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The most sensitive shoes tend to be the softest, but the top scorers also have some built-in support. Some companies intentionally calibrate a performance climbing fit to correspond with normal street shoe sizes, so they run very small.

Some companies intentionally calibrate a performance climbing fit to correspond with normal street shoe sizes, so they run very small. On the other hand, top-shelf prices are probably not worth it for climbers that have yet to experience the joy and anguish of a long-term project. All our research and experience are put to good use in order to design a climbing shoe with an unbeatable performance/comfort ratio. The Acro lost some points because of its blunt toe shape, which doesn't fit into small pockets as well as the models with narrower toes. But don't attribute the popularity of the TC Pro shoes to Tommy's celebrity, rather they owe their ubiquitous status at American trad meccas to their outstanding ability to slay cracks. As the grades rise, some climbers swear by slipper style shoes like the Five Ten Moccasym, especially for thin cracks. Bargain hunters rejoice, however, because the La Sportiva Finale is a fortunate exception to this rule. When things get frightening you need to be able to trust your trust your shoes.

Although we like the performance of the Finale on less-than-vertical cliffs or moderate multi-pitch routes, they disappoint when the angle steepens. Moderate climbing shoes have been built to easily handle crack climbs, slab routes, and sports climbs that have slight overhangs. Set to a more modest price, this pair of climbing gear covers all the essentials that make them comfortable, safe and reliable for all types of climbing sports.

A climbing shoe is a specialized type of footwear designed for rock climbing.Typical climbing shoes have a close fit, little if any padding, and a smooth, sticky rubber sole with an extended rubber rand.Unsuited to walking and hiking, climbing shoes are typically donned at the base of a climb. Seine Engineered Knit Technology sorgt für aussergewöhnliche Atmungsaktivität. Considerably more expensive than the Nighthawks which are born from the same brand, the Shamans have been designed for the more serious mountaineers and rock climbers. In addition, the midsoles are extra-soft to dissipate high impacts and prevent sore feet.

A more downturned, technical and aggressive … It is better to be comfortable in your slippers to enjoy climbing, rather than having pain in your feet and suffering unnecessarily. Sensitivity is key when balancing your way up lower angle rock with tiny foot holds.

We paid particular attention to how difficult it was to stand on small holds and how well we could feel the holds under our feet. While the thinner soles of this shoe category provide a better grip and offer increased sensitivity so that you have more of a real feel of the terrain beneath you, they are more prone to wear and tear and are thus not suitable for lengthy excursions. This shoe comes with a history.
All of these models offer an excellent balance of support and sensitivity. Our testers agree that the hard cracks of the future will likely be climbed in shoes that can squeeze into thinner (sub-0.75") cracks, but argue whether slipper designs can supply enough edging performance for all rock types.


These shoes took some getting used to.

Discover the history of one of the oldest brands of climbing equipment with EB, and retrace 65 years of history and evolution around the climbing shoe . Matt and Jack are both former members of Yosemite Search and Rescue — the best high-angle rescue team on earth.

Free Shoe Returns. The Genius excels at both. The lace-up fastening makes it precise and comfortable, ideal for rock, cliff and long routes. Our testers' favorite design in this style is the La Sportiva TC Pro, but there is plenty to like about similar models, such as the softer Five Ten Grandstone, the wider Scarpa Maestro Eco, or the burlier Butora Altura. The Scarpa Instinct VS is a wide shoe and felt comfortable to our wide-footed lead tester in hand cracks, but the high volume toe doesn't fit well in smaller cracks. It loses a point because the velcro buckles hurt some testers' feet in hand cracks.

The Scarpa Vapor V fared poorly with pockets, due to its thick rubber and round toe shape. Beginners should wear their shoes half a size to one full size smaller than their street shoe size, more or less irrespective of their climbing discipline. Many of the climbs here feature only small pockets for hand and footholds. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. Few cheaper shoes provide the same level of quality and versatility. However, our wide-footed testers generally opted for the Instinct.

These shoes saw everything from steep, pocketed limestone near Lander, WY to the smooth granite cracks of Yosemite National Park. Not only do your climbing shoes and slippers have to fit your feet, however, but they also need to fit in with the turf and terrain you are about to climb. A big part of sensitivity is the stiffness of a shoe's sole. When it comes to rock climbing, there's a strong case that the single most important piece of gear goes on our feet. A fish hook midsole delivers the finest edging power and a downturned toe helps to grip onto the smallest of crevices, making this an excellent overall climbing shoe for both indoor and outdoor adventures. Look for a shoe that gives ideal support to your foot structure and size. The Genius performs well on technical granite with small edges and barely-there nubbins, but it is also downturned for steep climbing.
With double stitch construction and a soft padded collar and heel, these mountain climbing shoes not only offer a tight and snug fit they also boast an anti-microbial hemp footbed which helps to reduce foot odour. Mit dem innovativen Sohlengummi von Black Diamond wurde der Momentum Lace für ultimativen Tragekomfort und herausragende Performance entworfen.

La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe Still other manufacturers seem to vary their sizing from model to model, making buying shoes online a maddening task.

Our slender footed testers fought over who got to wear the Tarifas and felt they were the raddest climbing footwear.

Meanwhile, the extended downturn on the forefoot of the Evolv Shaman came in handy for pulling on larger pockets to keep our bodies closer to the wall. In the case of beginners, the process of developing precise footwork will quickly wear through the rubber of any shoe, regardless of the price. Essentially, this genre of footwear should feel like an extension of one’s foot.

Each of these shapes come with unique attributes and depending on the performance you require from your shoes, you will need to choose the preferred shape accordingly.

Der Zone brilliert in harten und steilen Routen und kombiniert dank seines Obermaterials unvergleichliche Atmungsaktivität und Komfort mit einer leistungsstarken, leicht vorgespannten Form und ist ein toller Schuh für Durchstiege.

That's easy to do on marginal edges with the La Sportiva Katana. Add to this the stiff-yet-sensitive feel of its Vibram XS Edge sole, and you have a shoe that's perfectly suited for nearly any type of roped climbing.

It has a medium-full fit and only the slightest downturn, leaving the foot in a comfortable, neutral position. {"products":[{"id":"BD570102_cfg","name":"Focus - Herren","variant":"","brand":"Black Diamond Equipment","category":"Moderate Kletterschuhe","list":"Category Grid"},{"id":"BD570107_cfg","name":"Focus - Damen","variant":"","brand":"Black Diamond Equipment","category":"Moderate Kletterschuhe","list":"Category Grid"},{"id":"BD570114_cfg","name":"Zone Climbing Shoes","variant":"","brand":"Black Diamond Equipment","category":"Moderate Kletterschuhe","list":"Category Grid"},{"id":"BD570113_cfg","name":"Zone LV Climbing Shoes","variant":"","brand":"Black Diamond Equipment","category":"Moderate Kletterschuhe","list":"Category Grid"}]}.

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