national taxonomy of tax exempt entities

Religion Related - X For example, an organization that is coded C27 will come up when someone searches on the keyword "recycling." The original NTEE was developed by NCCS during the 1980s with the collaboration of major nonprofit organizations. Get 1:1 help now from expert Psychology tutors Posting UI research papers on other websites is permitted subject to prior approval from the Urban Institute—contact Common codes represent activities of organizations, such as research, fundraising, and technical assistance, which are common to all major groups. IX. Common Codes. For example, B114 would designate college and university fundraising under B11 Monetary Support.

Terms of Use. Contact 211 LA County. It is also used by the Foundation Center to classify both grants and grant recipients (typically nonprofits or governments). Second, a summary is provided of national (and then state) financial statistics for 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organisations by assets, expenses and The major groups represent broad subsectors, such as health, education, and youth development, of the charitable organization universe. The National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) is a classification system for nonprofit organizations developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics. 12 Monetary Support - Multiple Organizations NATIONAL TAXONOMY OF EXEMPT ENTITIES - CORE CODES (NTEE-CC) CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM (rev. Arts, Culture, and Humanities - A VIII. You can find the full list of NTEE Codes here. The National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system is used by the IRS and NCCS to classify nonprofit organizations. Centile codes subdivide organizations in the decile codes into specific types of organizations.

), N30 Physical Fitness/Community Recreational Facilities, N50 Recreational, Pleasure, or Social Club, N52 County/Street/Civic/Multi-Arts Fairs and Festivals, N63 Baseball, Softball (includes Little Leagues), N66 Tennis and Racquet Sports Clubs/Leagues, N71 Olympics Committees and Related International Competitions, N99 Other Recreation, Sports, or Leisure Activities, O03 Professional Societies & Associations, O05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis, O20 Youth Centers and Clubs (includes Boys/Girls Clubs)—Multipurpose, O51 Community Service Clubs, Youth Development, O54 Citizenship Programs, Youth Development, O55 Religious Leadership, Youth Development, P03 Professional Societies & Associations, P05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis, P28 Neighborhood Center, Settlement House, P43 Family Violence Shelters and Services, P46 Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, P51 Financial Counseling, Money Management, P60 Emergency Assistance (Food, Clothing, Cash), P70 Residential, Custodial Care (Group Home), P72 Half-Way House (Short-Term Residential Care), P73 Group Home (Long-Term, Primarily Assisted Living), P80 Services to Promote the Independence of Specific Populations, P82 Developmentally Disabled Services/Centers, P86 Blind/Visually Impaired Centers, Services, P87 Deaf/Hearing Impaired Centers, Services, Q International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security, Q03 Professional Societies & Associations, Q05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis, Q20 Promotion of International Understanding, Q22 International Student Exchange and Aid, Q30 International Development, Relief Services, Q31 International Agricultural Development, Q43 Domestic National Security (includes Military and Defense Issues), Q71 International Migration, Refugee Issues, Q99 International, Foreign Affairs and National Security, R03 Professional Societies & Associations, R05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis, R20 Civil Rights, Advocacy for Specific Groups, R63 Censorship, Freedom of Speech, and Press Issues, R99 Civil Rights, Social Action, & Advocacy, S Community Improvement, Capacity Building, S03 Professional Societies & Associations, S05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis, S20 Community/Neighborhood Development, Improvement, S41 Promotion of Business (Chambers of Commerce), S43 Management Services for Small Business/Entrepreneurs, S80 Community Service Clubs (Kiwanis, Lions, Jaycees, etc.

The IRS classifies nonprofit organizations using this system. Code First-Level … Designed by a team of experts, the NTEE-CC includes approximately two-thirds, or about 400, of the 645 categories in the original NTEE. by Giselle Alexander | Feb 10, 2020. The National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities—developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute and used by the Internal Revenue Service—classifies them into 9 … National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities; Select a term to see all child terms.

03 Professional Societies/Associations

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