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(8) All your arguments presuppose that he's a rational, (9) Sontag was once famously described as the most, (11) Throughout history, people have been intrigued by the question of whether there is, (12) In striking contrast to their brothers, the girls were both. As a boy he was reported to be intelligent and good-looking. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I consider myself reasonably intelligent (tho definitely slow to understand some things ), but I'm lost in the impl.. .

HAL 9000 - This "robot" was actually the artificially intelligent computer system on board the spaceship Discovery One in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In northern India, the professed followers of Sankara are mainly limited to certain classes of mendicants and ascetics, although the tenets of this great Vedanta teacher may be said virtually to constitute the creed of intelligent Brahmans generally. intelligent (lang: en) The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that word/phrase.

Many authorities attempt to restrain visitors from feeding the animals in their charge, but such a restriction, even if practicable, is not all gain, for animals in captivity are less inclined to mope, and are more intelligent and tamer, if they become accustomed to regard visitors as pleasant sources of tit-bits. The Jews constitute the wealthiest and most intelligent portion of the population. Intelligent beings are endowed with freedom; it is possible, but not necessary, that they should fall.

Both he and his mother seemed well informed and intelligent. posits the notion of an intelligent entity to hold a view. They are frugal, sober, industrious and intelligent, and their sturdiness of character has enabled them to preserve their nationality and religion under the sorest trials. The former of these ways is followed by the very skilful and intelligent blowers in Sweden, who, with the temperature and all other conditions well under control, and with their minds set on the quality rather than on the quantity of their product, can thus make steel of any desired carbon-content from o io to 1.25%. ), the intelligent critic of the ancient Attic orators, while the 1st century of our era is the probable date of the masterpiece of literary criticism known as the treatise On the Sublime by Longinus (q.v.). If you're a professional who cycles to work, a green Atom bag will liven things up considerably, yet at the end of the day is still a completely intelligent choice for taking to the office. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I know many people were put off by a highly intelligent woman doing this show, but I was a proponent of people exploring their sexuality on Big Brother. Only a knowledge of the great loss of capital that has resulted from abortive reservoir construction justifies this notice of defects which can always be avoided, and are too often the direct result, not of design, but of parsimony in providing during the execution of such works, and especially below ground, a sufficiency of intelligent, experienced and conscientious supervision. Most of these styles utilize the new " intelligent " guitar voicings feature in Band-in-a-Box version 10. foresight project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems. You all are intelligent. unintelligent people by active intelligent ones.

The Queen became godmother to Sarah's daughter Victoria Davies describing her as " a lively intelligent child, with big melancholy eyes " .

By the great mass of intelligent Englishmen the change was greeted with enthusiasm.

With some of the more intelligent members of his party (such as Marcus Scaurus and L. It would have materially lightened his task had he placed intelligent foreigners at the head of every department of state, allowing them gradually to train up a native bureaucracy.

Recovery is sudden, and within a few hours the patient becomes bright and intelligent. Effie, you're far too intelligent to not know Claire is constantly taking advantage of you.

He's successful, intelligent, and great looking. Arabi, as has been said, was rather the figurehead than the inspirer of the movement of 1881-1882; and was probably more honest, as he was certainly less intelligent, than those whose tool, in a large measure, he was.

The effect of thyroid gland in such cases is marvellous, the child growing in body and becoming healthy and intelligent. His forte is delivering intelligent, thought provoking material that pulls no punches and is always incisive, relevant and up to date.

She is very intelligent which also makes her really really inquisitive. A Portuguese Water Dog is a beautiful, intelligent animal.

Institutions in Europe and America have gathered abundant material for an intelligent comprehension of American Indian. Simplicius is not an original thinker, but his remarks are thoughtful and intelligent and his learning is prodigious. Affectionate, intelligent, loyal and majestic, these stately animals have won the hearts of many, and when you love an animal intensely, it makes sense that you'd want to share it with the world. Through most schools of Greek philosophy, this term was used to designate a rational, intelligent and thus vivifying principle of the universe. Capricorns are intelligent and thoughtful, but they aren't always forthright with their reasoning processes or with sharing their feelings.

The modern movement in favour of industrial employment combined with humane and intelligent considerations has swept away the more or less barbaric method of enforcing labour by automatic machinery such as the treadmill, crank and shot drill (see Treadmill). Dogs are hardworking, intelligent and practical. , An intelligent writer is needed to create scholarly articles for the newspaper. He bore throughout his career the reputation of an intelligent and upright public servant.

Rhode Island was finally fixed upon, partly as the abode of religious liberty and because of its intelligent, influential and relatively wealthy Baptist constituency, the consequent likelihood of procuring a charter from its legislature, and the probability that the co-operation of other denominations in an institution under Baptist control would be available. The acceptance of the proposition to call the convention and the election of many conscientious and intelligent delegates were largely due to the influence of ex-Governor Brown, who was strongly convinced that the wisest course for the South was to accept quickly what Congress had offered. Nelson with intelligent promptitude availed himself of the interval to withdraw his squadron past the Trekroner. Sensitively intelligent, there was no escaping the significance of the only possible deduction. Australian Shepherds are keenly intelligent and require a lot of mental stimulation and physical activity to keep them sound in mind and body. Burlingame's speeches did much to awaken interest in, and a more intelligent appreciation of, China's attitude toward the outside world. They therefore looked more carefully to the lakes than to the course of the St Lawrence, and it may be added that their leaders showed an utter want of capacity for the intelligent conduct of war.

It was prepared by Dr George Redford or Worcester, and was presented, not as a scholastic or critical confession of faith, but merely such a statement as any intelligent member of the body might offer as containing its leading principles.
Though controlling all phenomena of which we have any experience, the principle of the dissipation of energy rests on a very different foundation from that of the conservation of energy; for while we may conceive of no means of circumventing the latter principle, it seems that the actions of intelligent beings are subject to the former only in consequence of the rudeness of the machinery which they have at their disposal for controlling the behaviour of those ultimate portions of matter, in virtue of the motions or positions of which the energy with which they have to deal exists.

He awoke much intelligent interest in universal history by his Weltgeschichte im Auszuge and Zusammenhange, 2 vols. This new technology claims to be the most intelligent in all of sun protection.

The habit results mainly from the modification of the higher nerve-centres through individual and intelligent use. Tien is intelligent and all-observing, and its " sincerity " or steadfastness, displayed in the courses of the sun and moon and the succession of the seasons, becomes the basis of right human conduct, personal and social.

But unfortunately intelligent criticism was exactly what they never received. However, I can't believe in an intelligent designer or creator, so I'll have to believe in evolution. Matt and Natalie - Though Matt laments on and on about how he isn't attracted to Natalie and how he thinks she's less than intelligent, he has no problem making out and engaging in other amorous activities with her. The Hova became the dominant tribe from the beginning of the 19th century; they appear to be the latest immigrants, and are the lightest in colour; and they are also the most intelligent and civilized of all the peoples inhabiting the island. Further modifications have been introduced from time to time in the British penal system, tending mostly to milder discipline, more intelligent classification of prisoners and a certain amelioration of their lot.

In the migration of birds we are still uncertain asto the exact nature and proportional value of the instinctive and intelligent factors. The whole intelligent life of man is, consciously or unconsciously, a process of apperception, inasmuch as every act of attention involves the appercipient process. After typing or pasting content in the first text box, press the convert button to automatically paraphrase the content. As he grew up he became extremely dissatisfied with the dull and monotonous life he was compelled to lead; and his discontent was heartily shared by his sister, Wilhelmina, a bright and intelligent young princess for whom Frederick had a warm affection.

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