electro dragon coc attack

I know war clans are all about the W no matter how you get it but will this recent surge in mass spam attack cause supercell to bring a nerf? Im in a hardcore war clan and notice the amount of electro dragon spam, hog spam and miner spam. Verzeichnis Auf dieser Seite hast du die Möglichkeit, eine Angriffsstrategie zu verfassen oder zu finden. I wanted to ask what your honest opinion about the electro dragons is? The deal with this strategy is carefully planning your attack and using it against certain bases – some bases simply won’t work with the strategy (I’ll show you below which ones still get wrecked by DragBat), DragBat is designed to beat bases that are built against Balloons, so it’s actually a counter to the meta counter. When vanquished, the Electro Dragon even pummels the ground with lightning strikes! Any values … Clash of clan legend attack using electro dragon. It spits Thunder from the sky and damage Single Target by each Thunder Breath but also have a Chain Lightning up to 5 targets at once, but the damage decrease as for each target chained! When vanquished, the Electro Dragon even pummels the ground with lightning strikes! Timing and building a funnel is the key to success with Electro Dragons – if you mess that up you will not fail the whole attack, but for a solid 3-Star you will have everything working fine. The big difference between both Dragons is the attack. Aber aufgepasst: Der Name darf keine Doppelpunkte, Hashtags und Slashs enthalten ([/], [#] oder [:]). This strategy is still viable, although the bats got nerfed and there are a few less spawning. You can use it at TH10 to TH12, but I actually only recommend it for TH11. cause lets be honest here folks, using this troop requires almost zero skill to pull off a triple. At TH10 you find more powerful attacking strategies and at TH12 is’t a little too risky and you rather want to use BatSlap there. Always deploy the Bat Spells at the corner section, this will help to group the bats up a lot more!So important for you – use the BatWave if possible (no Wizard Towers in the Air Defense section) but use the BatBomb if there’s one Wizard Tower.That’s pretty much it, the bats will now start one-shotting the defenses and have taken most of them down so you will have enough Dragons left that will clean the base, without much time problems because there’s no Queen Charge involved here that takes a lot of time and also you don’t have the slow Balloons you need to use , So, if you’re a TH11 (or you want to attack a TH11) in Clan War and you stumble upon a base that has this setup with Air Defenses and Wizard Towers like shown above, you really want to use the DragBat strategy –  it’s the only one that really crushes these bases and from my experience there are loads of these bases in any war , + Really powerful against the bases with Air Defenses in one section, The Best TH13 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts – Weekly Updated, BH5 Base Layouts – Builder Base 5 Designs, BH6 Base Layouts – Builder Base 6 Designs, The Best BH9 Base Layouts (Updated Bi-Weekly), Two Multi-Target Inferno Towers in a section where you want to use the bats, You need to use a BatBomb on a Wizard Tower, Your Dragons need to attack into an Air Defense, Balloons or Electro Dragon in your Clan Castle, 1-3 Freeze Spells (depends on the above situations), You have only air troops  once your Kind and Queen are down, so attacking with air only you won’t pull any ground troops like Ice Golems that will only waste your time and cause trouble, Your Dragons have massive health and splash damage so they can deal with any setup that will come out there.

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