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The rack’s straps are made of a sturdy poly web with vinyl-coated clips. This design is also the most difficult set up, as it doesn’t hold the kayaks well while you’re tying them down. You need to purchase two sets to carry two kayaks, this is the best way we know how to strap 2 kayaks to a roof rack. You’re not locked into one company’s system with them. I'm an outdoorsman who loves hunting, fishing, hiking and lots of other outdoor activities. The downside is that the kayak takes up more roof space sitting horizontally, so it can be difficult to fit two boats, especially on a smaller vehicle. JDM Auto Lights 2 Pair Universal Roof Rack Kayak. CargoLoc 2-Piece Universal Roof Top Mounted Kayak Carrier. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Yakima - JayLow, J-Style Rooftop Kayak Carrier. The downside is that the kayak takes up more roof space sitting horizontally, so it can be difficult to fit two boats, especially on a smaller vehicle. It’s also not very aerodynamic.

It’s also necessary to install padding on the crossbars to give them enough friction to hold the boats. Its fold-down technology is essential in increasing the overhead clearance. Reviews - The Best Roof Racks for Kayaks. CargoLoc 2-Piece Universal Roof Top Mounted Kayak Carrier, 3. With fitting rails which are up to 47 inches apart, you are given plenty of space to use for your kayaks. Its keyed locking mechanism will make sure that they would stay put. 2. It’s hard to beat the Malone Download’s price, which is usually equal to or less than that of a Thule or Yakima Carrier. Here are two of the features that you should look for when picking the best kayak roof racks. Because the kayak rests on its side instead of upright, it’s easier to fit more than one kayak on your car, even if your car has a narrow roof. The first kayak roof rack on our list is the CargoLoc 2-Piece Aluminum Top Cross Bar Set. Malone Downloader J-Style Universal vehicle Rack Kayak. • Fits most cross bars The Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier is another excellent choice for your kayak storage and transport needs. We’ve evaluated hundreds of kayak roof racks on the market and have come up with this list of the best kayak rook racks and carriers. J-Cradles. J-cradles are shaped like the letter J.

It could accommodate kayaks up to 36 inches wide. If sophistication is your game, you could pick the two crossbars. If you want to step lightly … But that ends up being more work than it’s worth if you want to get in your boat more than once a week or so. Hi, I'm Justin Archer a family man with 2 boys and a wife. Thule 898Pro Hullavator Pro Kayak Lift System.

It secures the kayak on its side, consuming a small amount of space on the load bar. It has a wide mouth bar which offers easy loading and unloading.

Its oversized padding is able to protect the kayak during transport. Kayakers who paddle infrequently can get away with some using some foam blocks and rope to mount their boat on their car. We’ll start as simply as we can.

The last method for carrying a kayak is the stacker, and should only be used when you need to carry more than two boats. It is further equipped with Camp style load straps with buckle protectors and pre-coated mounting bolts. Additionally, it consists of a 15-feet polypropylene rope. With its kayak mount feature, you are ensured that the bow and the stern are strapped to the vehicle bumpers for maximum safety. The Download also comes with more features than most of its competitors: it folds down, uses a loading ramp, and comes with bow and stern lines. It has a heavy-duty clamping mechanism which ensures that the cross bars will remain fastened to the existing side rails firmly. This kayak roof rack is able to support a kayak which is up to 80 lbs in a J-cradle position. This product is also noted for its surface rust-resistance coating, ensuring you that it would last a long time. When you get to your destination you then need a kayak cart to transport your kayak to the water, this rack pairs well with the malone nomad.


There are four possible setups: the bare roof, the side rails, the factory cross bars, and the aftermarket cross bars. Unless your house is equipped with a dock, taking up kayaking means you’re going to need a roof rack for your vehicle. It is designed to fit most kayaks which are up to 150 lbs. View at Backcountry. The position is not as aerodynamic as the saddle’s, which affects your vehicle’s fuel economy, and it takes more effort to get a boat onto the roof, because you have to lift it perpendicular to and above the height of the roof. Attwood 11438-7 Kayak Car-Top Carrier Kit, 4. While these might only be necessary if you’re taking a lengthy trip on the highway or have an especially long boat like a tandem kayak, it’s one more piece of extra equipment that you won’t need to buy. Its wide mouth J bar offers easier loading and unloading of the kayak.

The Vault Cargo Management Kayak Roof Rack is a set of universal locking cross bars which could protect your ride due to its padded clamps. Feel free to contact me anytime -, Best Life Jacket for Kayaking [2020 Reviews], Ravin R15 Review – A 2020 Review of A Classic Crossbow. The first kayak roof rack on our list is … The final product on our list is the TMS Kayak Roof J Rack, a simple and affordable solution to carry your kayak. J-cradles hold the boat at a 45-degree angle. It could also support two kayaks with a combined weight of up to 110 lbs in a vertical position.

It further includes two straps with adjusting buckles and clips for a more secure hold of the kayak.

