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for this article. All Rights Reserved. The Angel in the House is a long narrative and lyric poem, with four sections composed over a This data will be updated every 24 hours. [This Victorian Web version of The Angel in the House is based on the Project Gutenberg e-text, which was produced by David Price (e-mail, from the 1891 Cassell & Company edition. Believing that his wife Emily was the perfect Victorian wife, he wrote "The Angel in the House" about her (originally published in 1854, revised through 1862). The two parts of the Poem appeared in 1854 and 1856, were Patmore that his "Angel in the House" might usefully have a place in Coventry Patmore's popular, long narrative poem The Angel in the House was published in parts between 1854 and 1862.
The phrase "Angel in the House" comes from the title of an immensely popular poem by Coventry Patmore, in which he holds his angel-wife up as a model for all women. And if at Fame's bewitching note. Preludes.I The Wife's Tragedy Man must be pleased; but him to pleaseIs woman's pleasure; down the gulfOf his condoled necessitiesShe casts her best, she flings herself.How often flings for nought, and yokesHer heart to an icicle or whim,Whose each impatient word provokesAnother, not from her, but him;While she, too gentle even to forceHis penitence by kind replies,Waits by, expecting his remorse,With pardon in her pitying eyes;And if he once, by shame oppress'd,A comfortable word confers,She leans and weeps against his breast,And seems to think the sin was hers;And whilst his love has any life,Or any eye to see her charms,At any time, she's still his wife,Dearly devoted to his arms; She loves with love that cannot tire;And when, ah woe, she loves alone,Through passionate duty love springs higher,As grass grows taller round a stone.II Common Graces Is nature in thee too spiritless,Ignoble, impotent, and dead,To prize her love and lovelinessThe more for being thy daily bread?And art thou one of that vile crewWhich see no splendour in the sun,Praising alone the good that's new,Or over, or not yet begun?And has it dawn'd on thy dull witsThat love warms many as soft a nest,That, though swathed round with benefits,Thou art not singularly blest?And fail thy thanks for gifts divine,The common food of many a heart,Because they are not only thine?Beware lest in the end thou artCast for thy pride forth from the fold,Too good to feel the common graceOf blissful myriads who beholdFor evermore the Father's face.III The Zest of Life Give thanks. that wide and cheap diffusion would not take from the value of a It is not time misspent;Worst fare this betters, and the best,Wanting this natural condiment,Breeds crudeness, and will not digest. Poem by Coventry Patmore - Poem Hunter, Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 14, 2010. The phrase is now typically used to question or decry this concept as a model of femininity. afterwards elaborately revised, and have since obtained a permanent Her pronouncement is strongly emblematic of recent approaches to Coventry Patmore's best-known poem. So, fill'd with love and fond remorse,I paced the Close, its every partEndow'd with reliquary forceTo heal and raise from death my heart.How tranquil and unsecularThe precinct! My homely Pegasus pricks an ear, Inspired by his wife, Emily, the poem charts their traditional courtship and marriage. ... A reference to a narrative poem called The Angel in the House by Coventry Patmore.

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Publication date 1856 Publisher Boston, Ticknor and Fields Collection library_of_congress; americana Digitizing sponsor ... PDF download. fulfilled by the spreading of verse dedicated to the sacred love of The Angel in the House The Angel in the House is a long, semi-autobiographical narrative poem, written by Coventry Patmore and first published in 1854.

Preludes.I The Wifes Tragedy .

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