blackyak korea

Since then, BLACKYAK has been recognized as a high-quality techwear by professional climbers for Himalayan expeditions. event : evt, Gangnam Station on a midsummer night is neon lights and relentless energy. Wondering what to wear for your intense hike in the mountains this weekend? How did Seoul become the headquarters of Asia’s leading mountaineering brand? Even some of the outdoor techwear has reached the runways! ); The black Himalayan yak, which Mr. Kang credits for leading him to safety when lost during a Nepalese trek many years ago, hung in artwork alongside mountaineering memorabilia throughout his office. headed to Chiaksan National Park. Young people were out dressed in white and black, maximalist sneakers, and the latest streetwear. It is the future of clothing. Thousand-plus vertical meter hikes are challenging in any weather, but humidity had taken its toll. english deutsch 中國語 한국어.

member, pointing to the younger recruits. A ride in the world’s fastest ‘sky elevator’ shot us 118 floors in one minute. Much of Seoul is new after being destroyed during the Korean War. Founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1973, BLACKYAK aims to provide the best possible clothing and product to mountaineers. In 2006, the brand “Black Yak” was registered in China, the EU, Korea and Japan.

This past spring, Mr. Kang was part of Everest’s basecamp cleanup in Nepal. The flattened mountain base featured a fully-preserved Buddhist temple. A few years later, it was slabs of pork to grill, and cans of beer to drink. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { “For people who were conservative about their health, the easiest way to keep healthy was hiking.”. Our guide explained the center gives back to an area of Seoul that is a climbing mecca. A miraculous sighting of the mythical rainbow python of Dragon Mountain? Kang Tae-sun accepts an ISPO (Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode) award in 2019. To understand the future, you must examine the past. Mr. Kang, a professional mountaineer, founded the company as he noticed that he couldn’t find the appropriate equipment for extreme tours in his own country.

“It is a strategy to expand our status and position – it’s a marketing platform,” said Kang. “It is important to pursue profits, but it is also important to go green,” Kang said. It is the most famous clothing from BLACKYAK. In a country undergoing a hyper-speed process of industrialization and urbanization, a service sector barely existed. What transpired was a crash course in Korean culture during the hottest week of summer. “And the young generation value environmental values, so we are trying to develop products for them.”. Afterwards, we spent the evening on a rooftop patio to watch the sunset behind the tower, which dwarfed the surrounding 40-story buildings. Before that, our guide Hugh (Global Senior Manager) showed us the impressive HQ, featuring a massive storefront and trendy café. on: function(evt, cb) {

The hike was part of the Clean The Mountain event – one of BLACKYAK’s initiatives to maintain alpine environments. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. callback: cb Its cold concrete bulges and hollowed interior were a relief from the +40 °C weather.

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