how to recessed gas line behind stove

Thank you for posting that picture, jakuvall. That way when you catch a mouse, you can just pick up the bag and throw it all out rather than have to handle the trap and the dead mouse. Or so the guy who sold them to me said.

If the stub ends with an el, does the el project into the interference zone or do further attachments to that el do so? Look at the specs that came with your range -- they will say exactly where the gas and electric must go for the range to install properly.

A forum community dedicated to professional electricians, contractors, and apprentices for residential and commercial work. And it'll be just my luck that it lasts forever. Gas clearance is good even with a 40" line.

I don’t understand why it can’t be pulled out. Was it mentioned in the installation instructions for your range? We have the same issue and about a 2” gap.Just wonder which screws you used?

I don’t see how it can possibly be pulled out. If the tops sloped down, it would run off and be no problem. If you have a bit of leftover filler, that would also work. Anyone remodel a kitchen and NOT do a giant island ?

Does this look normal to you? You are correct that you don't want that hole there! [/li][li]Put down cheap snap traps (they are the best) and glue traps w/ either peanut butter or bacon fat on them - Mice are fairly stupid so they’ll get caught pretty quickly. We have spent the last week or so redoing our kitchen.

When we turned on the oven for the first time, the most gawd-awful stench I’ve ever encountered filled the space. I didnt add anything to the fan because Im not sure how. After some unnecessary drama with two people who should have known what to do, we ended up having to just pay another licensed plumber who knew what to do and did it in cinch.

Open the oven door, grip it from the inside, palms up, and pull it straight out. It's safe to say I'm So annoyed by it! home improvement and repair website. Sounds like a real pain now, but I can't imagine you (or any potential buyers) would be happy with the stove sticking out that far for the next 20 years. The problem is that it's not defective, it's just stupid and pointless and bad design that would cost nothing to fix. I have gas now because I like being able to see my fire. We pulled the stove out (this is a simple process, as others have noted) and stuck it in the yard to cool off, gagging the whole way out. Walk Through a Granite Countertop Installation — Showroom to Finish, Contractor Tips: Countertop Installation from Start to Finish, Design Your Landscape for Peace and Quiet.

You can only open the doors with a specific hand. Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw. I think I may have installed it incorrectly? We have the same issue and no gas line.

Weird question about 90° conduit conductors vs. LB conduit bodies??? So unfortunately doing something to hide it with the cabinets is out of the question. [li]**Find out where the mice are coming in and plug those entrances off **- Use steel wool (mice can’t chew through it) or use the foam sealant that electricians use to seal conduits and fill in the holes. kind of concerning that your contractor would think that solution is acceptable. die App nutzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies und von ähnlichen Verfahren der Houzz Gruppe zur Verbesserung der Produkte, Dienstleistungen, zur Darstellung von relevanten Inhalten und um das Nutzererlebnis anzupassen, zu. Unfortunately yes, that's exactly what it means. I once had to replace a stove because mice got inside it and pulled out the insulation for nesting material. I've looked at the installation instructions for a few models, but they all seem to assume connection through the floor or wall. And was it easy to install? same footprint as my current fridge with top freezer) would be no good to me, neither side being wide enough to hold many items. The gas "stub" is not the only thing that can interfere with the rear wall of the stove.

The question seems to be how to move a stove not how to kill mice. We had this range for two days (it's going back- a long story), and it doesn't matter where the gas line is. For those who love to spend time in the kitchen more power to you. We didn’t know this until the sounds of frantic scrabbling after we turned on the oven.

The Polite House: How Can I Tell a Construction Crew to Pipe Down? I decided to live with it and it has been fine--I haven't lost anything down the back and otherwise have been very happy with the range. The issue was not with the gas line. My new gas range stuck out even more.

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