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Eco-tourism has become a major part of Haida Gwaii’s economy. Two-hundred teenagers plus 100 educators and crew were brought together annually on a flotilla of 15 small ships for a week of exploration through a sheltered archipelago on Canada's Pacific coast. In 2008, Jeffrey became focused (perhaps even obsessed) with organizing decentralized events that were designed to harness the energies of volunteers in their communities.

Despite two years of effort in which he recruited an esteemed tall ship builder and $600,000 in pledges, the LIFEship project proved to be too complex to undertake and was abandoned while still on the drawing board. Each year the LIFEboat Flotilla brought together two hundred teenagers and one hundred educators (e.g. The landscape was being completely transformed by epic-scale industrial logging, which in turn was destroying the culture and way of life of the peaceful indigenous tribes. But what does that mean, exactly? I wasn’t aware my language was different. Each event featured local musical talent and speakers on climate change.

The results of the pilot program were disappointing but he still believed in the potential of the idea. That’s the first thing director Jeff Gibbs wants you to know in his film, Planet of the Humans.Released for free on YouTube on the eve of Earth Day, the documentary, which by May 3 had five million viewers, is executive produced by Michael Moore (Roger and Me, Fahrenheit 9/11).It begins with Gibbs asking a grim question: “How long do you think we humans have?”

Jeff Gibbs is a producer and composer, known for Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Planet of the Humans (2019) and At the Edge of the World (2008). He also believed that being close to the energies of young people inspired by such experiences would help him rejuvenate his feelings of hope for the world. He’s also fond of trespassing and catching interviewees on the fly. Participants of the program (who are in their twenties and selected from an international pool of applicants) spend several months in remote areas of developing nations, living with villagers and working alongside local WWF staff on a gamut of community assistance and nature conservation projects. I can't prove I exist, but the evidence is overwhelming. During the evenings, the ships would rendezvous and anchor, enabling everyone to go ashore to rural community halls for plenary sessions from such internationally renowned presenters as Jean-Michel Cousteau, Robert Bateman, Dr. Joe MacInnis, and Dr. Jane Goodall. In 2012, the Swiss charity, Bruno Manser Fonds, released a report, The Taib Timber Mafia, that estimated Taib Mahmud had amassed at least 15 billion US dollars, although he only had a modest government salary during his three-decade tenure as Chief Minister. In turn, he motivated students to write letters to the World Bank urging them not to fund the construction of the dams.

Generated over two million dollars for environmental charities and managed the expenditure of those funds. While the campaign for Gwaii Haanas was a key moment for Haida society (in their standing up to face down colonialism), it was also a pivotal issue in the evolution of the environmental movement in Canada. The Green New Deal is surely the United States’ most ambitious vision for climate justice to date. Gibbs also has a few in his quiver, too, for so-called “green capitalists” such as Michael Bloomberg and Richard Branson. John Broadhead (left) and Thom "Huck" Henley were two essential leaders in the Gwaii Haanas campaign. He also went Down Under to help young people there launch EYA Australia. It became a Canadian bestseller. He was the lone young person among a cadre of witnesses that included esteemed scientist David Suzuki, adept campaigner Dr. Tara Cullis, Haida leader Guujaaw, renowned activist Captain Paul Watson, and internationally-renown musician Sting.

During this time, he contacted his hero Dr. David Suzuki to involve him in the TREE Club's efforts. They failed to understand that the vast political corruption in Sarawak made protecting its rainforests and supporting the rights of its tribal inhabitants almost impossible. A few months after returning from the Amazon, Jeffrey joined a small group — that included ethnobotanist and author, Dr. Wade Davis — on a fact-finding expedition in the jungles of Sarawak, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo.

