msr trail lite duo system

Click Here to Redeem! The TLD is comparable in size and weight to the GSI Dualist, but that is about where the similarities end.

How did you come up with the idea for the ceramic coating? I bought this cook set just before a trip to Iceland - we used it for pretty much every meal for 8 days, and loved it! It's much nicer than the larger GSI set I had for more - around camp stuff (which is great in it's own way). I have found a million uses for everything in this set. I really like the bowls that it includes because they are very usable unlike a lot of the bowls in sets that I've encountered.

@ # $ % ^ & * _ - + = ` | ( ) '{' '}' [ ] : ; " '' < > , . I mainly use it for car camping, fishing, or tailgating. The TLD is a lightweight, trail-worthy product designed for two people. Bought this as a gift for my parents and they love it.

The two-liter aluminum pot holds enough grub for two hungry hikers, and the non-stick … Not to mention I can also throw some other items in there as well, like a lighter and a bug netting cap to keep the little things together and out of the way. While we didn't test it out backpacking, it's quite light weight and compact for all that it contains! None of our coatings contain any measurable amount of PFOAs in the finished product, but some people would prefer a coating alternative that does not use PFOAs even in the manufacturing process. If I'm packing in, I'd rather go minimal. Pick one up! A little over a pound for 2 plates, 2 bowls, a pot, lid and handle is not too shabby. Perfect for the newlyweds who may opt for a cheaper vacation after a costly wedding. I'm not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about with the pot holder...mine is tight and hasn't failed once. We tend to name things descriptively here, and this is about as descriptive as it gets! The lid of the mug is difficult to use. The mugs are a great feature too. There is no reason to remove the handle from the pot body. Our ceramic non-stick is not PTFE (e.g. Add in the DeepDish bowls, insulated mugs, and the combined ultralight trail weight, and you have a kit that is destined to impress palates all across the backcountry. How is the Trail Lite Duo different from other cookware on the market? Feel free to shoot me any additional questions directly. If packing light and eating well are both priorities, make sure the MSR Trail Lite Duo System has a place in your pack. I was doing this in summer without a glove one. Problems with the Trail Lite Duo: Its simple, straight forward and everything works as you'd expect. The two-liter aluminum pot holds enough grub for two hungry hikers, and the non-stick surface makes for easy cooking and cleaning. Invalid email or password.

Unsnap the handle and Fold It Out and to the horizontal position for cooking. 1. The Trail Lite Duo system is designed for the adventurous twosome for whom weight and space are high on the list of priorities. It includes … 外見は普通の鍋のように見えるのですが、蓋を開けてみるとこれが驚きです。中には何と4個のカップなどが隠れているのです。鍋はアルマイトアルミテフロン加工になっていて、容量は2リットル。「MSR Trail Lite Duo System (MSR トレイル ライトデュオ システム)」の中にあるのは、2個の二重壁の断熱マグ、2個のボウルです。場所を取らずに収納できることはもちろんですが、持ち運びにもとても便利なのです。野外キャンプなどでも活躍してくれること間違いないでしょう。, 私は、現在、単身赴任中なのですが、日曜日の夕方に単身赴任先に出発するときに、妻がこの鍋をそっとトランクにいれておいてくれたのです。単身赴任先に着いてその鍋の存在に気付きました。鍋を触れると温かいのです。不思議に思って蓋を開けると私の好物のシチューがマグに入っていました。その日の晩飯はフリーズドライか何かで簡単に済まそうかと思っていたのですが、思わぬ妻の愛情に感謝しながらシチューに舌鼓を打ったのでした。, このMSR Trail Lite Duo Systemを使って調理をすれば健康管理にも役立つし、一人暮らしの男性にはピッタリの商品だと思いますね。, 男の夢を読む!- © GIGAMEN All Rights Reserved 2015 - GIGAMENギガメン. When it opens, it keeps falling into the mug. Everything cleans out easily, no mess, no fuss. Have You Used Your Coupon Yet? Stories from real people who are blending the outdoors with the everyday, the latest information about gear we love, advice to get you into a new activity or take your passion to the next level, and trip reports to help you plan your next adventure. We love this system. If that's what you need, this is great. Definitely better for car camping when you are tight on space. The two most obvious and important differences are the TLD’s unique non-stick coating and its high-quality mugs. Teflon®) which is used on most other products out there. I use this from cooking at the car on trips, to backpacking adventures. I do agree the mug lids are tight, but not annoyingly tight. I've used it on a half dozen trips now and it never fails. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Once the stick is off, it is a pain to stick it back in.With only one weekend of use, the attachment is already coming loose. This is being tested in conjunction with the Optimus Vega stove ( It is not a minimalist, bare-bones system, though. It can contain letters, numbers, and must contain at least one special character: ~ ! I'm very happy with this purchase. Our new ceramic coating is the toughest non-stick we’ve ever seen. I haven't seen a reason to take the handle off and I really don't think you are supposed to, which is prob why theres' is getting loose. It is most-likely not going to work well in winter. Thanks! It is not a minimalist, bare-bones system, though. It was especially compelling given the interest people have in PTFE alternatives. I really like this set as it can be very customizable for what you are using for. It is not easy to open (which can be a good thing). The PTFE- and PFOA-free coating is exclusive to MSR, and the real, usable, double wall insulated mugs make a night-and-day difference compared to the sippy bowls included in the GSI system. However, I did go right back to BC and order titanium.
Features Cookset includes a 2-liter … Kyle - Expert Gearhead. Where did the name Trail Lite Duo come from? The kit has everything that you'd need, but it's a little big/heavy for me. Our New Kits for Ski, Snowboard, Winter Hiking, Indoor Training & More. For solo trips I take out one of the plates and one of cups, and doing this allows me to fit a gas canister where the second cup usually is. If you look carefully there are two small Barb's on the pot lid handle over which the handle will snap into place to hold everything. Please try again. We had an alternative name that was a little more descriptive, but it was a bit too lengthy—this post could have been written instead about a product called the “Radical Totally Awesome Trail Lite Duo Cook System Which is Really Awesome.”. ? I'll be able to add more to this review once I've gone out exploring with this in tow. They kinda click on, and will prob loosen up after more use. See my vid below on how I use this set. The kit is very convenient. It includes luxuries like double-wall insulated mugs and deep, usable bowls. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

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