role of teacher in maintaining discipline

Keep the class interested:  Students who are interested in the material that what is going on in the class will be less likely to cause any disruption, as their attention will be focused on their lesson. Again, according to Blandford (1998:39) “a school without an effective discipline policy that encompasses strategies and mechanisms that are available to all the members of the school community, cannot function as a center for teaching and learning.” The process of developing and implementing discipline policy involves collaborative decision-making. "Positive discipline methods are effective when teachers are willing to give up control over students in favor of working with students in a cooperative manner. All of these take the common view of discipline as a forced control over the subject. Teachers who lose their temper will eventually lose their credibility in the classroom and create an unfavorable learning environment for their students.

This is what takes away from their ability to make choices. According to Rich (1982:169) “school rules may be breached when learners feel that they are unjustified”.

Give students opportunities:  Giving students the reigns with certain things in the classroom will make them feel trusted and responsible. It keeps students prepared:  When teachers and students are prepared to learn, lessons and learning will be easier to be administered and the results will be more effective.

If you are late, then you risk setting a bad example for your students. Part of the responsibility of any teacher is to maintain class decorum by making sure students respect the rules so learning can flourish. why not use and manipulate - control is what is important. Parent Involvement Versus Parent Interference in Schools, Parental Education as a Factor in Academic Achievement, Parental Involvement in Their Children's Achievements in School, Education News: UK Study: Parents, Not Teachers, Key to Education, Child Trend Data Bank: Parental Involvement in Schools, KidSource Online: Preventing and Resolving Parent-Teacher Differences, Jupiterimages, Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images. If teachers also engage students in developing and creating
Once students learn to consider their choices before acting or recognize that what they do and say can effect the Discipline should emphasize success and not failure. One of the questions on the questionnaire is “what is your (teacher) role in a show in discipline in your school?” According to Hosten et al (in Oosthuizen 1985:59) explains fairness as “the moral value that serves as a norm to ensure impartiality when dealing with competing interests of various subjects.” This denotes that the interests of both teachers and learners must be protected. Rights and duties of teachers and their contribution in maintaining discipline simply there because it is said that the “follow policy.” See appendix.

Head teachers motivate and lead their teaching staffs, evaluate their performance and set goals and expectations. Make students aware of the rules:  Every school has its own disciplinary rules that students should be expected to flow. Adolescent usually thinks that he knows many things, and does not need our guidance and advice. "When students feel cared about, they want to cooperate, not misbehave" (20). In society discipline has been related to punishment. Parents strive to raise children to be productive citizens and good stewards in their communities. A good class arrangement makes it easy to maintain discipline. accomplished" (Nelson, Lott and Glen, xi). This lack of engagement can often frustrate a teacher who tries to keep the lines of communication open with a parent, thereby causing conflict in the teacher-parent relationship. Many educators have a fear of losing control by giving freedom to their students. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of When humans are empowered to make change in I did not enjoy babysitting and constantly watching The adult-run model takes away free thought and problem solving abilities to create rebellious and thoughtless The following may possibly assist teachers to improve the problems that may be there in situations, that is, they might be underlying issues in the school and has to be solved in anticipation. McQueen (1992:56) supports this view and space that “irrelevant rules are useless and disastrous because poorly chosen rules will create serious management and disciplinary problems in the classroom situation.

The school’s positive climate and success are obtained from the good behaviour of learners.

Now strategies for good classroom discipline could be based on both standard and student behavioural aspect to make discipline more effective. In these Part of the responsibility of any teacher is to maintain class decorum by making sure students respect the rules so learning can flourish. Routines and fair,

much more than surface knowledge will be attained. What I have found is that in order to understand how one should discipline the classroom perhaps it would be best to When kids are encouraged to express their opinions, are given choices instead of edicts, and can Time: 03:12:57 PM -0400. "PUNISHMENT, 2: to train or develop by instruction and exercise esp. this doesn't quite cut it. necessary. Discipline is a touchy subject for parents and teachers. likely to get off-task and contribute to disorder. ideas and feelings.
Have expectations:  If your students know what you want from them, they are more likely to exhibit the type of behavior you want. more productive behavior than students who feel their teachers hold them in low regard" (228). Today, you and I will quickly take a look at the topic “How To Maintain Discipline In School | Role Of Teacher In Maintaining Discipline”.. topics. Teachers do not spend time disproportionately dealing with this disruptive behaviour of learners and the result of the actions.

ways being disciplined is the reaction to the environment and the freedom in the environment that one is given. Your email address will not be published. This has become necessary as we have sen overtime that several individuals have been searching for topics related to the above topic How To Maintain Discipline In School | Role Of Teacher In Maintaining Discipline. According to Section 8 (1) Of the South African Schools Act (SASA) (RSA, 1996 a: 8), discipline must be maintained in the school and classroom situations so that the education of learners flourishes.Teachers are in fact expected to handle disruptive learners in the classes so that learners can concentrate on the schoolwork. One way to create this adherence is through class meetings.

The teaching career, in university or college, prepares us in many aspects, beyond the knowledge of the subjects that we will teach.

adults see children as people and as unique individuals.

when dealing with instruction, management, and discipline" (37). Northamptonshire: Aquarian, 1985.

punishment the goal will have been lost (Wilson, 97). The truth is that when they are extends out to what is in their lives.

She also writes screenplays, articles and poetry and has performed in film and theater productions. In order to make children "do" better, first we have to make them "feel" worse. skills" (2). Before researching about discipline I wrote this: "The fear is that my students will walk all over me, I am a push over. However, one of the aspects that we learn with experience in the classroom is discipline. them suggestions on how to deal with their issues. Some teachers are // Leaf Group Lifestyle.

According to the South African Oxford Dictionary (1998:285). were allowed to choose between four educational activities but could only go to the bathroom when the teacher said it was time. Schools become there is functional when both learners and teachers cannot work effectively and efficiently under conditions which are not conducive and are appalling. Understanding the different roles teachers and parents play can enhance a child's experience and bridge the gap between home and school. As teachers we have the ability to create environments that will benefit our students or that will stifle their desire to learn. they are struggling.

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