the earth knows my name summary

I loved this book for introducing me to an amazing group of people who come from many different cultures, and have many different gardens, but the same kind of love for the land and the food that comes from it. Refresh and try again. Now I'm done with this book. It's often heartbreaking to hear the suffering or indignities they have endured in their homeland or in America. I loved this book for introducing me to an amazing group of people who come from many different cultures, and have many different gardens, but the same kind of love for the land and the food that comes from it.

She gathered the stories of urban, suburban, and rural gardens created by people rarely presented in books about American gardens: Native Americans, immigrants from across Asia and Europe, and ethnic peoples who were here long before our national boundaries were drawn—including Hispanics of the Southwest, whose ancestors followed the Conquistadors into the Rio Grande Valley, and Gullah gardeners of the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina, descendants of African slaves.As we lose our connection to the soil, we no longer understand the relationship between food and a sense of belonging to a place and a people.
While I was irritated by the author's continual use of the present tense, the vivid adventures of those who came to the U.S. for so many different reasons captured my imagination and my attention. Through their work on the land, these gardeners revive cultures in danger of being lost.

", "...Patricia Klindienst steers the conversation about immigrants and immigration in a more humane direction, reminding us that, whether we are first generation Asian-Americans or eighth generation descendants of Spanish settlers, almost all American families emigrated to this land. By clicking Sign Up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The writing in this book was a little sentimental at times, but that's really my only criticism.
And it's also packed with information and great sources about sustainable agriculture - lesso. The irony of the pressure to assimilate, then, is that it not only robs people of their heritage and their dignity, it robs the dominant culture too, impoverishing us all.”, Mariah Carey Is Telling Her Own Story (and Recommending Books). This author traveled the United States and interviewed farmers/gardeners who are not only growing a garden for food, they are also growing to preserve the cultures which they come from. Determined, strong people who have been through hell yet still keep on going. The common thread of the sense of peace and timelessness they all nurtured in their gardens and the connection gardening gave them to their ancestors resonated with my own gardening experiences. I have been a gardener for 40 years. And in their reverent use of natural resources they keep alive a relationship to the land all but lost to mainstream American culture. This book is composed of stories of gardeners.

I don't know why this booked moved me the way it did. I appreciated the point of view of the author. Apr 01, 2007 The earth knows my name : food, culture, and sustainability in the gardens of ethnic Americans

The profiles are beautiful, but for some reason, I found myself reading them with the impatience I would listen to a grandparent's rambling reminiscences, wishing the book was organized more tightly by topic rather than a person or family-- history of maize or a book devoted to the specific struggles of a single displaced culture... All the while, half acknowledging that only after I have delved more deeply into that specific historic time will I appreciate how remarkable this person's experiences were and they may be long gone by then. | ISBN 9780807085714 The gardens that the communities and people created bring hope and healing. This one was interesting but tough for me. ", —Deborah Madison, author of Vegetable Literacy and Local Flavors, "It lifts my heart to find the kind of intelligence, grace, and regard that are in this book's pages. This books shares amazing stories about amazing people, and I fell in love with garde. This book, with a focus on indelible characters, has all that and more. Had a potluck lunch at one of the gardens in the book today, Maska & Mario's in Redwood City with their daughter and granddaughter.

It's built around the stories of immigrant gardeners: what they brought from the "old country", how they brought it, why it's important. How do you put into words a summary of a book when it moves your soul the way The Earth Knows My Name did? I love reading books where each chapter is a different story but they are all of the same basic theme. Finding it's way deep into my soul and then moving it is exactly what this book did for me. The people in these stories are as real as people get. This book tells stories of refugees and immigrants who have made a piece of Earth their own again by growing gardens with food and plants dear to their hearts and heritage. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I would love to read future b. In any case, I loved this book and certainly recommend it. For 26 years I struggled to feel at home in Western Pennsylvania; to 'grow where I was planted.'

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