gladiators: ashes 2

Kerry 5 - 10 Kerryn / David 10 - 0 Phil, Kerry 15 - 10 Kerryn / David 10 - 10 Phil, Kerry 25 - 10 Kerryn / David 10 - 10 Phil, Kerry 25 - 20 Kerryn / David 10 - 10 Phil, Kerry LOSER - WINNER Kerryn / David WINNER - LOSER Phil, Nellie 8 - 8 Eunice / Andrew 4 - 9 Matt, Nellie 8 - 13 Eunice / Andrew 4 - 9 Matt, Nellie 8 - 23 Eunice / Andrew 9 - 9 Matt, Nellie 8 - 33 Eunice / Andrew 19 - 14 Matt, Nellie LOSER - WINNER Eunice / Andrew WINNER - LOSER Matt, Kerryn 10 - 10 Eunice / Andrew 0 - 0 David, Kerryn 15 - 10 Eunice / Andrew 0 - 10 David, Kerryn 25 - 10 Eunice / Andrew 0 - 10 David, Kerryn 25 - 10 Eunice / Andrew 10 - 15 David, Kerryn WINNER - LOSER Eunice / Andrew WINNER - LOSER David,, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 June 2020, at 19:54. Norgate was replaced by athlete Derek Redmond for series 3 (1994) and Eugene Gilkes for series 6 (1997) and also for the 1998 Springbok Challenge series; his arch-nemesis is male gladiator Wolf. Some of the contenders from these shows went on to be in the televised shows. Female Gladiators: Falcon, Jet, Lightning, Nightshade, Panther, Scorpio, Zodiac

The honour went to Hunter (James Crossley). Despite the changes, viewing figures continued to drop and the series was axed on 11 February 1999. For its Royal Tournament appearance, Pursuit saw a ten-second headstart (rather than three) for the contenders with the course being a sprint round a cone, web trap (over), low wall, web trap (under), hand ladder, high wall, sprint round a cone, spaghetti junction (used in the Eliminator in 1996) and sprint finish. [1995] [VHS]: Video", "Gladiators-The Power to Win [VHS]: Video", "Gladiators – Jet – A Video Profile [1992] [VHS]: Jet: Video",, British television series based on American television series, Articles needing additional references from February 2014, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from October 2013, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from October 2013, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles needing POV-check from April 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, International Gladiators 1–2, The Ashes 2 (Reserve), Wembley 1994, Sheffield 1995, Wembley 1996, International Gladiators 1–2, The Ashes 1, Wembley 1993–1994, Sheffield 1995, Wembley 1996, International Gladiators 1–2, The Ashes 1–2, Springbok Challenge, International Gladiators 2; The Ashes 1–2, Springbok Challenge, International Gladiators 1–2, Springbok Challenge, Wembley 1994, Sheffield 1995, Wembley 1996; The Royal Tournament 1997–1998, International Gladiators 2, The Ashes 1–2, Springbok Challenge, Sheffield 1995, Wembley 1996, The Royal Tournament 1997, International Gladiators 1, The Ashes 2, Springbok Challenge, International Gladiators 2, The Ashes 1–2, Australian Gladiators 1–3, Wembley 1993–1994, Sheffield 1995, Wembley 1996, The Royal Tournament 1997. Vulcan joined the British Gladiators series after his native Australian edition of the series was cancelled. [9], Venue: Wembley Arena, London, England Sumo Ball was roadtested in these shows and would feature as the only new event of the 1996 televised series.

Timekeeper: Andrew Norgate However all 3 did not go down well with viewers. Timekeeper: Andrew Norgate This second Ashes series was brought to the UK and held at the NIA in Birmingham. Several competitors from the show's history later went on to appear on Total Wipeout, the most notable being series seven contestants Colm Curran and Margo Hudson. Duel would feature in the 1997 Royal Tournament and Pursuit featured in the 1998 Royal Tournament despite it having been axed after the 1996 series. Female Gladiators: Blaze, Falcon, Jet, Lightning, Nightshade, Panther, Vogue, Zodiac This was only seen on Australian airings. Dates: 26–28 March[5]. Many quickly sold out and are rare. Behind the scenes aspects were added including clips of the contenders selections and training as well as clips showing the contenders choosing which Gladiator they would face on a certain game via coin toss. Despite many questions at the time about his departure, the real reason was only revealed six months later in a newspaper article. The success of the British series spawned further adaptations in Australia and other countries, while a children's version for the UK, entitled Gladiators: Train 2 Win, was also created and broadcast on CITV between 1995 and 1998. [7], Unlike the other live shows, these shows took place in Sheffield Arena which was smaller than Wembley Arena. Series 1 winner Weininger Irwin appeared in the BBC Two series Back in Time for Brixton in November 2016, in which a family experience 50 years of black British history;[2] in one episode, he and his family watched his victory in the first series final. Over the course of the 8 domestic series, Gladiators had 3 main presenters.

