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18. He currently runs the scripted comedy podcast "Roommate From Hell.

Reddit has encouraged subreddits to make their own Snoo, and there’s even a website with base files for mods who want to create their own Snoo.

In fact, Snoo is defined by whatever community you are currently visiting. If you post a humorous or high quality content, then you may be gifted “Reddit Gold” by another user. I have it split into 2 separate Excel files, each containing multiple spreadsheets. Ideally one could probably read through these questions and answers and make it much better, but I actually want to play trivia with these with my friends and can't spoil everything. In 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered a house called “Credit for Reddit,” which looked at how the social news site was impacting society. Moderators are not employees of Reddit.

Reddit 50/50: What is it and why is it so popular. 28. msn games. The first is a Family Feud style database and the second is just questions and answers. I didn't actually read through all the questions, but skimming over them I saw lots of mistakes. Splashy Pants to a killer whale that Greenpeace was tracking. Fan Community Nickname: Members of /r/nba are known as Nephews since many of them are seen as being young and reactionary. ", “The letter J wasn’t invented until 1630", “But in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I.”, “When you get a kidney transplant, they usually just leave your original kidneys in your body and put the third kidney in your pelvis.”—, “There are roughly 200 corpses on Mount Everest that are used as way points for climbers.”—, “If you made $5,000 a day since Columbus first stepped in America, you still wouldn’t have one billion dollars today.”—, “People in the southern hemisphere see the moon upside down compared to the north.”—, “Every two minutes, we take as many photos as all of humanity took during the 1800s.”—, “Every day there are [82] YEARS’ worth of video being published on YouTube.”—, “You could fit all of the planets in our solar system between the Earth and the moon. The etiquette at Reddit are known as reddiquette and is available in several languages. I spent lots of time in Excel using filters to fix the formatting, remove multiple choice/trueOrFalse stuff and clean it up the best I could.

We’re banning behavior, not ideas.

you have made my life so much easier.

To date, pepsi_next has accrued 9,915,397 karma points on the site, mostly by submitting porn. Press J to jump to the feed. Is there anything else that would be useful? Rising. Things have changed since it was originally published in 2013, but his results are still fascinating and can be read here. That means that every breath you take probably contains at least one molecule of Newton’s last breath.”—, “The orbit of Io around Jupiter is short enough that you can observe a solid chunk of the entire orbit in just one night (with a telescope). Reddit didn’t launch comments until six months into its existence. New. A moderator of a subreddit will be identified by a [M] sign next to the name. Any registered user can create a subreddit.

But don’t try to redeem it for anything. 6. If a relatively smaller website experience a high inflow of traffic due to Reddit, it is known as Slashdot effect. You can confidently share these facts and know that Google will back you up. Everything related to the Redditbomb - it's taken years for Reddit to shake off most of its 'haven for pedophile libertarian molesters', and it still has that reputation among a chunk of the populace. The challenge started on Reddit, obviously, but it’s become something of a web phenomenon, with many YouTubers filming their own attempts. Instantly play online for free, no downloading needed! Reddit has been closely associated with a number of philanthropic activities.

The session attracted so many users the site suffered from outages, but you can read all of the questions he answered here. Reddit does’t allow image posting. That literally means that the rules are inscribed on a brick and hence to be taken seriously. So people can flag questions that were incorrect or add a source to verify the trivia question as being correct.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts It tells you something about that community and what they find important.”.

I guess the trivia business is all about those $.

Happy Quizzing! Please use this thread to discuss discord servers instead of making them their own posts!

When asked in October of 2012 why some of their more extreme subreddits were allowed to continue to flourish, then-CEO Yishan Wong stated, “We stand for free speech.

An image representing a slice of cake will appear next to your name for 24 hours. A Reddit thread recently asked users to share their favorite pieces of useless trivia. This is quite handy, thanks. The process is known as gilding. In the site’s early days, the founders made hundreds of fake profiles to give the impression the site was more popular than it was.

To date is has been the largest AMA in Reddit history with almost 100,000 more upvotes than the second place story. One of the basic principle of Reddit is “It’s perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account.” In simple terms it means no spamming.

I used some of these over the weekend for a trivia night. As Reddit grew during its early days, quality control became a serious issue.

Definitely will supplement my efforts. You earn Reddit karma for your activities on the site.

Ohanian and Huffman, both at age 22, started the company after graduating from University of Virginia, with Swartz and Slowe joining later that year. Perhaps the most notorious, r/Jailbait was shut down in 2011, after the subreddit was used to share child pornography, with r/CreepShots, where users shared photos of unsuspecting women, following the next year. 10.

Reddit has become one of the most powerful sites in the online world. To find which subreddit you are subscribed to, you can visit, To explore some niche and interesting subreddit, visit. Built by trivia lovers for trivia lovers, this free online trivia game will test your ability to separate fact from fiction. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

I guess the trivia business is all about those $.

Sometimes it has led to the crashing of a smaller site due to huge influx of traffic.

There are 100K active ones to choose from. “One of the things we try to do in this class is make sure people understand that the technology they use in their daily lives is rooted very deeply in important social issues,” co-instructor Chris Peterson told Vice at the time. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Some of the most notable AMA sessions have included US President Barrack Obama, Madonna, Dave Grohl, Bill Gates, Stephen Colbert, Psy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Louis C.K., Roger Federer, Larry King, Stan Lee, John Mather, David Copperfield, Paul Krugman, Danny Boyle, Al Gore, Roger Ebert, Michael Bolton, Gary Johnson, Lawrence Krauss, Jill Stein, Kevin Rudd, Gordon Ramsay, and Peter Dinklage among many others. While the two are intrinsically connected, they certainly go together well.

Reddit has feature called Multireddits – customizable groups of subreddits where you can group different subreddits. They submitted links, commented, and built the appearance of an established community.

A number of links are shared across Reddit every day.

Check out the trivia questions here. Hot. One of the most popular subreddit on the site is IAmA (I Am A), where user posts AMAs (Ask me Anything).

I searched the internet for a trivia database but couldn't find much.

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