I was like an apprentice and I could discover a life simpler than mine, close to nature and where time was stopped. Does the Gates Foundation do more harm than good. For many years now I’ve worked as an advocate for abused children. A film professional of over 16 years, Jeff Gibbs has been integrally involved in most aspects of the production of film and television. Week-long educational tour adventures in Gwaii Haanas, pioneered by Al and Irene Whitney on their sailboat Darwin Sound beginning in 1980, and later strengthened by additional tour operators, enabled thousands of people, many of them influential ones, to connect with its magic directly. Merely belonging to the EYA made young people feel empowered. Palm oil plantations and large dams have followed the logging. Next they created an elaborate musical slide show called WildVision about their Gwaii Haanas experience. When the tribesman returned to Sarawak, the authorities arrested the leader of the three and placed him in jail in solitary confinement on trumped-up charges. “Back from Madagascar, I noticed that I went there wanting to give a lot but I came back noticing that I’ve received much more!

By the end of the film, however, Gibbs seems to have forgotten his stance on population altogether, instead naming both “billionaires” and “everything we humans are doing” as the cause for planetary destruction within the space of just a few sentences. The Save South Moresby Caravan arrives in Vancouver. I was at Indian residential school from age 11-15. Interviews with the Penan revealed their exceptional knowledge and intimacy with the rainforest and riverine environments. - IMDb Mini Biography By:

a free press or proper governance structures) in place to stop them. A portfolio can be seen in the Galleries section. He also testified along with one of his friends at a high profile government commission set up to find solutions to the conflict in Gwaii Haanas and other contentious wilderness areas. Jeff Gibbs, Actor: Friday Night Lights. In effect, the tribal societies were being colonized by the foreign power of Malaysia and, more specifically, one Malaysian family. I learned a lot from these youths about environmental issues that affect the earth and everyone. I started a school for indigenous kids in Vancouver called Spirit Rising Cultural Survival School." Despite making contact with heads of major international corporations, leaders of global climate campaign groups, United Nations officials, and even a former Canadian Prime Minister, the partnerships Spotlight Earth needed to promote itself on a large scale did not come together. Jeff Gibbs is a producer and composer, known for, Oscars Predictions: Best Documentary Feature – Election Day Lingers in Multiple Contenders, ‘Planet Of The Humans’ Ep Michael Moore & Director Jeff Gibbs Blast “Blatant Censorship” After Controversial Documentary Yanked From YouTube; Pic Now Free On Vimeo – Update, ‘Planet Of The Humans’: Michael Moore Says YouTube Pulling His New Doc Is A “Blatant Act Of Censorship”, Most Influential Box-Office Record-Breaking Film, Films Once, But No Longer, in AFI's Greatest 100, Words and Music in Honor of Fahrenheit 9/11, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Low tide revealed a fecund marine world in which every available space was occupied by fantastic forms of life. United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honour — laureates include Sir David Attenborough, Wangari Maathai, Dame Jane Goodall, Chico Mendes, and Jacques Cousteau. Claude Martin raised the funds and provided the required political will within WWF for the program to be created, while Jeffrey traveled the world from 2004 through 2006 organizing it from the ground up. Statement from Director Jeff Gibbs On The Censorship Campaign Against “Planet of the Humans” This attempt to take down my film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant act of censorship by political critics of my movie. The landscape was destroyed on such a vast scale that at first he thought it must be a bomb test site for the military. More than just a source of food and medicine, the forests and rivers were integral to their cultural and spiritual beliefs. But solar and wind energy don’t come out looking so pretty either. Stacks of dead trees, waiting to be shipped to Asian markets, formed an unbroken wall that stretched for tens of kilometers on both sides of the river; the ancient homeland of the Penan about to become disposable chopsticks and concrete forms in Japan. Jeffrey received significant recognition during the LIFE years including CBC Television’s The National “Canadian Hero”, Maclean’s Magazine's “100 Canadians to Watch”, and The Vancouver Sun newspaper's “B.C.’s 25 Most Influential: Next Wave”. These tactics help paint him as a renegade truth-teller, a stubborn thorn in the side of powerful entities.

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