hms repulse

The trip from the Pacific to Rio de Janeiro took her seven weeks; she was the only British armoured ship ever to round the Horn under canvas. The old armour was fitted between the main and upper decks, above the new armour belt. Ark Royal was just about to fly off the second striking force. Three or four minutes later, the Hood had vanished between the waves leaving a vast cloud of smoke drifting away to the leeward. The enemy was 600 miles away to the north-westward. R.L. At 0810/25, seven Swordfish were flown off from position 56°18'N, 36°28'W to search between 280° and 040° up to 100 nautical miles. Heavy cruiser HMS London (Capt. In 1941 she, along with the HMS Prince of Wales, was assigned to Force Z, with orders to counter Japanese naval aggression in Asia. William-Powlett, DSC, RN), HMS Diomede (Capt. Field, RN), HMS Sturgeon (Lt.Cdr. Prior to the sinking of the HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales, no capital ship of the line had ever been sunk by aircraft, and it was thought that their heavy armouring made this impossible. Orontes, Viceroy of India and Nieuw Zeeland departed Capetown still escorted HMS Abdiel was to lay a minefield off Lampedusa. This convoy arrived at Colombo on 23 November. H.A.

[34], Repulse departing from Singapore on 8 December 1941, In late 1941 Winston Churchill decided to send a small group of fast capital ships, along with one modern aircraft carrier to Singapore, to deter expected Japanese aggression. Bone, DSO, DSC, RN), from the 3rd Submarine Flottilla at Holy Loch and HMS H 44 (Lt. W.N.R. She did sail from Londonderry but had to return to that port soon after departure owning to defects. Visibility was reported as being 10 to 20 miles. HMS Renown was ahead of the Bismarck but it was important that she did not engage the Bismarck unless the latter was already heavily engaged by the better armoured HMS King George V and HMS Rodney. The Bismarck's fire was unpleasantly accurate, through neither destroyer was actually hit. Her construction was suspended on the outbreak of war on the grounds she would not be ready in a timely manner. A bright glow illuminated the waterline of the enemy battleship from stem to stern. H.T.C. Escort was initially provided by the battlecruiser HMS Repulse (Capt.

Battle of the Denmark Strait, action with the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen. She shot down two at 1226 hours but a torpedo hit jammed her stearing gear, and, though she could still steam at well over 20 knots, almost immediately afterwards three torpedoes hit her abreast the superstructure, two simultaneously on the port side and one on the starboard side. It was under these conditions that at 0840/27 two British battleships were seen to approach from the westward. G.N.

The sixth salvo was a straddle. D.B. At 1922/23 HMS Suffolk sighted the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in position 67°06'N, 24°50'W. These reports indicated that the Bismarck was not able to hold her course and that her steering gear must have been damaged. Her construction cost £2,829,087. At 1525 hours, two sections of Fulmar’s attacked and shot down in flames an S.79 shadower. Tennant, CB, MVO, RN), light cruiser HMS Naiad (Capt.

At 0716/26 HMS Ark Royal launched a security patrol in position 48°26'N, 19°13'W to search to the north and to the west just in case the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau had departed Brest to come to the aid of the Bismarck. The object of the torpedo bombing attack was to slow the enemy down. Both MW convoy’s made direct for Malta escorted by HMS Hotspur, HMS Havock and HMS Imperial.

M.L. Glennie, RN), HMS Repulse (Capt. (6). She was reconstructed twice between the wars; the 1920s reconstruction increased her armour protection and made lesser improvements, while the 1930s reconstruction was much more thorough.

Six Swordfish were landed on by 1107/25, one failed to return. V.A.C. All the 5.25" armament, except turret 'S 1', was put out of action either due to the list or failure of power. Commander-in-Chief leaves Scapa Flow on 22 May 1941. R.H. Wright, RN), HMS Douglas (Lt.Cdr. Thomas, RN) and HMS Fearless (Cdr. E.J. This part of convoy WS 8A was to proceed to Malta during operation ‘Tiger’. Range was only 5000 yards. R.W. J.M. C.P.F. At the Admiralty, when the Norfolk's signal came in, one of the first considerations was to safeguard the convoys at sea. All other destroyers had been oiled from Breconshire during the past two days. Syfret, RN), aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (Capt. (4). Witt, Largs Bay, Nieuw Zeeland Orion and The Ramillies was escorting convoy HX 127 from Halifax and was some 900 nautical miles south of the Bismarck. The first attack began at 11:13 a.m. when 250 kilograms (551 lb) bombs were dropped from eight G3Ms from an altitude of 11,500 feet (3,505 m).

