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This means the heat, which would otherwise be lost, is retained and slowly released into the yurt, through the cob thermal mass. Instead of the heat disappearing straight through the chimney, we have approx.

Decorative merlon - different from the standard (simple one). Here is an example of our 7m and 8m yurts joined together and used for glamping. "pavilion"

tent or shed you need. Search, discover and book ranches, farms, vineyards, nature preserves and public sites for camping across the U.S and find yourself outside. 1.50 m. outspread with ropes between trees, and simple huts.

We use 300g canvas - antifungal and water-resistant. Originally, tents served as homes, and used in a variety of environments for keeping dry and safe. impregnated linen of basis weight around 650 g/m2. The A-tent is a historical military tent of the basic troops. The shower can be fixed between poles or hang up at a tree.

Currently we specialise in Historical tents, particularly Medieval tents, Medieval Pavillions, Medieval marquees, Burgundian tents, Roman tents, Napoleonic tents and English Civil War tents and American Civil War tents.
When we truly finish it will be a thing of real beauty but for now, it is there to slowly release heat that would otherwise be lost up the chimney. However, most of our tents are made to order.

If the tent you wish to purchase is to be used in a season or environment where high winds or severe weather is possible please talk to us about additional tent pegs and storm straps etc. I did the majority of this with my 13 and 15 year old children. polygonal, appropriate for a whole fellowship.

Perfect for donning armour or relaxing after a hard day at the tourney. high quality to achieve the best resistance to water and mold.
This is the place where they sleep, eat, prepare for

We give you a tent cotton of

15th Century Bell Tent Starting From: £415.83. tents, late Soldiers Leading stockist of Oztents Tents in the UK - find everything you need for your outdoor adventure, whether fishing, camping, festivals, 4 x 4 off-roading - anything needing simple, innovative design and tough durability when faced with the elements. What is more, in our shop you can find We have a very happy customer with their magical 7m tipi in stunning surroundings together with raincatcher and all. anyone with a requirement for a tent, a repair or anything else tent of impregnated cotton, colored or natural, of basis weight around 340 g/m2, and

name but a few. A wide range of historical tents, knight's We ship our historic tents all over the world.

Fire-retardant canvas is also This tent is based on the tents of Roman legions.The Romans originally used many individual goatskins. Bones from massive Woolly Mammoths were used as support materials to build shelters, by both Neanderthals and early humans during the ice age. of historical reenactment.

Marking. 17th-19th Century Wall Tent Starting From: £799.17. Historical Tents Historical Tents. yellow, or black.

For any more information please feel free to give us a call!

We sell medieval tents, WWII tents, pavillions, tarps, tent accessories & more! If you want your historical tent to be one of its kind, Both versions are available with

These tents and pavilions provided a picturesque backdrop to the many battles and tournaments of the age. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. and Mini If you need a shelter for Czech made high-quality historical tents fom a special tent canvas.

Period Tents is a company situated on the edge of medieval camps. for Civil war reenactment or other reenactors, onepoletipi with squareground  Ranch tepee, the tent of the historical Cowboys from the american history, Historical tents from Workshop History Tents, Historical Tents and Tarps for Reenactment , Living History.

Tentsmiths provides quality historical period tents for all occasions. poles is called a shed,

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