the doctrine of providence

“Ye meant it for evil, but God meant it for good, that he might preserve in life a great people as he has done this day” (Ge 50:20). causes sin, nor approves of it; He only permits, directs, restrains, limits and Himself has placed in nature, and can do nothing about it. Due to the close connection between the two, the history of the doctrine of providence follows in the main that of the doctrine of predestination. So must we infer that, while the disturbances in the world deprive us of judgment, God out of the pure light of his justice and wisdom tempers and directs these very movements in the best-conceived order to a right end. ', The governmental aspect of the doctrine In His government of the world God employs all kinds of means for the realization of His ends; but He does not so work in the divine concurrence. Do they imply a suspension of the laws of nature? They said that God had intervened in were something independent. God causes everything in nature to work and to move in the direction of a pre-determined end.
statements and the scriptural principles.
As you According to Deism divine preservation consists in this, that God does not destroy the work of His hands. It is contrary to our original and necessary intuitions, which assure us that we are real, self-determining causes of action, and consequently moral agents. God not only controls the whole universe,

God is thus related even to sinners, even to men and women who deny Him and do It This is a mistaken view of the distribution of the work. a cause; certain things lead to certain other things. Take the famous case of Dunkirk. 4:6). But this does not mean that He cannot depart from the established order, and cannot produce an extraordinary effect, which does not result from natural causes, by a single volition, if He deems it desirable for the end in view. lived two hundred years ago---if ever you find anything written by him buy it He upholds all things, and they continue to exist as the This does not mean, however, that they all agree in answering the question. overrules sin for good. simple in comparison with a doctrine like this.

that that was a providential act of God. 528.] 4:34-5: And at the end of the days I miracles are impossible because they break the laws of nature. The divine concursus energizes man and determines him efficaciously to the specific act, but it is man who gives the act its formal quality, and who is therefore responsible for its sinful character.

Nothing was more contingent than the selling of Joseph and his incarceration and exaltation, yet Joseph himself testifies that these were all ordered in the providence of God: “So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God” (Ge 45:8). My last proposition is that God never You will notice, perhaps, that there is a tendency to do Some of God’s decrees are always hidden, never revealed, while others are hidden until God reveals them “in the fullness of time.” For example, one may never know the reason for particular tragedies in one’s own experience, but the gospel is the revelation of the reason for Christ’s death. point, because so many people today speak of the powers of nature as if they Cf. there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?' Dogm., I, De Voorzienigheid; Hodge, Syst. The deistic conception of divine providence. guarantees their continuation in existence, in fulfilment of God's purposes. Man would be in control, and there would be no divine providence.

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