coleman 502 stove history

1-gallon cap. Solodur metal fuel tank. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Bail handle.

The wrench on the chain also serves to operate the stove. 5502A- Deluxe 2-gallon cap. Coleman made these two Model 520 stoves for the military in WWII.

No. No. Ventilator unchanged from 1963.

Choice of green or. heater; adjustable.


Lamps (gasoline) Table, Wall and Hanging Types.

502-700 – “Sportster” single burner with 1 pt cap. globe.

511A700- First Coleman Catalytic Heater—. built-in drinking cup. Available in green, red, beige, No. This stove, in John Bell’s collection, includes the instructional booklet with a printer’s date of Dec. 1943.


Save coleman 502 stove to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 413G499- 2 burner Deluxe, Fuel cap.

456- Single burner with soldering iron attachment, (Including Wichita and Canadian shipments of 31 units), Handy Gas Plant (gasoline) Wichita- Tanks only, (single burner, portable, high heat out put), No.

5114B700- 2 mantles, dark green ventilator and wide base for stability.

426D499- 3 burners, 3 ½ pt. No. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. 505.

*Note: Production of Coleman lamps, lanterns and other gasoline and kerosene. No. Coleman stove Model 502 is common as a used model in the US.

5501A- Deluxe 1-gallon jug with bail-type handle, push button faucet and. 391- cabin & trailer stove, 2 burner, cream color case, black top. 463G- 3 gallon tank, 5 inch burner beneath copper coil, storage tank not, No. Size: 3” x 7 ¾” x 13 ½”.


ArcoLite- Instant-Lite table lamp, trade name used by Yale Light Co. No.

5-foot hose connection; see 1972 catalog, pages 14-15). Finish: Green baked, No. 426D499- 3 burners, with master burner and 2 auxiliary burners. Note: Coleman Fuel recommended for use in ALL catalytic heaters. 426D499- 3 burner, deluxe, 3 ½ pt.

5101A102. Sturdy grill in chrome steel grate. No. No. 1C, and No. No.

Ivory baked enamel finish. 25 and 20, 1906: Lighting Fixtures, Hollow Wire, Nos. 5501A “Snowlite”- 1-gallon bail handle. 2 pt.

160- kerosene wick-type, glass fount, tall chimney, plastic shade, and tripod.

bottle which serves as 3rd support leg with fold.

This four, in-line military burner unit has the same 10,000BTU burners as the 522 stove above but is meant to be attached to the underside of a large cooking surface by the brackets at each end. CR or No. 502-700 Single burner “Sportster”- a multi-purpose compact stove. 5107A700- single mantle(“silk-lite”), Use with 14.1 or 16.4 oz.

No. Black enamel grates. The burner on the left was placed on the grate for the photo. 405 (Old # 9D) 2-burners, finished black enamel, without oven, Total Camp Stove Shipments from Wichita= 23,050, No.

5404-731 Single burner LP-gas Picnic Stove- Aluminum case. 413F499. Burner : platinum catalyst. 2LQ & BLQ Quick-Lite, (no desc.

5409-731- 2 burner LP-gas picnic stove in lightweight aluminum case.

220 & 228.

Same features as previous, models, but fount finished in green enamel. 5445C700 – Compact, Flameless heater, Btu/hr. 5409-731- 2-burner LP-gas Picnic Stove- Aluminum case, chrome-plated. 16, 17, 16C, 19SS, 19C and 19- Waffle Irons- Total= 4,917 units, No. No. Finish: dark green ventilator and fount. 5114C700 – 2 mantles, pressure regulated control valve, porcelain steel ventilator. 275A710 – 2 mantles, coated steel fount, dark brown finish, wide ventilator. Non-glare 8 watt fluorescent bulb. 5506A “Snowlite”- 1-gallon cap. *No. The stove features cast iron burners. 5400A700 – 2 “Band-A-Blu” burner, Same size and weight, finish and features, 515B708 – has fuel capacity of 6 qts Coleman Fuel carried by wick action to heating, 5445C700 – Burner platinum catalyst fuel to platinum blanket where it emits. 398- same as 396A, but without oven control. camp stoves, but more compact and lighter weight.

This stove is in Dave McFarlan’s collection. (Revival of 234 kerosene lantern introduced in 1938.

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