The tips of the J-cradles have a piece of downward-angled plastic that serves as a loading ramp, so you don’t have to lift the boat up and over the cradle to get it into position. This is the most secure setup because the boat has a lot of surface area touching the carrier, and it’s in an aerodynamically favorable position – it’s cutting through the air just as it would cut through the water. This is a lot nicer than having to take them on and off the crossbars each time you want to use them. 5. Thule Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Carrier. The construction of the rack is another factor that you should consider. This lift system by Thule can be of great help to you if you are … The boats are carried in a vertical position, so very little of the carrier’s surface touches them. You want to make sure that the roof rack is easy-to-install and easy-to-use so that you don’t waste time installing it and putting the kayak on.

The Malone Downloader utilizes the J-cradle design, which is hard to beat if you’re carrying two kayaks. Their disadvantage is two-fold.

There’s a forced brand loyalty, making you either a Yakima user or a Thule user, presumably for the life of your vehicle. The features which were mentioned above are just some of the key features that you should take into consideration when picking the best kayak roof racks. Vault Cargo Management Kayak Roof Rack, 5. Yakima Jayhook. I love testing new outdoor gear, learning new things and passing on the knowledge I have gained. It is great for your SUVs with existing raised side rails with a gap. Saddles hold the kayak horizontally, so the boat’s hull is parallel to the vehicle’s roofline. This sturdy kayak roof rack carrier is strong enough to hold a 150lb kayak and includes straps to secure the kayak in place.

It has a load capacity of up to 150 lbs. A fishing reel is the most important part of your fishing gear arsenal, so you will need a good reel that will improve your... Attwood 11438-7 Kayak Car-Top Carrier Kit, Malone Auto Racks DownLoader Kayak Carrier, What to Look for in Kayak Roof Racks and Carriers, 1. The Malone Downloader also comes with bow and stern lines, which improve the rack’s stability by attaching to the front and rear of your vehicle. 3. It could accommodate kayaks up to 36 inches wide. A maximum of four sets of kayak racks could be mounted on a full-size truck, saving your space.

Seattle Sports Sherpak Suction Boat Roller … This makes it the best choice for kayakers who want to carry two boats, hassle-free, on top of their vehicle. This roof rack has a steel design with adjustable padding for strength and protection. While Yakima and Thule have tried to differentiate their incredibly similar racks by using differently shaped crossbars, the Malone J-cradle fits both.

Purchasing one can be a challenge though, as they’re expensive and there’s a plethora of different setups to choose from. This kayak carrier kit includes a set of supporting foam blocks to protect your kayak as well as well as your car. One of the main things that you should be doing before purchasing any kayak roof rack is to evaluate the features that each one has. The Best Kayak Roof Racks are: 1. It has a wide mouth bar which offers easy loading and unloading.

These are the most popular kayak roof racks because the footprint is much smaller. The Construction of the Rack. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thule 898 Pro Hullavator Kayak Rack. When you’re not using them, the cradles also fold down to lessen their wind resistance and improve your gas mileage. The TMS J-Bar Rack Kayak Carrier is a simple and affordable solution to carry your kayak. Features: … If your roof is naked or with side rails, consider picking foam or inflatable pads. A maximum of four sets of kayak racks could be mounted on a full-size truck, saving your space. But buying the right rack will make preparing for a kayak trip much easier and more enjoyable. Thule and Yakima have created a duopoly in the roof rack market.

While it might cost you a few miles per gallon in fuel economy compared to the saddle design, it more than makes up for it with the flexibility to carry wider boats. One of the first things that you should be taking into consideration is the setup of your car’s base roof.

The JDM Auto Lights Universal Roof Rack is a durable and robust kayak roof rad with a solid heavy-duty steel construction. This is a big improvement over other cradles and helps overcome one of the biggest disadvantages of their design. You can find some great ones here. • Steel construction. The Malone Auto Racks DownLoader Kayak Carrier is J-style kayak carrier with a built-in boarding ramp for easy loading. CargoLoc 2-Piece Universal Roof Top Mounted Kayak Carrier. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Malone Downloader Folding Kayak Roof Carrier. While a kayak rook rack is a must for transporting your kayak, you want to make sure that you have one that is easy-to-use and strong enough to keep your kayak from flying off the roof. Quick Answer - The Best Kayak Roof Racks. Even if you own a pick-up truck, a rack (or extensive tie-down system) is necessary for all but the shortest boats. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Note: In order to use these kayak roof racks, you will need a set of cross bars. Malone Auto Racks DownLoader Kayak Carrier, Best Kayak Storage Racks & Wall Mounts 2020, Best Ice Fishing Gloves (2020 Update) – Buying Guide, 20 Gift Ideas for Fishing Lovers – 2020 Fishing Gift Guide, 10 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Fishing Vest. The carriers are just posts mounted on the crossbars that can have a strap looped around them and the kayaks.

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