictions of the time, they come only in semi-automatic variants. Reload times by experienced crews can be as short as ten seconds. Commander Adama uses one warhead to destroy the Cylon basestar orbiting Kobol (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II), and Dr. Baltar cannibalizes one to use in his Cylon detector. In the case of small-arms lockers, such lockers contain ammunition, small arms (e.g. Producing huge volumes of fire and an intense muzzle blast, the sound of the weapon under sustained bursts can produce the same volume and racket as a squad of Marines with standard rifles. The P90 uses same 5.7mm rounds that the Picon Five-seveN does. It comes equipped with a 10x telescopic sight with a Mil Dot reticle. Standard Colonial Blaster (BSG:TOS), Cylon Rifle (BSG:TOS), Laser Bola, Laser Torpedo It fires a 25mm depleted uranium disarding-sabot (APDS) round. It is very accurate and the high tolerances allow for smooth operation in battlefield conditions. In the case of small-arms lockers, such lockers contain ammunition, small arms (e.g. They were produced in for an anti-personnel but their area lethality is limited due to its implementation - which directs the blast upward. Not surprisingly, it uses 5.7 x 28mm ammunition. Append content without editing the whole page source. Rates of fire average around 1000rpm, but the gun must be fired in bursts to prevent melting of the barrel. The only gun Viktor ever produced came to be widely used throughout the Colonies. At the end of the nozzle is a constantly burning flame or something to cause the mixture to fireball. In addition to the increased flight capabilities, these Vipers possessed updated computer systems which were linked to the colonial defense network. Most SMI 80s are equipped with a 4x optical sight with a powered glowing pointer for limited night sight. It has two attack modes: Direct Fire (DF) and Top-Down (TD).
Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. This semi-automatic uses .45ACP ammunition. Because the physics of nuclear weapon design is a measurable science, and based on the size of the weapons seen on screen, the yield of Galactica's weapons may lie between 5 and 150 kilotons.[1]. RPE-7G: The design has been around for ages and constantly improved since it first saw deployment around a century ago. By this time, the MK.IIs had long-since been retired, and the newer, faster, MK.VIIs had taken over. EML: Why use destructive power to destroy your enemies when an electromagnetic pules will render them just as dead? A second notable appearance occurs later in "The Ties That Bind" in the form of "Weapons Locker 1701D", where Tory Foster, Saul Tigh and Galen Tyrol meet. Zasta M80 SMG: From the same manufacturer that produced the ZA-74 came a startlingly devastating squad machine gun.

The most common battlestar galactica prop material is plastic. A single standard magazine holds 25 rounds; a Bull Mag, which is half an inch wider except for where the clip feeds into the gun, holds 30 rounds. The Karlstov came from Tauron less than two decades ago and the CMC rapidly picked these up. It has an 4x telescopic sight. Just forward of the shoulder-pad is the detachable 5-round magazine, allowing the gun to be fired semi-automatically - though attempts are usually met by displacement on the part of the crewmen. Picon S-18: This rifle is a single-shot weapon that was produced by PiconArms for twenty years - during and after the first Cylon war.

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