1Hannah Owen injured her elbow in Gauntlet. During the show's first three seasons, popular model makers Hornby made a selection of action figures and playsets based on the show. Venue: Wembley Arena, London, England 3Although Marisa was in the scoring zone when the time was up, she was disqualified for attacking Lightning's head and throat. Typically, four contenders would appear in each episode, two male (Red and Blue) and two female (Pink and Yellow), and each contender would compete in five or six events, depending on the series or time constraints. 2Although Michelle stayed on the platform for the full 30 seconds, Storm was later disqualified for putting her hand on Michelle's hand and pugil stick.

These consisted of a revised version of Hunter, and figures of Hawk (United States), Terminator (Finland) and Dynamite (Russia). After the sixth season in 1997, Warrior (Michael Ahearne) was sacked from the show, after being arrested for a firearms offence. Another change was the Gladiators' costumes; the "logos" (Bow for Hunter, Playing Cards for Ace etc.)

Instead Joust was played despite it being one of the least used events in the televised series and only making one appearance in the 1995 televised series before being axed.

Contenders. The following VHS releases are available: Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Warrior: The ups and downs of Mike Ahearne",, "Blaze (Eunice Huthart) | Gladiators |", "Jet (Diane Youdale) | Gladiators |", "Gladiators: Into the Arena [VHS]: Video", "Gladiators – Powerplay [1992]: Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu, John Sachs: Video", "Gladiators – The Conflict [1992] [VHS]: Video", "Gladiators – Countdown [1992] [VHS]: John Sachs, Saracen, Scorpio, Warrior, Jet, Wolf, Panther, Nigel Lythgoe, Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu: Video", "Gladiators – The Ultimate Challenge [1992] [VHS]: Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu, John Sachs, Nigel Lythgoe: Video", "Gladiators-Best of 1992 [VHS]: Video", "Gladiators: Gladiators Return [VHS]: Saracen, Warrior, Wolf, Lightning, Scorpio, Jet, Cobra, Shadow, Panther, Hunter, Nigel Lythgoe: Video", "Gladiators 1993– Contenders Ready, Gladiators Ready! However, ITV agreed to film another 4 episodes. Before every event he called: "Contender ready!

In 1995, McDonald's gave away an exclusive range of figures through a Happy Meal promotion. Two! These shows would be the last to feature Flame, Phoenix and Hawk who were dropped before the 1993 televised series. These shows were used to roadtest new event concepts and new Gladiators.

Presenters: John Fashanu and Ulrika Jonsson There was no money rewarded to the winner in any episode, until the final. Applicants who wanted to take part in the show had to go through vigorous fitness tests before they were selected to take part. Gladiators: The Ashes 2 StarringMike Hammond Ulrika Jonsson Country of originAustralia No. One of the events, Tilt, would be used in the televised series with little modification. Dates: 11–14 April[10] She later ended up becoming a full-time Gladiator, even appearing in the Second Ashes series. Presenters: John Fashanu and Ulrika Jonsson This was the final series in the original Australian … Cobra suffered an ankle injury during the shows and had to be sidelined.

During celebrity specials Anderson took a more light-hearted attitude to the show such as adapting his call to "Little contender ready!" A group of cheerleaders also accompanied the show, known as the "G-Force". John had an assistant on the show, known as the "Official Timekeeper". One!" Male Gladiators: Cobra, Hunter, Saracen, Shadow, Trojan, Warrior, Wolf Catapult, Dogfight and Vertigo. Contenders: Winners: Catherine Arlove (Australia) & Mark Everitt (United Kingdom). 3Paul originally scored 3 points, but one blue ball worth 2 points was disallowed as Paul touched the pole to collect it. Season five became known as the "season of injury". One of the contenders, Tammy Baker, would later become a Gladiator, Fox, from 1997 onwards. Two CD and Audio Tape compilations were released during the early years of the show, containing tracks such as Holding Out for a Hero, We Are Family & The Boys Are Back in Town, as well as the instrumental music used during events. Both Cobra and Lightning were never originally intended to be Gladiators. Before filming started Jet (Diane Youdale) retired after being injured during a live show in Sheffield on Pyramid. However following these shows, Huthart wanted to compete as a UK challenger for The Ashes series and stepped down as a Gladiator. King later confirmed the rumours were true and was sacked shortly afterwards.

Footage of several of the tests were broadcast during behind-the-scenes segments during both the first and second series. Vulcan was the "bad boy" of the Australian version of the show. Female Gladiators: Amazon, Falcon, Jet, Lightning, Nightshade, Panther, Rebel, Rio, Vogue, Zodiac An 'updated version' of Duel on a rocking suspension bridge using pugil sticks was also played[6] and this format would be modified and played as a new game called Suspension Bridge in the 1993 televised series. This second Ashes series was brought to the UK and held at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. The show was presented by Ulrika Jonsson throughout its original run, alongside John Fashanu (1992–96, 1999–2000) and Jeremy Guscott (1997–98), with John Sachs providing commentary on each event, and John Anderson refereeing the contests.

Atlaspheres, The Wall and the Eliminator were also played. Despite having no hosting experience, footballer John Fashanu was given the role of male host of the series. Presenters: John Fashanu and Ulrika Jonsson Fox originally appeared as a contestant during the Wembley live shows of 1993. The actual "cut" of each gladiator costume remained the same from the previous season. While the Male Contender remained the same, Taipan has an identical head to Wolf, and Vulcan shares an identical head to Saracen.

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