king during the great fire of london

James, Duke of York (1633-1701) – The Lord High Admiral of England. Dave Fowler • History in Numbers • All third party trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

Only some of them had wheels; others were mounted on wheelless sleds. During the first couple of days, few people had any notion of fleeing the burning City altogether. He panicked when faced with a sudden emergency and, when pressed, made the oft-quoted remark, "A woman could piss it out", and left. So I was called for, and did tell the King and Duke of Yorke what I saw, and that unless His Majesty did command houses to be pulled down nothing could stop the fire.

"Bludworth's failure of nerve was crucial" (Tinniswood, 52). A woman might piss it out!”. They created firebreaks by blowing up houses on a large scale in the vicinity, halting the advance of the fire.

Spelling modernised for clarity; quoted by Tinniswood, 80. Public-spirited citizens would be alerted to a dangerous house fire by muffled peals on the church bells, and would congregate hastily to fight the fire. A tremendous uprush of hot air above the flames was driven by the chimney effect wherever constrictions narrowed the air current, such as the constricted space between jettied buildings, and this left a vacuum at ground level. Instead, much of the old street plan was recreated in the new City, with improvements in hygiene and fire safety: wider streets, open and accessible wharves along the length of the Thames, with no houses obstructing access to the river, and, most importantly, buildings constructed of brick and stone, not wood. 330 acres is the size of the area within the Roman wall, according to standard reference works (see, for instance, Sheppard, 37), although Tinniswood gives that area as a square mile (667 acres).

They had a narrow footprint at ground level, but maximised their use of land by "encroaching" on the street, as a contemporary observer put it, with the gradually increasing size of their upper storeys. Did the Jonas Brothers Co-Write Get Back by Demi Lovato? They seemed much troubled, and the King commanded me to go to my Lord Mayor from him and command him to spare no houses, but to pull down before the fire every way." [44], The fire was principally expanding north and west by dawn on Monday, 3 September, the turbulence of the firestorm pushing the flames both farther south and farther north than the day before. The City of London had been a stronghold of republicanism during the English Civil War (1642–1651), and the wealthy and economically dynamic capital still had the potential to be a threat to Charles II, as had been demonstrated by several republican uprisings in London in the early 1660s. The moving human mass and their bundles and carts made the lanes impassable for firemen and carriages. Apart from Wren and Evelyn, it is known that Robert Hooke, Valentine Knight, and Richard Newcourt proposed rebuilding plans. The mood was now so volatile that Charles feared a full-scale London rebellion against the monarchy. The inhabitants, especially the upper class, were growing desperate to remove their belongings from the City. [48] There was a wave of street violence. New public buildings were created on their predecessors' sites; perhaps the most famous is St Paul's Cathedral and its smaller cousins, Christopher Wren's 50 new churches.

This drastic method of creating firebreaks was increasingly used towards the end of the Great Fire, and modern historians believe that it was what finally won the struggle. Charles's next, sharper message in 1665 warned of the risk of fire from the narrowness of the streets and authorised both imprisonment of recalcitrant builders and demolition of dangerous buildings. It threatened but did not reach the City of Westminster (today's West End), Charles II's Palace of Whitehall, or most of the suburban slums. [31], A fire broke out at Thomas Farriner's bakery in Pudding Lane[c] a little after midnight on Sunday 2 September. The General Letter Office in Threadneedle Street, through which post passed for the entire country, burned down early on Monday morning. Tinniswood, 44: "He didn't have the experience, the leadership skills or the natural authority to take charge of the situation.". Suspicions rose to panic and collective paranoia on Monday, and both the Trained Bands and the Coldstream Guards focused less on fire fighting and more on rounding up foreigners, Catholics, and anyone else appearing suspicious, arresting them, rescuing them from mobs, or both.

The City was surrounded by a ring of inner suburbs where most Londoners lived. The fears of terrorism received an extra boost from the disruption of communications and news. Various schemes for rebuilding the City were proposed, some of them very radical. The wind dropped on Tuesday evening, and the firebreaks created by the garrison finally began to take effect on Wednesday, 5 September. Southwark was preserved by a pre-existent firebreak on the bridge, a long gap between the buildings which had saved the south side of the Thames in the fire of 1632 and now did so again.[21].

Evelyn also went out to Moorfields, which was turning into the main point of assembly for the homeless, and was horrified at the numbers of distressed people filling it, some under tents, others in makeshift shacks: "Many [were] without a rag or any necessary utensils, bed or board ... reduced to extremest misery and poverty."[58]. [23] Self-reliant community procedures were in place for dealing with fires, and they were usually effective.

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