confederate flag with native american meaning

The Best History Museums to Virtually Tour During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Virtual Reality Experiences That Let You See History Up Close, The Most Accurate Movies Based on History Worth Seeing, History Class: 3 Practical Reasons to Take History, WiFi History: How an Invention Became a Necessity, BMW History: Events in the Life of Germany’s Premier Auto Manufacturer. I love America and personally agree with confederate views but ultimately and realisticly the reason why this country is so fucked is because people dwell on the past and can't stand together regardless of color or religion. You know how many people have thought for years and years and still do so you can have that freedom. SOUTHERN PRIDE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT OR DONT AGREE TURN YOUR F**KING HEAD BC NOBODY GIVES A DAMN! I'd get my a** kicked because they are all So ignorant, blacks the states and Washington is whats wrong with things now they are making people hate blacks. Or Hispanics to take down their piñatas' for cinco de mayo? EX I GO GET A LOAN AND CREDIT IS FUCKED UP AND I GOT THE LOAN ANOTHER PERSON BLK WENT WE BETTER CREDIT AND WAS REFUSED. I don't Care! What is actual racism? The only other instance where a similar flag was used was by the Army of Tennessee under General Joseph E. Johnston whose reputation for retreat was infamous and led to the surrender of 89,270 Confederate soldiers to the Union’s Maj. Gen William T. Sherman which was viewed by Jefferson Davis as an act of treachery. I am married to a Lumbee Indian that probably has more heart than you will every have. Stop being so sensitive, while you are a hypocrit in daily life to other races and religions, here in this Beautiful Country.... Let the history alone Your just causing problems instead allowing people to ha e their rights to say what they feel.. Yes they were punished but most of the time it was when they did something wrong. If States don't won't to offer license plates displaying the flag then that's OK. Let's keep it as a memorial to those that fought. Not. “Our country is having a national debate over symbols, and we should take an honest look at those symbols that don’t promote inclusivity but rather promote bigotry,” said Joel Barkin, vice president of the Oneida Indian Nation and spokesperson for, Just as defenders of the Confederate flag have argued that it represents pride in Southern culture and history rather than racism, supporters of team names like the "Redskins", “Proud tradition does not negate the racism of a flag associated with the enslavement of a people, nor does it negate the racism of a moniker that dehumanizes and slurs a people who underwent attempted eradication,” wrote Tara Houska, tribal rights attorney in Washington, in the, Rev. all of you are missing the real problem. Graylan Hagler heads the historically black congregation at the Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington, where he has helped.

The topics and articles listed below provide information on American history covering major events and important people in the history of America, along with historical timeline of events in US history. when blacks look at the confederate flag it holds the same meaning that the swastika holds for Jews. Later on 2 more states joined and the flag's design had to be changed, it took up the new design of the blue cross or X with 13 white stars in (1863-1865). Would you ask a native American to remove their dream catchers and beautiful Indian dolls ? Now thats freedom. The meaning of this flag was clear from the thirteen stars, which in actuality represented the total number of seceded Southern states or colonies.

The Confederate flag’s days seem numbered as retailers and statehouses alike remove (or consider removing) it for public consumption in the wake of the Charleston shooting. Some symbols in life can't be re branded, and that my friend is one of them! After all, the true meaning behind the symbol is peace. "If America is so free, lets all build a bridge and get over it together!". I recently had some clown from California attempt to explain to me how racism, slavery, and the Confederate flag were all synonymous. A mass extinction and start over. .....let me just say that the amount of ignorance and hate on this post is almost unbearable...the confederate flag was a battle was part of the 13 southern states separating themselves from the union entirely. Stop holding something against us that we had nothing to do with in the first place the flag to us just means Southern pride. And, if everyone was to call the race card everyday. May I remind you it never was officially a flag of the confederacy. You had those that believe each State had the right to govern themselves, not the Federal Government. If you want to honor those who fought and died, erect a monument to respect their misdirected sense of patriotism, like those who fought in Vietnam, but don't honor the "cause" because that was NOT honorable. anonymous,your ignorance of history and the meaning of a confederate battle flag are troubling considering most blacks think as you. Get out of our great Nation. So calling it racist is an invalid, ignorant argument. That's funny considering your against raciest acts, comments and symbols. Two days ago in Oakland I spotted a car driven by an African-American man with an interesting flag in the spot where the front license plate would generally go: it was by pattern a rectangular "Confederate Battle Flag" but the colors were altered to be pan-African colors. Yes there were other issues, but the fight for freedom of all man, woman and child in the south was the civil was the North's goal. southerners think that they are so much smarter than northerners, that is so funny, when the truth is they are ignorant rednecks living in a world a hundred years behind the times continuing their bigotry against anyone who doesn't think and look like they do. AND WHAT TIMES ARE U LIVING IN . The original owner of the Washington Redskins team, George Preston Marshall, was an avowed racist and segregationist, said Hagler. Got mine . Only an idiot who doesn't know any history would say that. Baca use I see it everyday and they are proud of it. It explains the large group of Southerners who consider themselves "Southern Re-constructionists" who believe that the fourteenth amendment of equal protection under the law doesn't apply to them (especially South Carolina) as they were not part of the union when it was passed by Congress. Take the faces off of Mt.Rushmore as well... That Flag that some call the Confederate Flag is actually the Confederate Battle Flag carried into battle by only a few states it doesn't represent the Confederacy or what they stood for, whatever that may really be. Make America Great Again!!!!. Meaning it's their symbol and represents their values right? That flag didn't do it. “Despite empirical studies demonstrating psychological harm, numerous tribal resolutions, lawsuits, and protests spanning decades, the r-word still remains widely accepted.”, The #ConfederateFlag is a #racist symbol. The Confederate Flag should only fly at a Confederate Memorial. I love all people. Mute means to reduce in loudness. It all began with the presidential elections of 1860 when Abraham Lincoln and his Republican party campaigned for slavery to be curtailed and desist its expansion. His base did not. Anonymous: The Civil War was being fought because of money, not slavery.

