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// EndOAWidget_Instance_2310032. if (!true) { var vid = createFlashPlayer("tP6fDnEMLA0", "900", "550", params); Ken Werner, a graduate student at Oregon State University, collected the seismic surveys and well logs and mapped a subsurface fault extending from the Waldo Hills northwest beneath Mount Angel to the city of Woodburn near Interstate 5. Saddle Mt.

// BeginOAWidget_Instance_2310032: #youtubePlayer Earthquakes such as these are likely to occur anywhere west of the Cascades, although they are more likely in the Puget Sound region. Jacoby, G. C., P. L. Williams, and B. M. Buckley.

An eighty-two-year-old woman, Anna Marion Horton of Chiloquin, died of a heart attack because she was frightened by the violent shaking of her house.

Oppenheimer, D., and others.


Drowned snags breaking the surface of Jefferson Lake in southeastern Olympic Peninsula at low water level. The fault extends beneath the most expensive real estate in the Pacific Northwest in an area inhabited by more than a million people, many living in houses built before the development of modern earthquake building codes.

The seismicity of the coastal regions north of California is relatively low, and there is no direct evidence that the formerly horizontal shoreline angles were deformed by earthquakes. Uplift of the floor of Puget Sound generated a great sea wave that struck the coastline at Magnolia, at the south end of Whidbey Island, and at the mouth of the Snohomish River delta near Everett.

4, p. 3-5. 2003. Isolated, conical peaks are Quaternary volcanoes, which are not known to pose a volcanic hazard. L. Harless, C. S. Weaver, and B. L. Sherrod. document.body.appendChild(vid);

The most recent earthquake is dated between A.D. 1430 and 1640, younger than any other earthquakes in the Puget Lowland identified by paleoseismology and not too much earlier than the historical record. In growth position, underwater, like silent phantoms (Figure 6-2).

} As they were pulling on their clothes, they were thrown to the floor, and they realized that they were experiencing an earthquake. document.body.removeChild(vid); Investigations of the earthquake of November 5, 1962, north of Portland. The amount of uplift at Restoration Point led to an estimate of magnitude 7 for the earthquake. USGS Map I-1613, scale 1:250,000, booklet, 15 p. Haugerud, R. A., D. J. Harding, S. Y. Johnson,J. The Ore Bin, v. 25, no.


params.color1 = "#B1B1B1"; Double lines are spreading centers; solid line with filled triangles is Cascadia Subduction Zone; dashed lines locate locked part of subduction zone based on models by Roy Hyndman and Kelin Wang of the Pacific Geoscience Centre. Unreinforced masonry buildings suffered the worst; well-built wood-frame houses that were bolted to their foundations fared relatively well.

The December 1872 Washington State earthquake. A LiDAR flight had been commissioned by the Kitsap Public Utility District to study groundwater infiltration and runoff on Bainbridge Island. This earthquake caused minor damage, including fallen chimneys and broken windows. The high crustal seismicity of the Puget Sound and south Georgia Strait region suggests that this region is special. Unreinforced masonry buildings suffered a disproportionate share of the damage. Dashed lines extending across southern half of lake are possible traces of the Seattle Fault. Three earthquakes in Oregon in 1993 served as wake-up calls: the Scotts Mills “Spring Break Quake” of M 5.6 near Salem, and two earthquakes west of Klamath Falls of M 5.9 and 6.0. 3. Oregon Geology, v. 57, no. params.color2 = "#D8D8D8"; Cassidy, J. F., R. M. Ellis, and G. C. Rogers. As they approached Modoc Point, a steep cliff beside the road, it occurred to Phyllis that she wouldn’t see any deer on the left side of the highway because the cliff came right down to the road, and there was no shoulder. Mann, G. M., and C. E. Meyer.

The reawakening of Mt. The Hanford N Reactor and the plutonium manufacturing facilities were shut down, and later, the proposed waste disposal site was shifted to Yucca Mountain in Nevada. The sediment cores contain fossil pollen, providing information about changing conditions on land surrounding the lake as well as changing climate since the Ice Age (Figure 6-5).

Near the backwoods village of Mist, Oregon, Chuck Newell had a dream. Photo by Ken Werner, Oregon State University, from Yeats et al. If the eastside faults had ruptured with earthquakes of comparable magnitudes, the damage to Klamath Falls, with its unreinforced masonry buildings, would have been disastrous. 2003. document.body.appendChild(vid);

Washington Geology, v. 25, no. The military aircraft droned over the bleak December landscape of eastern Washington, and its lone passenger took note of what he saw through the window. The basin formed between two opposing normal faults is called a graben. Each pair of light and dark rings represents annual growth of one year. But left behind were all the seismic surveys and wildcat well logs, which illuminated for the first time the complex geology beneath the orchards and vineyards of the Willamette Valley, just as they had for the Puget Sound region to the north. The largest historical crustal earthquake, of magnitude 7.3, struck a thinly populated area on central Vancouver Island in 1946.

