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Image released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported) License this image. Philip Larkin: "An Arundel Tomb" – Does a notoriously grumpy poet believe in everlasting love? [18] The poem was completed on 20 February. [11] Three near-contemporary examples were the alabaster effigies of Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick (d. 1369) and Katherine Mortimer (d. 1369) in St Mary's Church, Warwick (which survives); the alabaster effigies of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (d.1399) and Blanche of Lancaster (d. 1368) in St Paul's Cathedral, London (now lost); and the brass to Sir Miles de Stapleton (d. 1364) and Joan de Ingham at Ingham, Norfolk (also lost). [20], Larkin draws inspiration from the figures to muse on time, mortality, fidelity and the nature of earthly love. The tomb monument in Chichester Cathedral is now widely, though not quite certainly, identified as that of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel (d. 1376) and his second wife, Eleanor of Lancaster (d. 1372).

14–21. [24] Its two final lines are also inscribed on the memorial stone to Larkin unveiled in December 2016 in Poets' Corner in the Abbey. Chichester Cathedral, Chichester, West Sussex, England, UK. This relic of a by-gone age to stand


[1][15][16] He later claimed to have been "very moved" by the monument;[17] while in an audio recording of the poem, he stated that the effigies were unlike any he had ever seen before, and that he had found them "extremely affecting". It is the only city in West Sussex and is its county town.It has a long history as a settlement from Roman times and was important in Anglo-Saxon times. The cathedral church of Chichester; a short history and description of its fabric with an account of the diocese and see (1901) ... Ornate tomb in the nave at Chichester Cathedral - - 1141473.jpg 640 × 480; 56 KB. [21] Andrew Motion describes him "using the detail of the hands as the focus for one of his most moving evocations of the struggle between time and human tenderness". Private Chapel within Chichester Cathedral.JPG 3,072 × 2,304; 1.69 MB.

[19][20], I think what survives of us is love, whether in the simple biological sense or just in terms of responding to life, making it happier, even if it's only making a joke.[17]. Related searches: Narrow your search: Vectors | Black & white | Cut Outs. Image released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported), Chichester Cathedral: The Tomb of Robert de Stratford, and Details of Ornament, Chichester Cathedral: An Effigy and other Details of the Interior, Studies of the Lantern and Other Details of Chichester Cross, Chichester Cathedral: Studies of Romanesque Capitals, Canterbury Cathedral: The Crypt, with the Tomb of Cardinal Morton, Canterbury Cathedral: Becket’s Crown and St Augustine’s Chair, Wilton House: Studies of Sculpture and Architectural Details, Oxford: The Interior of Christ Church Cathedral, Chichester Cathedral: Part of the Interior of the East End, Ripon Cathedral: The Crossing, Rood Screen, and South Transept Seen from the North Transept, St David’s: The Interior of the Cathedral, Interior of Durham Cathedral: The Nave and Crossing Seen from the South Aisle, Durham Cathedral: The Nave Seen from the North Aisle, Ripon Cathedral: The Crossing, from the North Transept, Ely Cathedral: The Interior of the Octagon, Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported).

[2] An additional detail that may have been Richardson's own choice was to depict the knight's empty right-hand gauntlet held in his left hand: he may have found precedents in several hand-joining monuments elsewhere, such as that of c.1419–20 to Ralph Greene and his wife Katherine Clifton at St Peter's church, Lowick, Northamptonshire. Artist Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851 Part of Studies near Brighton Sketchbook.

Chichester (/ ˈ tʃ ɪ tʃ ɪ s t ər /) is a cathedral city in West Sussex, in South-East England. with too much emphasis on time). [12][13] There were close connections between these patrons – Eleanor and Blanche of Lancaster, for example, were aunt and niece – and it is likely that all were fully aware of one another's burial choices. [22], The final line is among the most quoted of all of Larkin's work. Introduction Chichester Cathedral (formally known as the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity) embraces nearly 1000 years of history and is located in the formally Roman town of Chichester, West Sussex. However, the poem as a whole is rather more nuanced, and challenges a simple romantic interpretation, even if in the end it is conceded to have "an inevitable ring of truth – if only because we want so much to hear it".

The male figure wears armour, and bears a lion rampant (the arms of the FitzAlan family) on his coat armour, and a lion's head couped as a crest on the helm beneath his head. The following 60 files are in this category, out of 60 total. To find out more or to join there events mailing, call them on (01243) 782595 or email them .

Prints and Drawings Room View by appointment. Trevor Brighton, "An Arundel Tomb: the monument", in Foster, Brighton & Garland 1987, pp. The earliest certain record of their presence in the cathedral dates from 1635.[2][3][8]. Our almost-instinct almost true:     Hath given to the eye of cultured mind Larkin himself wrote at the end of the manuscript draft of the poem: Love isn't stronger than death just because statues hold hands for six hundred years. Larkin again referred to getting "the hands the wrong way round" in a letter. Everything went wrong with that poem: I got the hands wrong – it's right-hand gauntlet really – and anyway the hands were a nineteenth-century addition, not pre-Baroque at all.

[19], Side by side, their faces blurred,


The tomb monument in Chichester Cathedral is now widely, though not quite certainly, identified as that of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel (d. 1376) and his second wife, Eleanor of Lancaster (d. [12][14], Larkin visited Chichester Cathedral with his lover Monica Jones in January 1956. It describes the poet's response to seeing a pair of recumbent medieval tomb effigies with their hands joined, in Chichester Cathedral.

[12], Slightly later examples of the pose, which may have been inspired by the Arundel monument, include two commemorating two of the Earl and Countess's grandchildren: a brass to Sir William Arundel (d.1400) and his wife Agnes (d. c. 1401) in Rochester Cathedral; and an effigial monument to Elizabeth Fitzalan (d. 1425) and Sir Robert Goushill (d. 1403) at Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire. In a feature common to many English tombs of this period, the knight has a lion at his feet, while the lady has a dog: the lion may indicate valour and nobility, the dog loyalty.

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Chichester Cathedral also host Special events Concerts, Exhibitions, Lectures, Talks, Special Lunches and dinners and many more events throughout the year. Thanks, Richardson! He has his right hand ungloved, and her right hand rests on his. When read out of context, it may be understood as a "sentimental" endorsement of "love enduring beyond the grave". His research was conscientious, and the evidence would suggest that his restoration was reasonably faithful to the original pose. Twitter; Facebook; Email; Pinterest; Share this page. 9–12, and 27 n.1. [25] Nevertheless, Larkin wrote in a letter to Monica Jones, shortly after the poem's first publication, that he found it "embarassingly bad! What will survive of us is love. Located just off the A27, the cathedral is in the center of the town, close to the Chichester Cross, which marks the intersection of the original… whose renovating hand,

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