live up to in a sentence

We will live up to what our Patty expects o use "live up to" in a sentence Norman found it difficult to live up to his father's expectations. Example sentences with the word live-up.

Courier beat Stefan Edberg in the final, which failed by a large margin to, 41. Both require frequent use of the gearbox if they are to, 44. The original was cool, but this one tries with unsuccessful results to, However, in light of past practices, it is doubtful whether they will, The criteria of acceptability for Holy Orders must surely include a sincere attempt to, Added to this are accusations that he failed to, Public Enemy's Chuck D is constantly calling on rappers to, Prior to the start of the Tour, the press and public alike pinpoint potential rivals, but they never, We repose our confidence in them because we believe that they will, Still some have left us cold and unfulfilled as one party of the match didn't quite, I'll choose a company with ideals they're trying to, Just as they prepare to rocket ahead in the rankings, the coach is shocked to discover his boys have failed to, Maybe it's just an overproduced theatrical event that didn't, Amelio succeeds in showing the abysmal sadness that results when the longed-for miracle of education doesn't quite, If you choose to grant yourself the anonymity of a moniker whilst lurking on guestbooks, at least pick something you can, The new site certainly seems determined to, He's got to be involved, he's got to have his ear to the ground, and he's got to, With Brian Laudrup and Larsson mentioned in dispatches as players he could emulate he has quite enough to, There was some mild bellyaching that the bang bang chicken and crisp Chinese pickled veg baguette did not, Even something as monumental as the birth of a new millennium couldn't in the end, Those moving away were sometimes dismissed as a shiftless lot who could not, The sumashi was a clear-broth seafood soup, and it was satisfying as well, though it didn't quite, The three countries are signatories to an international treaty to protect refugees and have a duty to, And while hitting the top 10 has created a blizzard of credibility-tinged hype around the group, they just can't, Little surprise, then, that yesterday's scoreless draw at Craven Cottage singularly failed to, Duncan, a precocious, affectionate child, had failed to, Such expectation can create the unenviable task for the band to, For the first time, my boot-cut jeans actually had a chance to, It's a bummer when talented people endeavour to do something artistically challenging, only to have the end result not, But when the masterpiece arrives, 37 years overdue, can it, The new big noise displayed a chronic lack of professionalism and failed hopelessly to, This either means analysts were too optimistic in their expectations, or companies failed to, The progress of the boys is monitored for about a year, and if they fail to, Although I had a go at impersonating him, I couldn't really, The food was standard hotel fare, failing miserably to, Even so, there's always the danger that new providers might not be able to, It's been my experience that life is so constructed that the event cannot and will not, This local derby, which was played in perfect conditions before a sizeable attendance, did not, Everyone who has seen the original BBC production expects this film to, The endangered Quitobaquito pupfish is a small fish, typically about 1.2 inches long, that can, As more and more of the world's tour operators are beginning to acknowledge, ecotourism has to, It takes a while for the film, elegiacally shot in the depressed streets of Dublin and stuffed with local slang, to, I am occasionally disappointed by the failure of some ACLU Chapters to, They constantly disappoint the young by failing to, The only sense in which Europe has fallen behind is its failure to, But his desire to prove a point backfired in a grim and unambitious contest which spectacularly failed to, I did more research and I read that mourning doves can, He has gotten out of position, a rarity in past years, in an apparent effort to cover for other players or perhaps, Now it is said that the inscrutable coach will have to, They have thought constantly about each other, but will the real person, When Thorpe arrived for the relay final, therefore, wet from having just won a world record-breaking 400 metres, it was hard to imagine that he could, And according to the organisers of the Holi festival, the celebration did, He continues to strike an informal note on his tour of Belize and, Josef Suk can always be counted upon to produce good, well crafted and melodious music and these three compositions certainly, He had won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1953 and had much to, Year after year they have to endure the torment of being required to, The ideals are the greatest ever espoused in human history, and we just need the country to, Before adopting the world's norms, we should ask whether those norms protect these rights and liberties, and, Now picture the reaction of those Pharisees who regarded themselves as holy, righteous, and pure but who looked down on any who didn't, There is no question Martin has failed to, It is the first in a string of references that he makes to male icons, from top athletes to racing drivers, suggesting his ego has a lot to, As the great musical icon of the Sixties counterculture, Dylan has always been expected to, Satisfied, but not content, Gold strives to, His first film bombed because it failed to, The new big noise, Pete, turned out to be an indulged squirt who displayed a chronic lack of professionalism and failed hopelessly to, Hosting visits, as they have this year, by sides as prominent as Australia and England is a propaganda triumph, even if the matches fail to, Given to all the promises of improved handling, bigger crashes and a better structure, it certainly feels like it's had enough of a polish to, Some of those who were showing great promise not so long ago are now struggling to, The microphone is, of course, not destined to, This is an expectation that few people can be expected to, Fans plotted the course of the run in with optimism, but the Saints needed that sort of form in every game and couldn't, It's slickly and classily produced and the on-stage performances, Hicks doesn't pull punches, and he isn't afraid to pour on the literary hot sauce when a restaurant doesn't, When David returned, he was determined to, Brittle stars generally sexually mature in two to three years, become full grown in three to four years, and, In this year, Charlemagne was crowned emperor and adapted his existing royal administration to, The gestation period of the elephants ranges from 16 to 18 months, and the oldest of the elephants, The initialising demonstrates that both parties, Touted as the Liar's Poker of Capitol Hill, Jackley's account does, Travis is a bunny who probably has the longest, floppiest ears on the planet and Poser the pony really does, Pacific geoducks and Atlantic quahogs are estimated to, The Scot is now unbeaten in 21 fights, including 12 knockouts, and outclassed Csala who failed to, The loss of his dad made Jordan re-evaluate his life and he was inspired to, Carey said the union will continue to collect reports of the company's failure to, Murrow made his now-famous speech challenging television news to, Does the raucous, n-word riddled hip-hop spectacular, But dad-of-three Johnathon McCormack struggled to, Unfortunately, despite the plot trying to weave in a different direction, Megaton fails to, Doctors either taking or not taking the Hippocratic Oath are assumed to, Martin, ranked as the world's best Individual Time Trial rider, looks to, On the other hand, one common criticism made is that Esperanto has failed to, Was it some sort of marketing ploy to drive the declining tourist revenues?
3. About 80 daredevils, most in their 70s and 80s, plan to, 46.