I love how these arguments go. Its meaning has been a taboo for generations in the USA, as many believe it represents ‘White Supremacy’, pro-racism, slavery and hatred. Let us unravel the true meaning of the Confederate flag and its mysteries. NOW THATS A DAMN LIE BLACK PPL DONT PLAY POOR PITIFUL SHIT AND THEY DON'T HAVE THE SAME FUCKING OPPORTUNITIES AS THE WHITES AND I KNOW THAT FOR A FUCKING FACT .

This flag was never officially recognized by the Confederate States of America as one of its national flags. And read your history to ass. The Native American remark was so not necessary. What did the flag do hold a gun to the guy's head and him to kill or be killed. Y????? Racism is out there.You know it people. You should go learn the facts then keep your disgusting mouth shut. Does that mean you hate it? Slavery is over, has been for decades. Secondly it was a black man that got slavery legalized in the states from where he didn't want to release an endentured servant who had worked off his debt & yes he too was a black man. Unfortunately there are way too many of them out there now. It simply doesnt mean the same thing to everyone. Exclusive Q and A with IBT's Social Capital team, The Possibilities AND the Pitfalls of Remote Work, 10 Of America's Top CEOs Talk with IBT's Social Capital About How To Be Authentic. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. SOUTHERN PRIDE....MY FLAG FLIES HIGH AND ALWAYS WILL! I'll give u a bandaid. I think, even though it's a disturbingly troubled idea, that damn near everyone on this earth needs to die. Graylan Hagler heads the historically black congregation at the Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington, where he has helped lead the charge to change the football team's name for more than 20 years. Then you probably missed the black Americans wearing the rebel pride. I am not American, therefore I HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT UPON THE RIGHTS AND WRONGS OF THE FLAG.

So in response to this we are calling people names and swearing because we all have different opinions on the confederate flag. they were allowed to be ingrained in US culture.

The Native Americans migrated from Asia across the Frozen Barring Straight to settle North America therefore they too are immigrants to North America.And if half you knew the whole history of your so called Rebel Flag the Rebel Flag that is most popular only belong to the Northern Army of Virginia and was knows as the Northern Army of Virginia Battle Flag which was later adopted by all the other flags.

Right or Wrong, people fought for their beliefs. bottom line .slavery was about money.not a flag.why are we in others countrys fighting an killing good people .yes we kill the bad . They breed like roaches making little rednecks infesting this great nation!! Also he stated the reason the South (succeeded) was because they didn't want to free slaves! Have any of you tyrants been down south? Don't take that away from any American !!!!

The concept of the confederate flag symbolism as depicted on the first Confederate flag (1862-1863) was to show the secession of the 11 Southern states from the Union and its declaration of unity to the Confederate. Your against hate because of the color of ones skin. Guess he might understand what it symbolizes. Political correctness has gotten so blown out of proportion that I don't think people really know what it mean to be racist. Of course, they will not do that. When the Republicans won the elections that year, 7 Southern states declared their rebellion against the anti-slavery campaign. There doesn't seem to be a problem with black history being taught in schools so what's the big deal about a flag?

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