Spooner, DSO, RN), HMS Inglefield (Capt. Departure of the Bismarck from the Baltic. The Dominion Monarch, Duchess of Richmond, Empress of Canada and Perseus then split off from the convoy and continued on as convoy WS 12J towards Colombo, escorted by HMS Glasgow. N.J.W. At 1430 hours a signal was received that the 8th Destroyer Flotilla was being bombed in position 37°25’N, 06°18’E and that HMS Fortune had been hit and her speed had been reduced to 8 knots. Bowerman, RN), HMS Escapade (Cdr. The DF bearings in the morning had not been very definite. The HMS Repulse is a world-class wreck which we are very lucky to have easily accessible from Singapore.

Both propeller shafts stopped and speed dropped to 15 knots.

Peters, DSC, RN), HMS Fury (Lt.Cdr. (6), 10 Sep 1940The battlecruiser HMS Repulse (Capt. Sir G.J.A. W.G. In Japanese, the engagement was r… Orion (23371 GRT, built 1935) and Acworth, RN) and HMS Badsworth (Lt.Cdr. It was received in HMS King George V at 1043 hours and in HMS Renown in 1038 hours. L.E.H. All the remaining survivors for whom she had no room were then on rafts or in boats, from where they were subsequently picked up by HMS Electra and HMAS Vampire. McLaughlin, RN), HMS Matabele (Cdr. HMS Dorsetshire arrived at the scene of the action in the nick of time. She fired four torpedoes at 0121/27 but no hits were observed and they are believed to have missed ahead. At midnight three Swordfish attacked simultaneously on the port beam. The Prince of Wales altered course to starboard to avoid the wreckage of the Hood. Hatches and doors were jammed by concussion and blocked with wreckage. P.W. P.H. HMS Bradford (Lt.Cdr. HMS Repulse was a Renown-class battlecruiser of the Royal Navy built during the First World War. At this time ‘Force B’ was 134 nautical miles to the westward and they could only maintain 13 knots in the sea without suffering damage. It was doubted if she was a match for the Bismarck in her current state and it was on these grounds that Rear-Admiral Wake-Walker decided that he would confine himself to shadowing and that he would not attempt to force on an action. On sighting the British ships she immediately steered clear to the westward. Members who served with HMS Repulse. At 1300 hours, the Capt. A.W.S.

Tennant, CB, MVO, RN), HMS Euryalus (Capt. Scott, DSC, RN) (from the 18th Cruiser Squadron), HMS Effingham (Capt. E.A.B. W.G.A. Around 0700 hours the Tiger convoy was joined by HMS Dido and HMS Phoebe. E.B. On 22 May Repulse was diverted from escorting Convoy WS8B to assist in the search for the German battleship Bismarck, but she had to break off the search early on 25 May as she was running low on fuel. The 8 planes attacked with 18" torpedoes, fitted with Duplex pistols set for 31 feet. A total of 90 officers out of 110 and 1195 ratings out of 1502 were rescued. R.B.N. At 0854/27, HMS Norfolk joined in, but the target was not clearly visible and she opened fire without obtaining a range. C.F. [9], Despite these additions, the ship was still felt to be too vulnerable to plunging fire and Repulse was refitted in Rosyth between 10 November 1916 and 29 January 1917 with additional horizontal armour, weighing approximately 504 long tons (512 t), added to the decks over the magazines and over the steering gear. The Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Sir John Tovey, was at Scapa Flow in his flagship, HMS King George V (Capt. Pugsley, RN) and HMS Kashmir (Cdr. Stevens, RN) and HMS Khartoum (Cdr. At 1100/25, HMS King George V, HMS Suffolk and HMS Prince of Wales were proceeding to the north-east in the direction of the enemy's DF signal.
Tennant, MVO, RN), the aircraft carrier HMS Furious (Capt. October. Admiral Tovey would cover the patrols south of 62°N. Sir W.G. Stubbs, RCN) and HMCS Saguenay (Lt. P.E. Glasgow (Capt. Holland, CB, RN, onboard), the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious (Capt. Bulteel, RN) escorted the convoy from 30 September to 5 October when she was detached to Gibraltar, escorted by three destroyers (see below).