Learn more. He was raving at Maurin, at all the people who had failed to, 58.

For no more than church religion did public religion, 54.

Live up to in a sentence 1.

She is quick to reproach anyone who doesn't live up to her own high standards. We'd heard so many good things about the new restaurant, but the food didn't live up to our expectations at all. 5. 85+6 sentence examples: 1. To be as good as or have the qualities that someone predicted, expected, or hoped for.

live up to (something) 1. She identified the problem not as trying too hard to, 42. Many men feel their body shape doesn't live up to the stereotype of the ideal man.

And they are justly criticized for failure to, 40.

3. 4. 2. Conscience is a function of the ego ideal, and is critical of failure to, 56. If someone or something lives up to what they were expected to be, they are as good as they were expected to be. It is the danger that we shall be forced to, 48.

The first period seemed to suggest that this game would not, 37.


Alfred Montapert once remarked that animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. 85+6 sentence examples: 1. Mary was a one-book wonder who failed to, 47. The onus is on the shopkeeper to provide goods which, 29.

Our country has more than enough pubs whose ruined interiors fail to, 59. His wife was so clever that he felt that he could never, 30. live up to sth definition: 1. to be as good as something: 2. to be as good as something: . More importantly, did it, He focuses on the fulfillment of duties, criticizing those that did not, It grows to maturity in 3 or 4 years, and may, Under ideal conditions in its native range, Norway maple may, While this plot line has potential for complex character development, the Dawg and the Diva essentially, He told the grazer what were the orders he had, and that he would have to, This sportswoman called Charity had been trying to, I'm the head of the noblest branch o' the family, and I ought to, It was, if I may immodestly say so, the best we have put on yet and certainly give us a lot to, William Lakin, from Cradley Heath, explains how he wons thousands of pounds in compensation after his mortgage failed to, So when Rana steps on to the mat in Incheon, he would know that he will have to, Jones will be next in action in the French Open on December 10, where she will be hoping to, The height of this house in Hallow means that it can truly, Regardless of their good intent, parties to a contract often fail to, The Mavericks had a reputation for liveliness to. She is quick to reproach anyone who doesn't, 4.

In this quarter, there's still a code that you are expected to, 35.

4. I hoped it would live up to its promise. As a bowler at Middlesex, Tuffers has a great tradition to, 38.

It is easier to fight for principles than to, 26. live-up example sentences.
In the last few games the emphasis has been trying to, 45. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: v. fulfil the requirements or expectations of.

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