what does ecfa accredited mean

This is nice deal for the investors that draws money away from both debt paydown on the other campus buildings AND from needs that the church could be meeting within the body & broader community. Good grief, now you need to follow the money on the ECFA. If these wolves really were concern about the flock, they would not have used HBC as their personal bank. Are they being haphazard on which organizations get the hammer? When you measure you are outcome based. We’ve heard very little genuine repentance in full view & earshot, and nothing like full confession from anyone, excerpt perhaps Dan George. Willow Creek Community Church has just announced it has hired former Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago Cathedral Pastor Ed Ollie as the next, Harvest Bible Chapel today disclosed that it gave all digital and physical assets of Walk in the Word—including $1.2 million and a, Recent allegations concerning Ravi Zacharias have shocked the evangelical world and prompted two investigations—one by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and one. (I also sent emails to Capin Crouse, requesting an interview, but the organization did not respond.).

see Mathew 11:20-24, “See what this godly sorrow has produced in you: what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what concern, what readiness to see justice done.

When all else fails, emotionalism. Well guess what sweet heart they don’t and they only get worst.

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But given ECFA’s track record with Harvest, how can donors believe ECFA’s assurances? Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability®, A message from Executive Vice President, Brant Lane. Are you producing the desired results? The Faith & Work Classroom is created by Denver Institute for Faith & Work, an ECFA accredited 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. This included money for top executive salaries and other unspecified projects. I believe that true Christians will once again have to go underground to escape the persecution of the wolves.

Webinars. Standard 4 Use of Resources and Compliance with Laws In fact, both over the years & currently, many folks at HBC have chosen to avoid those sources when it comes to their church—because their leaders have told them (directly and indirectly), using twisted scripture, that it is wrong…all while receiving misleading or incomplete information from the church itself. It goes on and on. ECFA, founded in 1979, provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with the ECFA Standards pertaining to financial accountability, fundraising and board governance.

There are a lot of painful questions being asked by people who want answers (and I believe they should get them). As an accrediting organization, ECFA protects the integrity of its standards and seal. Surveys. ECFA is a giver’s best friend. The evil filled leadership should be the one to blame for lost of church home, families, converts and jobs. This is incredibly disheartening to see that the ECFA might not be thorough. He had to go with the bad example he set in fearing and obeying man rather than God. Also, wanted to add. All Rights Reserved. How is it possible that James will own them? This UNHEALTHY climate has to change and there were MANY opportunities for that to happen before it got to this point. Very disheartening. What are trends in advertising, social media, and the internet that we should be looking at? I know someone who worked where D. Busby did for years before going to ECFA. ECFA carefully ensures member compliance with its standards through a variety of means including: If an area of non-compliance with the standards is identified, ECFA seeks to restore its members back into compliance through a confidential, biblical and redemptive approach. This situation makes it likely that the ECFA endorsement is a one-way benefit only, and therefore a farce.

(I’m talking to you, former & current Harvest CFOs.) I’m no prophet. Here is a short video on who ECFA is and what does it mean to our ministry. Many dropped support of GFA due to them losing their ECFA accreditation. You said that your pastor has done nothing wrong. For example, the person who used to do payroll for the church said he paid 380 of the church’s 400 employees, but the top 20 executives were paid by Fred Adams, presumably under the authority of the executive committee, but he wasn’t sure. They did everything wrong. For example, an ECFA member must annually engage an independent CPA to audit, review, or compile its financial statements and be willing to provide a copy of its latest financial statements to anyone upon written request. The leaders sinned for so long. It was their church too. In a round about way I was told it is not required for accredidation because thr law doesn’t require it. Their “review” most likely consists of looking at the financial statements, the auditors report and probably some verbal discussion with the financial / leadership staff. This is absolutely stunning, given the financial abuse at Harvest, and evidence that ECFA’s accreditation may be nothing more than a false assurance. We are called to serve God, right now, in everything we do, in every Caring Network counseling room, office or school classroom. I thank God for that freedom.

Note for readers: This is documented in the notes of the final HBF statement, posted in 2017 on HBC’s site. But to me, he was the most repented of all of them, publicly, and was very remorseful. But it also raises concern about ECFA,”. If you go to their website you will see the 7 Standards that ECFA uses in their accreditation process. It’s time for the righteous to file a ‘involuntary bankruptcy reorganization’ action to clear out the den of thieves. They sinned against 5 believers when they brought a very public, unbiblical lawsuit against them. I’m writing this here because I don’t know where else to. Ann you ask not to come back with comments of criticism. Predator (not Pastor) Donaldson should have known better as a PK. Is this something the ECFA monitors? Get new articles and breaking news delivered to your inbox. Macedonian Missionary Services > ECFA Accredited – What it Means. Now we hear luke McDonald is the honored guest preacher at lakewood bible chapel this weekend with a lunch to be served! I’ve read @ecfa’s full standards closely and have major concerns about HBC in ALL SIX standards especially St. 2 (Governance), St. 4 (Transparency), St. 6 (Compensation-Setting), and St. 7 (Stewardship of Charitable Gifts). 800.323.9473 / 540.535.0103, Copyright © 2020 ECFA Kudos to Julie for revealing truth that was hidden in the dark. Lake wood should What does the Bible mean by calling? I think that if you want to give money to the Lord then give to the Pastor that Harvest Inc catapulted, John Secrest, a TRUE MAN OF GOD. I’m curious about the organizations the board members are involved with.

When you earn a Seal of Transparency, you provide context for the IRS information already in your organization's GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, give potential donors and funders better insight into your work, and stand out from the other nonprofits in our database. What Does This Mean for Spread Truth? It requires an in depth review of every aspect of the agency rsquo s organization, management, operations, and administration. They ask you to sacrifice to give – why shouldn’t they sacrifice to spread the Lords word. Of particular interest was the church’s compliance with ECFA’s Standard 6, Compensation-Setting and Related-Party Transactions. Would you have preferred that none of this be brought out into the open? We don’t want to lose our pastor or church home. I think ancient Christians knew exactly where their sacrificial gifts were going. It is ECFA’s newest online feature that allows you to quickly and easily find giving opportunities.

Does MacDonald’s salary fall within that range?

When an organization is accredited by ECFA, it demonstrates its willingness to follow the model of biblical accountability. The formation and use of those LLCs when the church was (and is) tens of millions of dollars in debt is questionable at best.

When you think about what is happening in the so-called church today what do we see? I am sharing my opinion. CJ. But as a condition for accreditation, ECFA requires its members to have their annual financial statements audited, reviewed, or compiled by an independent CPA. Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship. Many were forced to leave. I am starting to loathe all big, formal ministries and churches (and fake endorsement systems), which are too often the lavish playground of corrupt, greedy, abusive people. In my opinion. If so, can the ECFA confirm that the larger board ratified these agreements with full disclosure of the disqualified persons participation? Ann, if anyone chooses to become bitter toward Julie Roys, then they are part of the miniscule minority here still “shooting the messenger.” Interesting choice—but a misguided and uninformed one. Please be gentle.

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