Bott, J. D. J., and I. G. Wong. Photo by Gordon Jacoby, Columbia University. params.color1 = "#B1B1B1"; The nearest large city, Spokane, was nearly one hundred and twenty miles away. Solid circles are piston core sites that are correlated in Figure 6-5. A block away from the school, Philip Fontaine ran out into his front yard, carrying his young son. document.body.removeChild(vid); This sand was colonized by beach grass and a coastal forest. // BeginOAWidget_Instance_2310032: #youtubePlayer We don’t know. Blakely, R. J., R. E. Wells, C. S. Weaver, and S. Y. Johnson. Concrete fireproofing on the steel I-beams supporting the ceiling of the legislative chambers was damaged.

The rock avalanche dam, partially covered by a modern forest, forms the far shore of the lake. National Geographic, v. 193, no. Pezzopane, S., and R. Weldon. params.color1 = "#B1B1B1";

in Spokane in the summer of 2001 was a reminder that Eastern

The linear range front of the Portland Hills marks the position of the Portland Hills Fault, which has been shown to be active based on evidence at Rowe Middle School and North Clackamas Park (NCP site).

Protests, Riots, Tear Gas?

1998. (1996) and mapping by Erik Graven.

Chilliwack and Lake Osoyoos, B.C., and Snoqualmie Pass and Kittitas Valley, Washington, reported intensities of VII. Geologic evidence of earthquakes at the Snohomish Delta, Washington, in the past 1200 yr: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 113, p. 482-94. Map of Lake Washington, bordering the city of Seattle on the east, locating major landslides and sunken forests (coarse dot pattern).

Ruth Ludwin of the University of Washington has been collecting oral traditions including a story about the horned serpent, Psai-Yah-hus, a spirit that lived underground and caused landslides and earthquakes. fault becomes active, it poses significant seismic hazard to the

The two Oregon earthquakes come close: the Scotts Mills earthquake probably took place on the Mt. Science, v. 258, p. 1621-23. Or should they conclude that the large crustal earthquakes in central Vancouver Island are part of a zone that has an unusually high seismic hazard because of its proximity to the offshore Nootka Fault, thereby reducing the perception of hazard to Vancouver and Victoria?

also is geologically active.

The largest of these, the Osceola Mudflow, swept down the White River valley forty-five hundred to five thousand years ago and reached Puget Sound more than sixty miles away. var params = {}; At first, it was thought that the marsh subsidence was related to rebound from a subduction-zone earthquake, like marshes in Oregon and Washington and in marshes downdropped during the 1964 Alaska Earthquake (Figure 4-11). communities near Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.

If there is something special about the Entiat region that should cause it to be more seismogenic than other areas, it is not known what it is. D’Antonio, M. 1993. Figure 6-8. Geologic cross section across Yakima Fold Belt west of Hanford Reservation. Schuster concluded that the rockslides might have been triggered by shaking accompanying a large earthquake of much higher intensity than the 1949 earthquake. Atomic harvest: Hanford and the lethal toll of America’s nuclear arsenal.

params.border = false; The beach sand resting on this platform contains a driftwood log that is one thousand to twelve hundred years old, based on radiocarbon dating.

The surveys of the lake floor, together with observations by divers, showed that the forests slid into the lake as parts of giant landslides. So, like the Seattle Fault, the Portland Hills Fault is a broad zone of faulting rather than a single fault.

Starting in early December, a new swarm of earthquakes began east of the first group, close to the western shore of the lake, closer to Klamath Falls (Figure 6-20).

Earthquakes within the crust would be a lot smaller, to be sure. The rupture came without warning six months later, at 5:34 a.m. on March 25, 1993, ten miles beneath the soft green hills east of the village of Scotts Mills, at the east edge of the Willamette Valley.

In addition, excavations for an expansion of the Oregon Convention Center showed Missoula flood deposits that are cut by sand dikes, generally considered to be formed by liquefaction, diagnostic for an earthquake origin. Free. The terrace deposits are overlain by debris from the rising fault scarp (C1 through C6); each unit may have been deposited during an earthquake.

Bradley, R. D. Koehler, III, and R. C. Bucknam. Overnight, Oregon had a local source of natural gas, the first in the Pacific Northwest.

When the level of Lake Washington was lowered in 1916 to accommodate the Lake Washington Ship Canal, boaters noticed something strange beneath the surface of the lake. Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 106, p. 13,541-13,564. 6, p. 125-39.

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