best dehydrated backpacking meals

30 days return policy |  For a burrito approach, this goes very well with tortillas, and bring a hot sauce packet or two if you’re so inclined.

Although all of our palates vary and a lot of these meals seem to come and go on the manufacturer side, the above list is a great start, and are the ones that have stuck around in my food bag.

Backpackers Pantry; You can find these meals on Amazon or you can pick them up at your local R.E.I. Fast and easy meals requiring only 4 ingredients or less. While I’m by no means a carnivore on the trail, a vegetarian I also am not – and although I’ll eat a meal that is specifically aimed at other dietary considerations, I don’t abide by gluten-free, vegan, paleo, standards etc. $7, 620 calories per pouch. Ready to eat in: 8 minutes. Ha, thanks Joe.

Buttermilk biscuits were something I used to think were only to be had from a refrigerated can (yes I have taken those backpacking), or from a favorite local diner, but Mountain House has done a great job of bringing these to the freeze-dried backpacking meal world. Of all the meals I've tried the 10 listed above are the highest rated on my particular spreadsheet. $8, 620 calories per pouch. Play around at home and experiment a bit before heading out on an overnight trip with your new creations.

In de tussentijd antwoorden wij! The dispatch of goods may be delayed in exceptional circumstances. De rest van de tijd zijn we buiten! Then, you can throw away the … The calories are bit low on this one; I suggest adding a packet of olive oil and for long hiking days, shredding some beef jerky from your lunch stash (throw it in before adding hot water) is a welcome addition. You can find most ingredients at your average grocery store on the Appalachian Trail. For even more calories, bring a couple tortillas to go along with this one, and if you’re on the pro ketchup and eggs side of the fence, a packet of ketchup is an excellent addition to take along as well.

$11, 420 calories per pouch. This is a great dinner for one or two, and adding an olive oil packet works very well for boosting the calories on this one. None of my backpacking friends will eat it.   Pasted as rich text. The weight savings you achieve by dehydrating food are significant and not far behind the weight savings achieved by … Mis de top-aanbiedingen & nieuwtjes niet - Wij geven je de eerste €5 cadeau! Mountain House Beef Stroganoff is one of the most popular dehydrated camping foods on the market. options in the future as it would take their meals to another level for me. Combined with crumbled sausage and gravy with an ample amount of pepper seasoning, when this one occupies some space in my food bag I’m always looking forward to it during the hiking day. Mountain House Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash

If you like chicken pot pie, this is the freeze-dried meal for you. A breakfast meal from their “wraps” line, Mountain House Breakfast Skillet works equally well for breakfast or dinner in my experience, and at a solid 800 calories per package is high in the calorie department for ready to eat meals. Clear editor. Feel free to … Hot sauce packets of course, would also work for those looking for a bit more kick. So, are you ready to transform the way you eat while on the trail? 4.3 ounce net weight.

The Backpacker's Pantry Santa Fe Chicken and Rice Meal combines chicken and rice, with beans, cheese, green chili and vegetables. Ready to eat in: 8 minutes. There are endless ways to combine the above set of ingredients into dishes that are fast, easy, and delicious. While a bit of a light meal for two I’ve found, a packet of olive oil and planning for some dessert to go along with this meal is a great idea. The Criteria.

While a pre-packaged meal can be more costly than making your own meals from scratch, if you have a focus on convenience, having some of these meals on hand can make packing your food bag before a trip that much easier, and freeze-dried meals bring that same convenience to mealtime on the trail as well. 4.9 ounce net weight. Although the rice is usually a little al dente in my experience following the specified directions, only slightly so and that’s fine in my book. Ready to eat in: 9 minutes. Freeze-dried and dehydrated, ready-made backpacking meals usually fit the above criteria – but if you’ve tried your share of these types of meals, you’ve surely had your share of experiences that don’t exactly hit the spot in the taste department, and not much is worse than having to force down such a meal when it's all you have in the wilderness. $9, 800 calories per pouch. While this one is great without any additions, this isn’t one that you’ll be boosting the calorie count with tortillas, for example (perhaps for dipping in the broth). A newer offering, Mountain House Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash is in my opinion another that’s served up equally well for breakfast or for dinner. While this meal is pretty darn good on its own, a little black pepper, and as I prefer a dash of cayenne – takes this one to a new level. Ben je reeds klant bij de bergvrienden, meld je dan hier aan. No need to bring along an extra olive oil packet – Backpacker’s Pantry has already included one inside the pouch for you to mix in before you add hot water – and unlike a lot of freeze-dried meals, this one actually packs some punch in the flavor department without extra doctoring. 4.8 ounce net weight. When many people imagine camping food, they think of unhealthy, bland, watered-down meals that lack in flavor and texture. Olive oil and a little spice if you’re so inclined both work together well for taking the calorie count, and experience here to the next level. I found the Sweet Sour Pork to be very good. 4.7 ounce net weight.   Your previous content has been restored. If you backpack frequently or are planning for a long trip this could be your best bet. Ready to ship in 24h¹ |  $10, 475 calories per pouch. Daarna kun jij ook naar buiten. Ready to eat in: 8 minutes. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet
Surprised the BP Pad Thai was left out. The Best Dehydrated Camping Food. Only where product is in stock. Ready to eat in: 8 minutes. Wij zijn de eerste 100% klimaatneutrale online retailer die door ClimatePartner is gecertificeerd. Mountain House Chicken with Dumplings features chicken, and a heavy dose of vegetables along with buttermilk biscuits and gravy at least reminding one of grandma’s secret recipe....or perhaps just your favorite microwavable chicken pot pie from your local super market’s freezer section. While even the best of freeze-dried meals can usually use a bit of customizing to suit your taste or add some kick, Beef Stew from Mountain House is one of those that’s nearly reached perfection all by itself and stands on its own. This eclectic mix of hash browns, eggs, sausage, and peppers is definitely reminiscent of getting the works plate off your local diner’s griddle. $10, 450 calories per pouch. This would go for something like eggs as well – in my experience taste is definitely not a high point of powdered eggs. 3.9 ounce net weight. × See More Reviews . Ready to eat in: 4 minutes. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. Making your own dehydrated meals for backpacking is an excellent way to reduce the weight of your bag, save money and enjoy comfortable, tasty and quick food throughout your outdoor adventure. One tip I can add is to always throw in a new meal or two on long trips; it helps prevent burnout on any individual meal and is a great way to find the next one you’ll go back to time and time again. All items in stock. The MH chicken and rice is a lot like chicken soup with concentrated broth-really tasty.

I give each a meal a quick rating (poor, fair, and good) in my system, and also note next to this any thoughts on the taste, what might need to be added next time (example: needs black pepper and a packet of olive oil). Display as a link instead, × I've tried the mountain house chicken and rice on several occasions. Ook al zijn wij buiten op pad, hier krijg je altijd online antwoorden op je vragen! In other words; comfort food.

Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings with Vegetables For example, while a simple mac and cheese or ramen meal from many popular brands that make freeze-dried meals may taste great, it’s pretty easy to make this on your own from the grocery store either in the pot or freezer bag style, and thus meals of this variety are ones I usually just make on my own.

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