laura roslin dies

1. During the flight, she utters her last words, "So much... life," and dies peacefully. The film also featured future Battlestar Galactica castmate Edward James Olmos. She burns the book of Pythia, chooses to stop taking her cancer medication, refuses doloxan treatments, and also develops a romantic relationship with Admiral Adama, kissing him in a corridor, sleeping with him, and kissing him again during the mutiny. And she did turn down the marriage proposal, although she kept the ring. Before telling Adama goodbye, she whispers to him that he should destroy the basestar before agreeing to hand over the Final Five to the Cylons. In response, Roslin recruits an old political ally, Wallace Gray, to run for Vice-President, but he fares poorly against the well-connected Zarek. Walking through Galactica as the Cylons board the ship, while at the same time seeing flashes of her previous Opera House vision, Roslin locates Hera and hides both of them from the approaching Cylon forces. As most of the people wished for land under their feet and a roof over their heads that wasn't the deck of a starship, Baltar gained considerably in the polls. Baltar leapt on the issue, prompted by Zarek and Number Six, to push for colonization of the planet as a wedge issue to win the election. There's another episode in which the boys develop X-Ray vision glasses, and use them to find Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro's missing wedding ring, which went down the drain. From her cell, Roslin rallies support from the Quorum of Twelve by convincing them of her role in the Sacred Scrolls; in response, Tigh dissolves the Quorum and declares martial law (TRS: "Fragged"). At which point then we get wedding ring tropes: The claddagh, known colloquially as the Irish Wedding Ring, is worn with the heart pointing toward the wearer if they are married (crown pointing away); and with the heart pointing away from the wearer if they are available. Joey notices and drops to one knee to pick up the ring. Zarek erklärt sich bereit, den Vorsitz Roslin zu überlassen, wenn er dafür einen Platz in der neuen Regierung bekommt. He brought this to the attention of Tigh, who insisted that he would handle the situation, after which Gaeta grew suspicious and personally alerted Admiral Adama. Während sie in der Krankenstation ist, trifft sie, Thrace informiert Roslin, dass der Hybrid des Basisschiffes ihr sagte, dass "Der sterbende Anführer die Wahrheit des Opernhauses kennt" und besteht darauf, dass sowohl Roslin, als auch Baltar auf das Basisschiff fliegen, um dem Hybriden Fragen zu stellen. Baltar's capture on the algae planet places new stresses on Roslin.

Sie versucht ihn zu verhören und wirft ihm wieder die Beteiligung am Angriff der Zylonen auf die Kolonien vor, ein Vorwurf, den er bestreitet. Lampkin is last seen exercising leadership among the settlers. Roslin decides that Sharon cannot be allowed to raise the child, yet she also feels that the child is important and should be kept safe. With the Resistance, Roslin goes over the evacuation strategy that they had put in place, and ensures that Maya and Isis will be safely escorted to an evacuating ship (TRS: "Exodus, Part I").

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