false friends examples english german

Kind (kint): This is the German word for child. The German equivalent of preservative is Konservierungsmittel (kon-sêr-yeer-oongs-mit-el). The German equivalent of handy is praktisch (prâk-tish), geschickt (ge-shikt), or handlich (hânt-liH). This course contains a few videos with the main Dutch-English false friends. The verb to smoke is rauchen (rouH-en). Most recently she has been developing, writing, and editing student textbooks and teacher handbooks for Berlitz. Like every language, German contains some false friends — words that look very similar to English but have a completely different meaning.

also (âl-zoh): This one means so, therefore, or thus, not also. sympathisch (zerm-pah-tish): This word means likeable or congenial, not sympathetic. False friends – 03: hoe is het? The Italian triviale (“vulgar”) and English trivial.

This page was last edited on 6 November 2020, at 11:21. These are called false cognates. There are various reasons why certain words with common etymologies have different meanings in German and in English. The German word for provision is Vorsorge (fohr-zor-ge) or Versorgung (fêr-zohrg-oong). For example, the term Feinkost (fayn-kost) refers to gourmet food or a delicatessen where you can buy fine food products. It doesn’t describe heavy moisture resembling a fine rain, which is called Nebel (ney-bel) or Dunst (doonst). As I have just pointed out, false friends is a calque from the French term faux amis, although this translation is at least unsuitable, despite being lexicalised now. . sensibel (zen-zee-bel): The meaning of this word is sensitive rather than sensible, which translates as vernünftig (fêr-nuenf-tiH).

click to accept cookies. Lektüre is therefore a false friend between German and English and French and English but a true friend between French and German. Rat (rât): This word means advice or counsel. Otherwise, a plain cook is called a Koch (koH) in German. The German word for to become is werden (vêr-den). The German word for a mob is Pöbel (per-bel) or Rotte (rot-e), and the verb to mob (someone) is anpöbeln (ân-per-beln). These similarities can be really helpful, enabling you to easily recognize words you may have never seen or heard before! For an equivalent of the English word use damit (German) damn it for this reason verdammt (German) demandar (Spanish) to demand to sue: demander (French) domandare (Italian) to demand to ask or request die (German) (to) die: the [feminine and plural article; example: die Ehefrau (the wife), die Häuser (the houses)] sterben dick (German)

Kost (kost): This is the German word for food or fare. ordinär (or-di-nair): This word means vulgar rather than ordinary. Our website places 3rd party cookies from other 3rd party services which aren't Analytical, Social media or Advertising. Provision (proh-vi-zee-ohn): The meaning of this word is commission, not provision.

We have completed the programme. The German word for rock is Fels (fels). Actuellement: Actually: At the moment, currently: At the moment I am revising my English. vs who is it? plump (ploomp): The German meaning is clumsy or tactless, not roundish, which in German is rundlich (roont-liH). Our website uses functional cookies. False friends – 05: sollicitant vs solicitor. Like every language, German contains some false friends — words that look very similar to English but have a completely different meaning. FAUX AMIS - FALSE FRIENDS (French-English) ... ENGLISH Incorrect Correct: EXAMPLE: Achever: Achieve: Complete or finish: The renovation was finished at the end of 2016.
The German verb meaning to comfort [someone] is trösten (trers-ten).

The German word for bald is kahl (kahl) or glatzköpfig (glâts-kerpf-iH). So we end up with der Koch/die Köchin. What it looks like: chef What it means: boss/manager You might be tempted, after a goodCurrywurst, to send your compliments to theChef.

Paulina Christensen has been working as a writer, editor, and translator for more than 10 years.

Präservativ (prê-zêr-vah-teef): You can avoid another embarrassing moment when you remember that this word means condom in German. Its German meaning is anus, not after. Course Content Lessons Status. In German, one example would be bald, which means "soon," but to English speakers resembles the synonym for "hairless." The German translation for the English adjective brief is kurz (koorts), and for the English noun, Auftrag (ouf-trahk) or Unterlagen (oon-ter-lah-gen). Some false friends are important to know because you can accidentally say strange things if you use the words the wrong way.

False friends – 03: hoe is het? This is a common complication. The word for the item you use to lock or unlock a door is Schlüssel (shlues-el). Oldtimer (oldtimer [as in English]): Germans use this word to refer to a vintage car. These cookies are necessary to let our website work. The German word for also is auch (ouH).

False friends are words from different languages that sound or look the same, but have a different meaning. The German word for sympathetic is mitfühlend (mit-fuel-ent) or verständnisvoll (fêr-shtênd-nis-fol).

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