how to use crystal deodorant

As an alternative, you can put on your deodorant after you’ve already gotten dressed. How long will a single deodorant application prevent body odor? No doubt, you’ve been using antiperspirant since you were a pre-teen and you’re used to having your pores sealed up like a plug. Here’s a quick and simple guide on using natural deodorant correctly and effectively: It really does all start with choosing the right natural crystal deodorant. If you experience discomfort or get a rash, stop using the deodorant and see a dermatologist. To apply stick deodorant, start by washing and drying your armpits so the deodorant will roll on smoothly. There is no need to ever consider using crystal deodorants. These products contain aluminum, are not made in a natural way, and are harmful for the environment in the way they are produced and sold. There are many different varieties of deodorant claiming to be natural on the market. You’re safe, and armed with confidence. Also, smelly food such as onions and garlic can be carried in our sweat and released with an unpleasant smell attached. Apply CRYSTAL deodorants directly after bathing or showering. There are two main differences between Ammonium Alum and Potassium Alum, and Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/Zirconium (the toxic aluminums). After all, your underarm pores have been clogged for years and they need to detox and rid your body of all those built-up toxins. Many are made from cheap quality crystals and salts that don’t give you the full protection you need from that odour-inducing bacteria (Corynebacteria), resulting in smelly pits and feeling embarrassed on that cramped bus. To use crystal deodorant simply make it wet and rub on the clean skin under your arms.

Should a rash appear, stop using immediately and contact your doctor. Removing or cutting down on these foods in your diet can help reduce sweat and odour. 3 easy ways to make amazing nail polish designs. If you wish to apply the deodorant in between showers, you can clean your underarm using rubbing … % of people told us that this article helped them. Since CRYSTAL deodorants are made of mineral salts, they are safe to use just about anywhere on the body. Jurdy Dugdale is a Registered Nurse in Florida. What the natural deodorant does is it stops the unpleasant smell by using the effects of the mineral salts.

Read this article to learn more. How to Use Crystal Deodorant. Doing so prevents the bacteria that causes odor from forming on the skin. What Are The Benefits Of Using Crystal Deodorant? If you don’t, let us know and we’ll make it right. Also, this type of deodorant is extremely environment-friendly. A single application of a CRYSTAL deodorant should prevent body odor for up to 24 hours. This leaves a blank canvas for the mineral salt to go on and protect against odor-causing bacteria. Non-gel or liquid deodorants will more likely result in drier armpits. It is suggested, that the parabens, such as alumiinium chloride, used in antiperspirants get into the blood stream (for example, if you spray yourself after shaving).

This could be down to unfortunately purchasing a cheap quality natural deodorant stick, but it’s more likely because you’re using crystal deodorant incorrectly, and you’ve been lured back to that trusty toxic antiperspirant that’s full of harmful chemicals.

It depends on your preference. Almost any antiperspirant contains aluminum chlorohydrate. Safer and healthier deodorants exist. Overall, the crystal deodorant is a very good alternative to chemically infused deodorants. Your skin needs to breathe and to eliminate toxins from your body. If you have any questions at all feel free to. Please contact our customer service department at. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain foods can make our body odor more pungent, making it harder for your natural deodorant to mask the smell. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? To find out more about our Nakd Natural Deodorants and why you should make the switch today, check out our article on our website HERE that explains how making the change and adopting a nakd lifestyle can truly benefit your health and contribute to you living a longer, happier life. It is a normal physiological process. No. At Vasarii we believe that all personal care products created should be cruelty-free, all natural & environmentally friendly. Axe smells more "manly." With 15,000+ Health Professionals across 145 Specialisations, Natural Therapy Pages (NTP) is the #1 Health & Wellness site in Australia. Try using a spray instead. The crystal deodorant is basically a smooth piece of crystal, which contains Ammonium alum, natural mineral salts.

Do you have a natural health & wellness business?Sign up now and advertise on Australia's #1 natural health website. 2) APPLY IT AFTER A SHOWER You want to make sure you have removed any traces of sweat, old deodorant and bacteria from your armpits before applying the deodorant. Next, start at the center of your armpit and apply the deodorant by working your way outward in all directions until your underarm is completely covered. There is a new option if you are worried or anxious about the chemicals used in standard deodorants. After applying deodorant, let it air-dry first. However, it is not healthy to stop the body from sweating or perspiring as the body needs perspiration in regulating its temperature and in eliminating bodily toxins. Nakd Deodorant is made from 100% natural mineral salts from Thailand and lasts up to 24 hours, thanks to an invisible salt film that sits on the surface of the skin. It really does decrease body odor. Try not to overuse deodorant, many people do not like a heavy fragrance radiating from other people.

A single Crystal spray will typically last up to four months of daily use, comparable to other sprays on the market. Note that if you do not like to fuss with wetting the stick before each use, there is also a spray version of the crystal deodorant. If you have any comments or questions please email us at: It's used to control body odor. Therefore, I recently. If you are just-spray-and-go person and you are used to products with fragrance, you might find this inconvenient. 3) DON’T BE AFRAID TO SWEAT You want to make sure you have removed any traces of sweat, old deodorant and bacteria from your armpits before applying the deodorant. Therefore, the deodorant eliminates the odor-causing bacteria and prevents body odour. In addition, wetted crystals are actually broken down into ions, the smallest possible form of aluminium, which is easily dissolved in water. This means that the bacteria do not have a chance yet to form on the skin, and, as a result, the physical barrier of the deodorant will perform at its optimum. Antiperspirants typically contain aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium which plug the pores. Nevertheless, there's always space for extra information and advanced features! Is CRYSTAL packaging environmentally responsible? It should be noted to first moisten the deodorant before using and be aware that the deodorant will not stop your perspiration. These compounds block the pores physically to reduce sweating. It does not have fragrance and I … Is CRYSTAL deodorant safe for infants and toddlers? Keep it up! The first time I saw a crystal deodorant in a store it looked very strange to me. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding during this unforeseen time. Yes, it can be used in between your breasts or even under them to prevent under boob sweat. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. How long does a CRYSTAL mineral deodorant stick last?

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