bivy sleeping bag

Discounts automatically applied once in cart. Check to see what ventilation options are provided, including side zippers so you can pull open the bivy sack completely if you are to warm. They are only good if it is not going to rain. If you have any questions , please leave a comment below.

With its own storage bag, it's great for camping and hiking. This helps to keep our content free and pays for our website hosting costs. Unit C, Atlantic Gate It’s very discreet and allows you to sleep on tiny patches of flat ground. You use it over the top of your sleeping bag.

Just take a hospital jar and let’er rip. BARRY With reviews, full tech specs and helpful buying advice.

Right now, today, brand new Gore-Tex bivys that are still sealed in the orginal plastic bag are on Ebay at $59.99, delivered. All Carinthia Bivy Bags and Bivy Tents have the revolutionary gas permeable laminate as their topmaterial.

© Copyright 2007-2020, and Fells Press LLC. When choosing a bivy sack or bivy shelter, make sure that get one that is completely waterproof with pre-taped seams if you plan on using it as a standalone shelter in rain, snow, or in a snow cave. Wondering if you had ever seen or used one? Condensation is often unavoidable without ventilation. If you're on a budget and want to make sure you have a little extra warmth and protection in your pack, the SOL Escape is a good choice. All these are lighter than most of the bivies in your article.

The fresh air permeates through the material itself. Required fields are marked *. The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy ‘Shelter’ incorporates a hooped pole that increases interior space and livability. Check the shape of the foot box if you have big feet and the shoulder girth if you have big shoulders or prefer a wider space to sleep in.

This will probably tell you a lot more about whether it will work for you than comparing the specs of multiple models listed online. 11/20-11/30.

You probably wouldn’t use a zpacks tent because it’s too well ventilated and cold. It has much less condensation than the commercial units, still not totally dry but beats the commercial bivy bags by a ton. GOSSAMER-GEAR.COM: NEW DCF TENTS! Mountain Laurel Designs makes a two-person bivvy. This Bivy has a genrous mummy cut. The secret is to make sure your face is near the opening so you don’t breath into the bivy sac. Wondered if anyone has had experience using the OR molecule bivy with a small pole. Your email address will not be published. Dump it a.m. Sheeeesh! The Bivvy Bag is a waterproof sleeping accessory, offering you and your sleeping bag extra warmth and protection from the elements. The troops LOVE them. Sleeping Bag, Lightweight Pac-Tec 100 1-2 Season Sleeping bag (SB150) £37.99 . Bivy sacks don’t insulate and you’ll probably go hypothermic if you try lying in your emergency SOL bivy on the ground. A bivvy bag is cheaper than a tent. The TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag is probably one of the most close-to-perfect bivies on the market today. 10% off all custom products + 20% off all stock products. Do you put a sleeping bag inside of the bivy sack? None of them work. Bivy sacks also add a few degrees of insulation to your sleep system, usually 5-10 degrees, which can also help reduce the amount of gear you need to carry. join our mailing list for a chance to win £150 Sign Up, Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. Search; Wishlist / Account / / My Bag (0) £0.00. Goretex Bivvy Bivi Bag British army issue grey / olive colour, Used. Bivy sacks are also more prone to internal condensation than tent, even when manufactured with waterproof breathable materials. Military Sleeping bag cover Goretex Bivvy Bivi Bag British Army Issue Olive Green With Wide Gusset Flap. Get your 15.3 oz DFC ONE ($539) or 20.8 oz DCF TWO ($589) while supplies last! When it rains the cover touches my sleeping bag, which makes it feel not wet, but moist. I carry insulated pants, puffy down jacket, and a stove on all of my winter solo hikes and if I’m alone, I often carry a foam pad and a sleeping bag.

(Non-waterproof bivy sacks also exist, but they really are just sleeping bag covers and can’t be used as standalone shelters in wet or adverse conditions. SIX-MOON-DESIGNS: Nov 30, Cyber Monday: All Backpacks and Shelters 30% off for 24 hours I thought of covering my bag with my camping towel, but maybe there is something else? Philip Werner Pole on exterior might work if used with a peg and the built in loop. KEEN-FOOTWEAR: Take 20% off your next order over $100 Coupon Code: "20PercentKEEN2020" SIX-MOON-DESIGNS: Nov 23 - 29: All Backpacks, Shelters and Umbrellas 20% off The German Army's New Bivy Bag. I’d still be interested in rigging it with the pole though as it would improve ventilation. But two of the biggest advantages of waterproof bivy sacks are their light weight and packability, compared to a tent. ENLIGHTENED-EQUIPMENT.COM: 10 Day Holiday Sale. While it may be slightly small for some users, the TACT Bivvy is a great buy and worth every penny. Next consider what your priorities are. Unlike a bivy sac the Trekker is big enough to get your gear inside. It is easy to find a place to put a bivy sack at night, since it only requires as much space as your sleeping bag and sleeping bag or quilt. I got a “deal” on the OR molecule and a separate small pole that I found at a local shop that was supposed to be compatible with the Molecule. Please phone before your visit, You’re best off keeping them open or unzipped at night to maximize air circulation and ventilation in order to keep your sleeping bag/quilt dry and condensation free.

I recommend this bivy bag, bags of room, totally waterproof, heavy duty zip, very well designed, can see why the German army use them, packs very small, goes in the lid of my rucksack.Top quality....Thanks HH. If hood room is important to you, consider getting a bivy shelter with an interior pole. I am a novice. Thank you for your support. There are many advantages to sleeping in a waterproof bivy sack over a tent. What’s new is that the new laminate is also gas permeable. to be picked from the warehouse.

I got a little bit lost a couple of weekends ago on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

Backpacking the White Mountain 4000 Footers Guidebook,, Six Moon Designs Skyscape Scout Tent Review (1P), Dyneema Ultralight Backpacking Gift Guide, Katabatic Gear Flex 40 Quilt Style Sleeping Bag Review, 200g vs 400g Insulated Winter Hiking Boots: How to Choose, What are the Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Sleeping Bags. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Being waterproof, you don’t have to lie on top of a ground sheet either, since the bottom of a waterproof bivy sack is designed to keep you dry. I have it solely for an emergency type shelter.

I think the tent and stakes are 26oz vs the Alpine Bivy at 32 oz. All Carinthia Bivy Bags and Bivy Tents have the revolutionary gas permeable laminate as their topmaterial. Search. Atlantic Trading Estate On the bivy question. Collect it from a choice of over 2,800 stores, Quick and easy returns available on this item. I’m 5’9″ 325lbs so I have concerns about fitting in one. I am wanting to get a sleeping set up for someone who doesn’t have a home.

Are there bivys for fat people? It’s condensation. We have used ours on and off for over a year, and it's held up well, which is asking a lot from an inexpensive emergency bivy.

Order Yours Today! That means that the Bivy Bag can be closed completely without having to keep a ventilation slit open for fresh air.

so that we can arrange for your item A Perfect Pitch Every Time. Having a waterproof breathable top is also important to vent water vapor and help minimize internal condensation that can make your sleeping bag wet, but don’t overlook the need for vents or zippers which can be even more effective in reducing internal humidity. A Perfect Pitch Every Time. Comes in several camo patterns. The original bivies were little more than waterproof sleeping bag covers that protected hikers and climbers from rain and snow or acted as temporary emergency shelters.

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