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document.getElementById('bf6cc71fd4697ac0d88927ce474941b41a5472ea').innerHTML = ' '; The State Library of Queensland has a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island collections—housing photographs, artwork and dreamtime stories. It is held in July each year. The Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair is a world-class marketplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture. The walk isn’t strenuous and the best part is you get to eat what you collect! There’s a new holiday destination waiting for you. From hunting and gathering amongst the mangroves to the lush rainforests of the Wet Tropics where you can experience Aboriginal-inspired spa and massage treatments.

// -->, , , . When you’re not giving your lungs a workout, enjoy the educational talks and fully immerse yourself in Brisbane’s intricate Aboriginal history.

(c) Copyright 2018 Tourism and Events Queensland | All rights reserved. The Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh (Badu Art Centre) on Badu Island is one of the newest art centres in Australia.

We are the official tourism body responsible for promoting Queensland around the world. Kicking off at Killarney station, your adventure passes intricate river systems and takes you through the world’s largest unbroken savannah. Join the Quandamooka people of the Moreton Bay Region as they celebrate and embrace their cultural traditions from July to September every year at the Quandamooka Festival. Add these incredible Indigenous food experiences to your culinary bucket list. It was also the first place to preserve historical artefacts from the Torres Strait. document.getElementById('faf6aed161fc43ff60a3440a4b4f87fe91283488').innerHTML = ''; Rosie began hand printing as a hobby in 1986 and started participating mainstream and indigenous visual art … Not only will you see traditional art, but you’ll also be invited to retrace the Darambal people’s powerful history across 34 metres of reconstructed sandstone caves. So after you tour the gallery, you can thank your guide the local way by saying “Esso” (pronounced ‘S – Oh’). Located on Thursday Island, the Gab Titui Cultural Centre has a gallery with contemporary Indigenous art from local artists. 4 Thursday Island 1 Badu Art Centre 2 Bana Yirriji Art Centre - Wujal Wujal 3 Erub Arts 4 Gab Titui Cultural Centre - Thursday Island ... the sustainability of Australia’s Indigenous art industry. document.getElementById('b605c87554ef12002a17312a2b9fd78634a2745c').innerHTML = ''; // -->,

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