the arctic trail norway

The Arctic Trail is 800 km long and stretches from Kautokeino in Finnmark County to Sulitjelma in Nordland County. Huts have been constructed along the trail. If you are extremely lucky, you will also see brown bears, wolverines and the rare polar fox!

The largest amount (380 km) is in Norway, while 350 km is in Sweden and 70 km in Finland. Another cabin, Gappohytta, is situated approx. Much of the trail follows other trails, which now have been linked together with new stretches. Plan for a few extra days to acclimate to civilization. You can hike for days here without meeting another human being. For planning purposes, digital maps can be found at, For information about flora and fauna, please visit. The last part took us from Lappjordhytta via Pålnoviken to Abisko fjällstation in Sweden, a hike of about 20 kilometers. Many people choose to start hiking here because it’s right beside Reisa National Park. There are three places where you have to wade because of unsafe bridges due to floods in the area. In the north it starts at Guovdageaidnu in Northern Norway. We flew from Stockholm to Tromsø, via Oslo. The final stretch from here to Kautokeino in Finnmark County is roughly 40 km if you follow the gravel road from Bidjovagge. The walk along the river is nice and relaxing. Northwards on the Arctic Trail Shortly before the border to Sweden, you will arrive at Lappjordhytta. The Arctic Trail stretches from here along the western side of the river right up to the Nedrefosshytta cabin, where you cross the river via a swing bridge. It has a total length of 800 km and lies along the border of Norway, Sweden and Finland. The second phase ends in a small village in Norway, which is difficult to access. 46 km), where there are several shops.There is a well-marked trail on the western side of the Reisa River from Ovi Raishiin to Nedrefoss. After Voumahytta, the trail reaches almost thousand meters, after which it goes down to Gaskashytta and Altevatn. Some huts are fully staffed and serve food, while most are self-service (some of these require getting the DNT key). After the coin, the trail takes on a new stretch, around the mountain south of the hut. The trail was originally planned in 1977. In Inset, there are good accommodation facilities including a husky farm. Altevatn is a dammed lake of some ten kilometers. [2] Many in Sweden are operated by the STF[3] and those in Finland by Finnish Forest Administration[4]. This can be challenging when the river levels are high due to intense snow melting, and may mean you must make detours off the actual route in some places. The cairn, which makes the point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet, is a must-see attraction midway between the Signal Valley and Skibotn Valley.

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