2 Dec 1941HMS Prince of Wales (Capt. The fast minesweeper HMS Abdiel (Capt. Lonsdale, RN) which was to act as a beacon to home in the ships. A report came in that the striking force had left. [36], The crew of Japanese submarine I-58 spotted Force Z at 2:20 a.m., reported their position, and fired five torpedoes, all of which missed. By 2030 hours all aircraft had returned. Stephens, RN). The force took departure for the target in subflights in line astern at 2040/26.

They were only some six nautical miles off and the Bismarck opened fire.

D.T. Jessel, RN) (31 August – 4 September), HMS Lively (Lt.Cdr.

Spooner, DSO, RN). They were escorted by the destroyers HMS Cossack (Capt.

McCall, RN), HMS Phoebe (Capt. E.B. The bulk of the Fleet arrived at Alexandria around 1000 hours. King, RN), HMS Khartoum (Cdr. With him were her newly commissioned sister ship HMS Prince of Wales (Capt. W.H. It was made up of five transports; Clan Campbell (7255 GRT, built 1937), Clan Chattan (7262 GRT, built 1937), Clan Lamont (7250 GRT, built 1939), Empire Song (9228 GRT, built 1940) and New Zealand Star (10740 GRT, built 1935). R.F. Kelsey, DSC, RN, flying the flag of Rear-Admiral E.L.S. Cordite smoke was hanging badly with the following wind and spotting was most difficult. P.N. Saumarez, DSC, RN), HMS Delight (Cdr. Barry, DSO, RN) and the destroyers HMS Fearless (Cdr. Watkins, RN), HMS Hotspur (Lt.Cdr. Salter, RN), HMS Forester (Lt.Cdr. Tower, MVO, RN), HMS Hero (Cdr. E.J. Enemy aircraft were in the vicinity all day but no attacks developed. Click here to Submit events/comments/updates for this vessel. W.F.E. Group I then proceeded to join the convoy. Abdiel took station in the destroyer screen while Breconshire took station in the battleship line. HMS Rodney, 2.5 nautical miles to the northward, followed suit a minute or two later. Lane, RN) also sailed in this convoy. Merewether, RN), auxiliary minelayer HMS Agamemnon (Capt.(Retd.) Pugsley, RN) and HMS Kashmir (Cdr. The after turrets were at that moment still in action. Greening, RN), HMS Janus (Cdr.

Le Geyt, RN), HMS Fortune (Cdr. A.J. Sir. The German battlecruiser Scharnhorst had been sighted leaving Trondheim southwards escorted by four destroyers and four torpedo-boats. Tothill, RN), HMS Juno (Cdr. At 0833/27 a destroyer was sighted ahead at a range of 8 nautical miles, it was HMS Cossack which reported the enemy at a range of 6 nautical miles. The light cruisers HMS Southampton (Capt. Atkins, RN) escorted the convoy from 1 to 3 October. Queen Elizabeth was ordered to join ‘Force F’. D.B. The search by HMS Victorious, her aircraft and the 2nd Cruiser Squadron to the north-west also had no result. The sun had just risen when HMS Repulse reported an aircraft which was not identified (Capt. Escort was provided by the heavy cruiser HMS Devonshire which joined the convoy early on 20 October after having patrolled south of Freetown since 16 October. Lay, RCN) and the escort destroyer HMS Eridge (Lt.Cdr. of these, the Barrister was unable to keep up with the convoy and was detached on 18 The wind was by then force 8 with a rising sea. Repulse was laid down by John Brown, Clydebank, Scotland on 25 January 1915. Visibility improved throughout the day although conditions were still difficult for the enemy to attack from the air. Richardson, RN), ORP Blyscawica (Lt.Cdr. Brodrick, RN) in position 07°35'N, 31°25'W, tanker Gedania (8966 GRT, built 1920) was captured in the North Atlantic in position 43°38'N, 28°15'W by naval auxiliary (Ocean Boarding Vessel) HMS Marsdale (Lt.Cdr.

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