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5 windows provide excellent ventilation and openness.

Shoulder Tent company specializes in the design and manufacture of aluminum and PVC structure tent. We also offers the opportunity to adapt your range of your specific requirements in order to enhance your resale possibilities.By choosing “Tents Tents Manufacturer”, you will be able to benefit from our professional support-from product development to shipment. In this guide, we will be covering the following: There’s nothing quite like the idea of camping out and falling asleep under the stars, listening to the sounds of wilderness and different animals as you drift off. You can store things in these pockets so that they are easily accessible. In reality, no shelter at night means tons of bug bites, freezing temperatures and high winds with nothing to contain your body heat, and exposure to terrible weather like torrential downpours and snow flurries. Kelty is based in Boulder, Colorado and was first established in 1919 when the owner and founder Asher “Dick” Kelty created an outdoor backpack. We’ve covered a selection of different tents (and accessories) below: Mountain Safety Research’s slogan is, “the idea that better, safer, more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking greater adventures”. Though these difficulties do come with spending time outdoors, you can sleep protected from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors.

Guangzhou Tents Tents Manufacturer Established in 1998, has over 22 years experience, main products include family tents, military tents, refugee tents, kids tents and so on.

We are able to provide last minute help in either departments of our business.

Kelty manufactures tents, along with other outdoor gear such as sleeping bags, and is owned by Exxcel Outdoors, LLC. North Face’s tents are designed for 1-4 people. Our company has been making millions of various tents to the world market since 1998.

9 lbs. Consider the two options below: The heavier a tent, the more it will weigh down a backpack.

Tents. Discover More.

In great weather, you can still look up at the night sky without worrying about waking up with mosquito bites.

You can check out our buyers guides for specific sizes of tents below: If you might be planning on camping only at campgrounds and plan on bringing all of your gear in a vehicle, then any tent that you choose may work for you. A'van Australia BIGHEAD Luxury Tents Slovenia Safari Tents.

If you overnight in the wilderness, you’ll need shelter.

Your Davis tent will have the name of the person who sewed it, your tent will come with its own hand written measurements specific to your tent, inspected several times by multiple people, and every floor, fly, and pole/frame set will be specifically made for your order. Roof-only styles also are more susceptible to rain and moisture leaking inside the tent. Davis Tent has earned the reputation as a trusted and dependable manufacturer of canvas tents. Our factory is well-known in the world factory field and honored with approval of BSCI and ISO 9001. Al Khayam Al Arabiah is a leading Tents and Shades Supplier and Manufacturer located in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all Emirates of UAE.We specialized in manufacturing and supplying of all kinds of steel structures, aluminum structures and outdoor shade structures with all types of technical fabric such as PVC, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, HDPE (KNITTED), ACRYLIC, Polythene, Canvas, and Tarpaulins. .flat-light .navigationbuttons,.flat-light .esg-pagination,.flat-light .esg-filters{text-transform:uppercase; text-align:center}.flat-light .esg-filterbutton,.flat-light .esg-navigationbutton,.flat-light .esg-sortbutton,.flat-light .esg-cartbutton{color:#000; margin-right:5px; cursor:pointer; position:relative; z-index:2; padding:1px 30px; border:none; line-height:38px; border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px; font-size:12px; font-weight:700; font-family:"Open Sans",sans-serif; display:inline-block; background:#fff; margin-bottom:5px}.flat-light .esg-navigationbutton{padding:2px 12px}.flat-light .esg-navigationbutton *{color:#000}.flat-light .esg-pagination-button:last-child{margin-right:0}.flat-light .esg-sortbutton-wrapper,.flat-light .esg-cartbutton-wrapper{display:inline-block}.flat-light .esg-sortbutton-order,.flat-light .esg-cartbutton-order{display:inline-block; vertical-align:top; border:none; width:40px; line-height:40px; border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px; font-size:12px; font-weight:700; color:#999; cursor:pointer; background:#eee; background:#fff; margin-left:5px}.flat-light .esg-cartbutton{color:#fff; cursor:default !important}.flat-light .esg-cartbutton .esgicon-basket{color:#fff; font-size:15px; line-height:15px; margin-right:10px}.flat-light .esg-cartbutton-wrapper{cursor:default !important}.flat-light .esg-sortbutton,.flat-light .esg-cartbutton{display:inline-block; position:relative; cursor:pointer; margin-right:0px; border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px}.flat-light .esg-navigationbutton:hover,.flat-light .esg-filterbutton:hover,.flat-light .esg-sortbutton:hover,.flat-light .esg-sortbutton-order:hover,.flat-light .esg-cartbutton-order:hover,.flat-light .esg-filterbutton.selected{border-color:none;color:#000; background:#fff}.flat-light .esg-navigationbutton:hover *{color:#333}.flat-light .esg-sortbutton-order.tp-desc:hover{color:#333}.flat-light .esg-filter-checked{padding:1px 3px; color:#cbcbcb; background:#cbcbcb; margin-left:7px; font-size:9px; font-weight:300; line-height:9px; vertical-align:middle}.flat-light .esg-filterbutton.selected .esg-filter-checked,.flat-light .esg-filterbutton:hover .esg-filter-checked{padding:1px 3px 1px 3px; color:#fff; background:#000; margin-left:7px; font-size:9px; font-weight:300; line-height:9px; vertical-align:middle}

Durability is a major factor in tent poles if you might plan on camping in high wind areas.

© Davis Tent - Outstanding in the Field! It is easy to install but stable and with a large space. Our detailed oriented professionals work hard in being consistent and precise.

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