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Submit. Proxy is proud to announce that Toe Jam climbing holds are once again available.

Rock climbing holds come in a crazy variety of different styles so when you start climbing at an indoor wall it can be pretty confusing to figure out which of the multicoloured lumps of plastic you should grab first.. Each different climbing hold has a unique shape and requires a different technique to get the most out of it. <> %PDF-1.7

Our setters and customers love the shapes and the plastic, and their color match is spot on. Proxy PU Composite X Danomond PU Menagerie Volumes Menagerie Macros ... Proxy. With new designs from shaper Chris Neal, we should have some really exciting shapes in the line up. I purchased and installed a 16 foot climbing wall in my house with these megalith panels.


Meet the team: Dustin Buckthal: Co-founder, scientist, entrepreneur, business brain, climber. Clayton Leuba: Process and sales manager. Since we were working with Vertical Solutions for our gym, we mitigated these costs by taking advantage of their relationship with Habit Climbing, and saved thousands of dollars in the process. This is the second climbing wall I have put in my house.

Menagerie-Climbing. Our catalog is always changing, currently we provide more than 1700 different shapes. Meet the team:

This alone can save you thousands of dollars in your startup costs.

Proxy PU Composite X Danomond PU Menagerie Volumes Menagerie Macros ... Proxy.

Filter. Check out the entire series from Toe Jam here!

Our kids are having a blast — and the adults too! A lot of people don’t get it but if you are a routesetter, you know that color matters. Choose from a variety of colors to match your style. We streamline the process to get you set up and give you the hold brand variation your gym needs to keep your routes fresh for your customers. <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

Once you enter your email address, your route will be mapped, and a copy will be emailed to you for viewing at a later time. Proxy's newly-developed material is not only 10% stronger than our competitors’, but it can also withstand stresses up to 300% of the working-load standards in route-setting.

Monday brought the biggest rally for the Nasdaq 100 Index since April, with options-derived measures of volatility climbing in tandem. The Stackers look amazing and provide a great, versatile pinch for use on vertical walls all the way over to 45 degree overhanging caves. Submit. Jared is an accomplished climber with many classic FA’s under his belt and was also one of the first Americans to climb 5.14c. Menagerie Holds expand. Sort Blockade Volumes #1. Now I’m able to climb at home after I work a long shift at work when I don’t feel like going anywhere. And I am constantly complemented on how great it looks. Speed Climbing ENTRE-PRISES has been chosen, due to its expertise and partnership with IFSC , to build, design and install the walls that will be used during the official competitions. PROXY PRODUCTION ASSISTANT JOB DESCRIPTION Summary Operate various machinery and tools, utilizing specific processes to manufacture polyurethane climbing holds and silicone molds.

A jug breaking 40ft off the deck in a gym full of people can cause major injury and even death, and likely result in a costly lawsuit and insurance claim. Filter. 4 0 obj Check out the XL Blueberrries for some funky slopers that require just the right spot to get enough purchase. %���� John Stack: Co-founder, ex-pro climber, climbing wall design and construction expert. We started this company to manufacture holds specifically for climbers; not produce random plastic jobs for people. The holds are very secure and quick to adjust. Top quality, Durable polyurethane holds from tiny foot holds to the largest of Macros. I love them, my kids love them, friends love them.

As a result, our customers receive a stable and fixed cost of goods that are near, or even below, the cost of in-house manufacturing, with none of the hassles. endobj x��]Ys�6~w������M��I��se'[�Lb'٭$J���HE͌�뷻q��@���Tšͣ��}��l��&�[�������\Dž"��!�����c���䷯Xyzr��U������9�ǧ�'>����O�'�%|�B��曋˶���|�~����?/�o����lQ�Y[T����]����H17�\�fϮA�W�������@!�q���A�$�^��jGB�p�w�'�O��Ov�����k��aq5�Yն�z�u���=�u����(px���I]�:����œGX�iXY�:Aл c�>�������_�^g�9��E�T����7?6�gw�h��iC�b�u�n@�:��r9nx9�w9Ib]Np��. 118 products. Hold and volume orders were filled quickly and accurately. Sort Ghost Jugs S1.

Many holds look-alike to the end-user. Sort Scoured Limestone Edges - Large. endobj He spent a hand full of his teenage years working at the world-renowned Wasatch Front Rock Gym and also spent time competing internationally on the U.S.


X XBEN 20 Rock Climbing Holds and 6 Ratchet Strap for Kids/Adult Climber, Build Rock Climbing Wall Grips with Mounting Hardware, Ninja Tree Climbing Kit for Indoor and Outdoor Jungle Gym Playground.

Our relationship with Habit Climbing and Proxy gives hold brands a successful sales and production platform, allowing success and innovation at any volume to gym owners around the country. Youth Climbing Team. Climbing Holds is one of the finest climbing holds providers across the global like Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom. The title says it all. More importantly, color uniformity matters. Take a look at the strength test performed on Proxy plastic alongside other plastic compounds. Jared Roth: Production and Quality manager, Cheif Designer. Copyright. They were so quick and easy to install!

If you are a hold brand, your retail price is key to your success.

As a result, our customers receive a stable and fixed cost of goods that are near, or even below, the cost of in-house manufacturing, with none of the hassles. We aren’t locked into one or two brands of holds to choose from. It’s hard to believe but a lot of companies aren’t great at this, or even good at it for that matter. Menagerie-Climbing.

Skip to content. $41.56 $ 41. The climbing hold list should be rendered on the screen. We’ve combined years of experience with volume manufacturing to create cost-effective climbing hold manufacturing. $174.00.

Hold and …

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This is what you can expect when you switch to Proxy. Just ask our current hold brands. Today Clayton is responsible for process improvement at Proxy and managing sales for the 12 hold companies they manufacture. We know there are a lot of qualities that large plastics producers are lacking, including customer service. He loves climbing and hopes that by making quality products he can help other people find the same enjoyment in the sport that he has had with his friends. Whether you're looking to put up a training route or create a climbing wall for the kids, our clean lines and attractive textures make our equipment an intriguing addition to any space. It's also nice because they are all the same level of quality.

Which example would you want your customers using?

And when you call, you are certainly going to have our undivided attention. Homogenous pour, consistent wall and edge thickness, centered holes on cylindrical bosses, smooth interior surfaces, straight structural webbing, consistent color, smooth & sanded flats, symmetric negative spaces where applicable, constant surface offsets.

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