ken burns vietnam episode 1 summary

All of these refrains, which I think were ubiquitous in the United States in the late 1960s, for example, you could have heard also in France in the late 1940s. When hundreds of thousands of North Vietnamese troops pour into the south, Saigon descend, This product is a ready-to-use, printable film worksheet for use while viewing Episode One ("Deja Vu") of the broadcast version of Vietnam by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Q: One thing that struck me in watching the documentary, and actually got me some points with a tour guide in Vietnam, was the focus on political figures other than Ho Chi Minh. Fearing Saigon's collapse, President Johnson escalates America's m, This episode covers the years 1961-63 and the DVD jacket description is: Knew, in other words, what he was trying to do in Vietnam and had gone through a revolution successfully. This episode covers the turning point in the war -- the Tet Offensive and deals with the relationship between the press and military activities. Correction: An earlier version of this transcript misstated the name of Pham Van Dong. And that’s what we need to focus on. And for every diary of a soldier that’s dying, we looked at 100 of them.

We’ll talk to Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and others involved with the documentary for a new perspective on how the film was made and what it all means. Q: To back up a little bit, at what point did you decide that you were going to make a movie about the Vietnam War? So I do think there’s something to this notion that — in many respects, I think Bernard Fall put it quite well. Q: So Ken, there’s this moment in the episode that I bring up every time I talk to somebody about the movie.
You will then see in the coming episode and in the subsequent episodes that follow, all of those pieces of footage going forward — or at least a cousin of that footage going forward — in the film as a way to re-pack a much more complicated but we think satisfying [narrative].

It was painful. Diane & Hal Brierley • I mean, it is something that happened to us but now it seems like it’s challenging for us to see our experience as part of a larger continuity.

With the Cold War intensifying, Vietnam is divided in two at Geneva.

And then inevitably somebody — a consultant, or your own reading, or a colleague — will say, “Ah, it’s a little bit more complicated,” and you go, “Grrr. Q: I wanted to ask you about that because Vietnam is something — there have been so many books or have been so many movies and yet he’s saying that we don’t talk about it. But basically Ho and Giap, and then some subordinates who of course mattered, but it’s really those two figures. The Roger & Rosemary Enrico Foundation, Richard S. & Donna L. Strong • The other is a 20 question free response sheet where some answers are a couple of words or a number, which others may take 1 or 2 sentences, This is a description of the episode from the jacket cover: © 2018 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The Lavender Butterfly Fund, Filmmaker photos courtesy: Tim Llewellyn Photography, Stephanie Berger, Diane Raines Ward. Communists in the north aim to reunify the country, while America supports Ngo Dinh Diem’s untested regime in the south. The promises that corners are about to be turned. Q: You know, as we’ve been talking about this, and I was re-reading “Choosing War” and “Embers of War” before we talked, do you think there is a contradiction in what you mention as an American fear of revolution, but also a resistance to being seen as a colonizing power?

I do believe there have been books and the books have been for the most part extraordinary, like “Dispatches” by Michael Herr, obviously “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, more recently “Matterhorn” by Karl Marlantes.
Each one comes with an answer key.

We are militarily invincible. The author of ‘White Rage’ on the persistent pattern of punishing blacks fo... Civil rights icon John Lewis is ‘deeply moved’ by today’s demonstrations. Shhh. I don’t want to do this. This download contains two movie guides for episode 1 of Ken Burn and Lynn Novick's "Vietnam War." I talked to Burns about some of the moments that stood out for me in the first episode, and why they decided to tackle the Vietnam War at all.

After nearly a century of French colonial rule, Vietnam emerges independent, but divided. 28 results for ken burns vietnam war episode 1, Also included in: Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War - ALL 10 Episodes Bundle. Q: Are there any of them that you still feel sort of personally attached to that you couldn’t get in “The Civil War”? Why do we have anything to learn from them? Other photos courtesy: Magnum Photos, AP Photos, Getty Images, Doug Niven/Another Vietnam. One is a simply true and false video guide with 20 prompts. John & Catherine Debs •

We were making the exact same mistakes that the French made a generation earlier. BURNS: I think they’ve faded over time, but you know there are few quotes and a few moments, and it is more the sense that war is, as William Tecumseh Sherman said, “all hell.” It’s a big difference.

Maybe an understandable one on some level, but I think there is.

The Montrone Family • Pham Van Dong, maybe to a certain extent among more knowledgeable people. Amy & David Abrams • I talked to him about why Americans’ historical understanding of Vietnam is so limited to our own experiences. But I think both he and I went in with a certain arrogance that we kind of knew this story and we thought we knew what was going on. Q: You told me this is the biggest commitment you’d ever made.

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