kara thrace father

Just some ideas. Dreilide "Slick" Thrace was a concert pianist and composer, and the father of Kara Thrace. Cult of Daniel After the episode "No Exit" aired, many fans on the official Sci-Fi Channel forum were convinced that Daniel was responsible for many of the mysteries in the show, was Kara Thrace 's father, was responsible for the "head" visions of Baltar and Caprica Six, etc. With only two days remaining until the ship must return to the Fleet, her command is further compromised by her refusal to explain her actions and her decision to bring the Cylon Leoben aboard after having found him in a damaged Cylon Heavy Raider.

The series bible developed for the TV series by Ron D. Moore states that Kara Thrace was born on Picon, but because her mother was in the Colonial Marines, she grew up as a military bratbouncing between different military bases on different planets during her entire childhood. After taking command of Demetrius to find a way to Earth, Starbuck finds herself at odds with the crew when her orders cause them to doubt her command ability. Kara seems to have had a closer relationship with him than with her mother.

Eventually, she finds herself torn between following Leoben's advice to forge an alliance with the fragme… Socrata, meanwhile, was a decorated Marine Corporal who had fought in the Cylon War. Thrace was born on Picon some years after the Cylon War's conclusion. She explains that until her father … As this information is from the series bible but never stated on-screen, it is unknown if Kara is canonically consi… Obsessed with an Oracle's prophesy of her daughter holding a special purpose for mankind, the young Kara Thrace's childhood was a psychically abusi… Her father, Dreillide, was a piano composer who eventually left her and her mother, Socrata, behind to pursue his music career.

Later, Kara meets Slick, a man composing a song at the piano in Joe's Bar and works on it with him. The result is that she has no particular attachment to Picon, and lived on Caprica for some years before the TV series begins. She was a talented Pyramid player (Resistance), and was up for the pros, but an injured knee took her out of contention. Kara Thrace was technically supposed to be a man too but after a little genetic tampering, she turned out to be a woman. Whether I'm … When she and Karl Agathon arrive at her former apartment in Delphi she plays a recording of one of her father's works (Valley of Darkness).

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