embracing sikhism

Essentially, according to Sikh philosophy, human beings should free themselves from the cycle of reincarnation (births and deaths) by abandoning self- centeredness and embracing God-centeredness.

You are worshipping since ages, Could you find Almighty? The few members who were observant to any degree felt that it was of little or no importance for children of my gender to become familiar with more than the most rudimentary basics of the creed. © 2020 Times Internet Limited. have rejected idol worship. I have such a hunger to begin wearing these beautiful articles of faith. The whole earth has been revered by Guru Nanak as. This makes Sikhism a truly universal religion. The gradual process of disillusionment and disengagement was an arduous and soul-wrenching one, culminating in acceptance of the realization that this was not the Path for which I had been created.
I want to make a formal and public commitment to my chosen faith. And what does answering the Guru’s call for a head really entail? The only problem is i go to a school that is located very far from my house and takes me about 1 and 1/2 hours on the bus to get there. I agree with the answer by the person before me that doing Simran will be greatly beneficial. Guru Arjan Devji, the fifth in the line of Guruship, explains the purpose of life when he writes: Having gained a body this time, A rare opportunity you have got;This is your chance to meet God.Your other pursuits will be of no avail at the end.Seek the company of holy men, And learn to meditate on God.Set your mind on crossing the sea of life;Life is being wasted away in pursuits of sensual pleasures. You can do it while travelling, while bathing, or doing any chores. Also, in reality, this kind of attitude misses much of the larger picture; no one exists in a vacuum.

Instead it prescribes its own procedure to become a Sikh by taking, - Hindu's believe in the caste system which is linked to ones past, ,(in modern India, caste discrimination is outlawed). This makes Sikhism a truly universal religion.

Sikhs do not merely believe in God. It does not place any emphasis on pilgrimage, praying in a particular direction, praying on a particular day, fasting, meaningless rituals, idol worship, superstition, body mutilation, asceticism or celibacy. Sikhism out rightly rejects the concepts of multiple Gods and Goddesses and their incarnations. O brother, the stones/idols you wash with water sink in water (in other words how could these stones help you cross the ocean of worldly temptations)" [ SGGS p-637]. Embracing ‘Sikhi’ - Truly: A Personal Testament by Laurie Bolger in May 2006, Librarian at N.Y.U.

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