surrey class heavy cruiser

Torpedo Acceleration +5 knots to torpedo speed.-20% to torpedo range. When given the broadside of enemy cruisers, aim for the waterline and try to land as many citadel hits as possible. The Hawkins I'm not a fan of, in-game they'd likely be woeful. summary of cruisers in service in September 1939, note all 28 RN war built ships were CL. Surrey still fires the same shells as Devonshire, and therefore she retains the same low shell velocity for a heavy cruiser. ''IK VAL AAN VOLGT MIJ'' --> ''FOLLOW ME'' Karel Doorman, 1942 Battle of the Java sea.

HMAS Australia was struck on the compass platform in October 1944, losing her skipper and 29 other crew killed. +10% to continuous damage from AA guns. Smoke Screen Expert +20% to the radius of the smoke screen. It would be up to her design to allow her to survive, and she would not be up to the task. Surrey is short and stout compared to her other heavy cruiser counterparts. In April 1940 Suffolk intercepted the German tanker Skagerrak, before delivering a bombardment of Stavanger aerodrome in Norway in company with 4 destroyers, the incursion, deep into territory occupied by the Germans a week previously and into range of the Luftwaffe was high risk. +1 >settles down into sofa<. Originally a Baltimore-class cruiser, she was rebuilt into an Albany class guided missile cruiser.Heavy cruisers fell out of use after the Second World War, with the Royal Navy decommissioning its last three (London, Cumberland, and Devonshire) by the early 1950s. Single gun mountings with shields rather than turrets, intended for mixed oil/coal propulsion (Hawkins was converted to pure oil burning in 1929), lack of aircraft handling facilities, fixed torpedo tubes and a 3in secondary battery all spoke of early origins. A Zara-class heavy cruiser, costing 106 million lire, would spend 8.2 million of this (7.74% of total cost) on fire control equipment; 4.9 million for the primary system for the 203/53's, 170 thousand for the reduced backup system, 2.6 million for the primary secondary battery directors, and 500 thousand for the barrage system for the secondary battery. Aircraft handling facilities were fitted as standard, including an aborted scheme to fit York with a hangar under the bridge and catapult on B turret.

Yeah you get about 5k extra range, and the weight of the shell doubles. At the same time, the third class cruiser started to carry thin steel armour on the outside of its hull and became known as a light cruiser. Replacing the relatively heavy machinery planned for Surrey with the lighter 64,000shp plant developed for the small cruiser Arethusa saved 235 tons on … I will try (and fail) to take a subjective view of the policy, the ships and the results in WWII. Radio Position Finding Shows the direction to the nearest enemy ship.The enemy is alerted that a bearing has been taken. Slow and sluggish, compared to most tier VII cruisers. HMS Surrey & HMS Northumberland, You sould upload on one megabith full size, How thats how they ended up on my photobucket?

Eight 203 mm guns placed in four turrets. The London and her sisters completed in 1929 and about 150t under the treaty limit. Though they resembled contemporary battlecruisers or battleships in general appearance, as well as having main armament and displacement equal or greater than that of capital ships of the First World War, they were actually upscaled heavy cruisers. Regardless, thanks for the read, here's to crossing fingers for Norfolk/Suffolk.

On an escort mission, a heavy cruiser will be more likely to discourage a light cruiser from attacking a convoy due to this, and likewise a heavy cruiser is far more likely to overpower an escort than a light cruiser. Expert Loader-50% to reload time when shell type is switched. The York class had a narrower beam, so only triple rather than quad torpedo tubes could be carried. They are similar to Japanese high explosive shells having high alpha damage for a cruiser, but with improved fire chance.

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