dutch mutiny

While civil war was avoided in the Republic, a civil war did start in the Bohemian Kingdom with the Second defenestration of Prague on 23 May 1618. The war continued in other areas, although the heartland of the republic was no longer threatened. The peace settlement was part of the comprehensive 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which formally separated the Dutch Republic from the Holy Roman Empire. Leiden declared itself for Orange in a spontaneous revolt. Renewal of the Truce was a distinct possibility, but it had become less likely, as both in Spain and in the Republic more hard-line factions had come to power.

In October 1555, Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire began the gradual abdication of his several crowns. Frederick Henry now gave in and began to promote the peace progress, instead of frustrating it. Normally, navies of the world have no hesitation to execute convicted mutineers, so in this case the punishment seems relatively lenient.
They believed that their only succour could come from France. Part of the mixed Dutch and Indonesian crew seized control of the ship, keeping it in operation and … Next he captured Lingen. While Spain was busy fighting the Mantuan war, the Swedes had intervened in the Thirty Years' War in Germany under Gustavus Adolphus in 1630, supported by French and Dutch subsidies. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

Dutch trade in this period reached its pinnacle; it came to completely dominate that of competing powers, like England, that had only a few years previously profited greatly from the handicap the Spanish embargoes posed to the Dutch. Here also, the Catholic religion was allowed to remain.
[23] Orange quickly responded to this new development, by sending a number of emissaries to Holland and Zeeland with commissions to take over local government on his behalf as "stadtholder".

He even strengthened it, when after the death of Hendrik Casimir, he deprived the latter's son William Frederick, Prince of Nassau-Dietz of the stadtholderates of Groningen and Drenthe in an unseemly intrigue.

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's-Hertogenbosch surrendered in September 1629 to Frederick Henry.

260–272; Tracy, pp. This political shift promoted the concentration of power and influence in the Republic in the hands of a small group of the stadtholder's favourites.

This increased military power appeared to be directed principally to thwart Spain's policy objectives, as witnessed by the Dutch interventions in Germany in 1614 and 1619, and the Dutch alliance with the enemies of Spain in the Mediterranean, like Venice and the Sultan of Morocco. For the historical context of the war, see, Insurrection, repression and invasion (1566–1572), From Pacification of Ghent to Union of Utrecht (1576–1579), Dutch intervention in the early stages of the Thirty Years' War (1619–1621). Orange now established his headquarters in the Dutch city of Delft in July 1583, followed by the States-General in August. Archduke Albert of Austria, who had first become Governor General of the Habsburg Netherlands, then, following his marriage to Isabella Clara Eugenia, the daughter of King Philip II, together with his wife its sovereign, was in favour of a renewal, especially after Maurice falsely gave him the impression that a peace would be possible on the basis of a token recognition by the Republic of the sovereignty of the king of Spain.

This framework, assembled during the preceding reigns of Burgundian and Habsburg rulers, divided power between city governments, local nobility, provincial States, royal stadtholders, the States General of the Netherlands, and the central government (possibly represented by a Regent) assisted by three councils: the Council of State, the Privy Council, and the Council of Finances. (The Japanese turned out to be no more magnanimous colonizers than the Dutch.).

[94], The fiscal situation of the Dutch government also improved after the death of Maurice in 1625.

However, Spinola was satisfied with the psychological effect of his incursion and did not press the attack.

The new hierarchy was to be headed by Granvelle as archbishop of the new archdiocese of Mechelen. Dutch butter and cheese prices collapsed as a result of this blockade (and rose steeply in the affected import areas), as did wine and herring prices (the Dutch monopolised the French wine trade at the time). If the inhabitants would rise against Spain, the Southern Netherlands would be afforded independence on the model of the Cantons of Switzerland, though with the Flemish seacoast, Namur, and Thionville annexed by France, and Breda, Geldern, and Hulst going to the Republic. The Meermin slave mutiny took place in February 1766 and lasted for three weeks. [83], The war did not immediately resume, however.

The De Zeven Provinciën was rated as a coastal defense ship, with the size and firepower of a cruiser but without the speed of a proper cruiser. He completely dominated Dutch politics and diplomacy in his first years afterwards, even monopolising the abortive peace talks before the expiration of the Truce.

Spain also attempted a policy of strict religious uniformity for the Catholic Church within its domains, and enforced it with the Inquisition. His health soon deteriorated, also detracting from his efficacy as a political and military leader.

[82], There was continual contact between Maurice and the government in Brussels during 1620 and 1621 regarding a possible renewal of the Truce.

The first was initially articulated by the Dutch nobility who wanted to regain power and privileges lost in favor of the King, so they settled the thought that Phillip II was surrounded by evil advisors.

[54], The States-General now offered the English queen Elizabeth I sovereignty. [48], By October 1582, Parma had an army of 61,000 troops available, mostly of high quality. The first phase of the war began with two unsuccessful invasions of the provinces by mercenary armies under Prince William I of Orange (1568 and 1572) and foreign-based raids by the Geuzen, the irregular Dutch land and sea forces. It was in the pursuit of this war that the Spanish empire in Europe eventually foundered.….

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