how long does an abortion take

This usually occurs within 24 hours of using the abortion medication. Find out more. If you have persistent sadness or depression, see your doctor as soon as possible. You may be given codeine to help you manage the pain, and can also use pain relief from supermarkets and pharmacies too. There is still a viable pregnancy present. Thinking about birth control?

The risk of a miscarriage increases with age.

However, if you choose to closely monitor your blood discharge during an abortion with pills, you may actually be able to notice when pregnancy tissue passes from your body.

Some clients describe the taste of misoprostol as unpleasant and the texture chalky.
Codeine is for moderate to severe pain. In addition to continued bleeding, women should notice a change in their pregnancy symptoms after using the abortion pills.

The next day I was up and about as normal, bleeding just like a period and no cramping at all.

), Unpredictable, irregular or prolonged bleeding after the abortion (variable), Continuing pregnancy (less that up to 1 in 100, up to 3 in 100 between 9 and 10 weeks’ gestation), Haemorrhage – very heavy bleeding (2 in 1,000), Undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy (1 in 7,000), Surgical abortion or uterine aspiration (3 in 100 up to 9 weeks’.

Having some cramping and bleeding does not guarantee that your treatment was successful. It may be several months before they return to normal. Use sanitary towels to monitor your bleeding during early medical/abortion pill treatment.

Women under age 35 have about a 15 percent chance of miscarriage. The procedure is done in the doctor's office with local anesthesia and oral pain-relieving medications. Currently, 43 states prohibit at least some abortions after a certain point in a pregnancy. Long-term damage from second trimester abortion is more frequent than for abortions in the first trimester. Bleeding and cramping usually start 1 to 2 hours after using the tablets but may occur sooner. “First trimester abortion guidelines and protocols – Surgical and medical procedures.” International Planned Parenthood Federation. Another risk of D & E is infection in the uterus or fallopian tubes. See below for more detail.

Take 2 or 4 tablets by mouth every 4 hours as needed. When you’re discharged, you’ll be given antibiotic therapy. Both are valid approaches.

Alternatively, your doctor can use another type of dilating stick called Dilapan, which can be inserted the same day as the surgery.

Here’s our process. Surgical abortions are also known as in-clinic abortions. This process can take up to a couple of weeks. Though the question seems straightforward, there a few different pieces to the answer.

Here’s where people can get confused: if the pregnancy has been terminated, why don’t things go back to normal right away? These are the symptoms, causes, and a look at how to move forward.

If you become pregnant after the age of 45, your chance of miscarriage increases to 80 percent. A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before week 20. Therefore, to know “how long does an abortion take” isn’t an easy question to answer, and before we get to know how long it really takes, we have to first look into the different types of abortion options available. The first step is to soften and dilate the cervix. You can read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies. Your doctor will be able to explain the options available in your state.

Or you can just start with codeine. But your appointment will take longer because you’ll need to have an exam, read and sign forms, and stay in the recovery room afterwards for up to about an hour. Read on to learn more about miscarriages.

About 8 percent occur between the 13th and 27th weeks of gestational age, or during the second trimester.

– Women’s Center Abortion Pill Clinic.

Pregnancy is divided into trimesters. You will be given pain medicine with instructions for use and advice on how to care for yourself. Daily activities do not typically cause a pregnancy loss.

Your doctor will let you know when you’re done healing and can have sex again.


Vaginal bleeding. It's safer and most effective during the first trimester of pregnancy. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, while complicated grief is caused by the death of someone close to you. Do not have sex for 1 week. If you are aged between 12 and 18 years, take 1 or 2 tablets by mouth every 6 hours as needed. During this time, you may have some cramping and spotting. It is with knowing what type of abortion a woman will take that will help answer “how long does an abortion take.”. Women who have first trimester abortions and those who do not have any complications will usually feel normal within a …

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