diy rock climbing holds

This point you can smooth off the back of the hold by scraping it on any rough surface like the sidewalk :), At this point you want to take your holds to a drill press or you can eyeball it and use a hand drill with that 3/8" mason bit we bought earlier. There are 3 different styles of heads that are commonly used.

Now we can pour the mix into the molds. 9 years ago

on Introduction, You can pick up professional (everything form shaping foam to plastic) supplies at CWS Here is what you will need:- 1 Block of Clay ($5-15 bucks great if you have a student id for that 10% :)- Bondo Fiberglass Resin (I find getting the 1 gal size is managed easier aprox $20 bucks at home depot)- Extra Fiberglass resin Fixer (about $2 to 4$ get one or two extra per gallon of resin)- Play Sand or fine Silica sand (silica works better don't get anything with pebbles or rocks in it, starts at $5 to $10)- 3/8" Washers (about .50 cents ea you need 1 to 2 a hold)- 3/8" Mason drill bit for drilling the holes- a can of WD40Step 1Get a block of clay (6" x 6" by 12" is aprox 20lbs depending on the clay type) It can be cheap clay; don't go out spending a arm and a leg on expensive sculptures clay it's just not needed. Thanks for this entry. on Introduction. So, it's now at: This cools the epoxy and can make curing times very long (24hrs). And its just a pain to get off. He scored a box of secondhand climbing holds from an indoor climbing gym. You can create molds with texture just using wet sand in a container, instead of clay. Sounds like it takes a week to make 20 holds? Its ready when the top is hard but the hold is still a bit warm. No matter how carefully you pour them you will not get them totally flat and this seemed like it might be quite a challenging process to flatten them after curing. Batches so far: 39

Clever to set up a wall at home. The first thing you want to do is mix the resin and the fixing agent one drop at a time before adding the sand. This stuff reeks, so do it in a well ventilated area and you might want to wear a respirator I wouldn't recommend breathing it in. Share it with us! A climbing wall requires enough room and the proper space for the climber(s) to maneuver. Clay is excellent for a proof of concept, but you’d want to find a better method to fill a whole bouldering area. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. The more fixer you add the faster the holds will setup. The link to is no longer valid. It is a good idea to have some small holds around in case you mix too much mix so you don't waste any. Reply And would you suggest Polyester resin or epoxy resin? At this point the resin/sand mix is still a bit soft so any little irregularities you can cut off with a knife, I like to use a utility knife. Here comes the fun part mixing up the bondo resin. NOTE! I generally use the amount suggested but try not to use less. They’re just like the ones you’re used to using in the gym and exceptionally cheap to make! Change ). Another option involves mixing washed sand with paint and spreading this on the hold. ( Log Out /  Eastern Mountain SportsThere are plans all over the internet on how to build your own indoor climbing wall like over at Eastern Mountain Sports. Wear gloves and an old long sleeve shirt in addition to eye protection.
Pour up to the top of the mold filling it to the brim. on Introduction. Make your shape and pour in your mold material. And if you take an impression of all your holds, you double your collection every time you do a pour.

I found you can get a pre-made mug at Where do you get the polyester resin? How long did that take? You are going to Guestimate how much sand would fill up the entire mold and roughly measure that volume of sand in ounces to determine how much of the mix you need to fill the mold.
Legally gather a large selection of rocks. I carefully rounded all edges to make it safe to use. I can't find anyplace to buy it on its own under that name... that includes Home Depot and Canadian Tire. So you’ll find that there are commercial suppliers that sell it in everything from little 500mL cans to enormous drums. 9 years ago Typically, it's called "Resin hardener", or "Liquid Hardener". 7 years ago If desired, paint the hold with textured spray paint for added grip. Holds aren’t that expensive. It comes under the white cap that is on the 1 gal. the home depot website didn't return any search results, so I would recommend just doing a google shopping search. Look for rocks that have as close to one perfectly flat side as possible. Even though the bolt peg got us a starter hole it will never go all the way. These holds are made of solid hard wood - ash and beech and alder, that’s why they are high quality and durable. But there's only a few well documented ways to make your own holds and well buying them can be expensive! We will start with cloning a commercial hold first its easier to start with as your first try. Stone Climbing Holds. The hardener usually is included with the resin. Need to be careful not to smudge the texture so this may take a few tries at first. ( Log Out /  And are these as sturdy as the ones you might buy? The approach we went with was to use clay. So now based on that measurement you want 60% sand and 40% bondo mix. 7 years ago The first step is to make a mold from an existing hold. Introduction: DIY Climbing Hand Holds. If you want extra grip look into grip tape used on skateboards. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It got hacked and filled with so many viruses Google hated it and banned it. So now you just have to let it harden a few hours (let it cure) and bolt them on your wall.

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