stoveless backpacking meals

They can be packed into just about any corner of a full backpack. Here I was with all this food in the backcountry…and I didn’t eat it all. Please leave them below. Surprisingly, many grains that you would normally cook will rehydrate when you let them soak. The Hiking Life is a compilation of tips and advice on trip planning, lightweight backpacking techniques, and improving your wilderness skill set. A great way to pack in protein that won’t spoil. Except I don't like raisins so I just eat peanuts, haha! Here’s a helpful guide and some starter recipes. What follows is a 3-day backpacking menu that offers variety, without requiring a stove or excessive energy to carry. Murders on the Appalachian Trail a, Benefits of Hiking? Double Wall Tent - Which One Should You Buy. Which one sounds better? For 2017, I dropped my nine-day food weight down to 13.14 pounds, at 1.45 pounds of food per day. When I first started out I made the mistake of putting too much emphasis on what I was going to … Let's dive in. A quick, easy and lightweight way to add fat calories to your backcountry diet is to carry a small water bottle full of flax seed or MCT oil to keep your fat intake up. Your body is an incredible machine – do not neglect what it is trying to tell you. Again, my main consideration is calories per ounce. This is why my items are fairly simple and quick to eat and really pack on the calories. My goal here is just to make sure you’re not short on stoveless backpacking recipes! I’ve rounded up my favorite stoveless backpacking meals and categorized them for easy scrolling and reference. Whether you are going out on a hike for a few hours or a few weeks, you can benefit from the simplicity that stoveless backpacking meals have to offer. The main focus of hiking should be hiking! Also, variety is thrown out the window. Ramen, soups, chowders, stews, re-fried beans are easy options. Most people don’t realize the variety of meals that are possible so this list of 25 stoveless backpacking meals is meant to show the possibilities. I tested different foods and hydrating times before the trail and then loaded up, purchasing forty pounds of dehydrated refried beans and ten pounds of dehydrated lentil soup, in addition to smaller amounts of the other meals, breaking them down into individual meals before packaging them up in resupply boxes for the entire trail. My 2016 setup was for a nine day/ eight-night early season hunt. Bring some honey packets too and it’s like a 4-star restaurant! After a day of hiking, you don’t really care if your quesadilla is not melted…you’re just happy to have a quesadilla! Still want a hot meal? Read about some ideas for no cook backpacking meals! After running that same setup for the past two years, it finally stuck with me that I was carrying too much food weight into the backcountry. Seth. The dehydrated stuff isn't bad! You can order a bunch of packets from Amazon here or even get it in powdered powdered form (although, I have not tried this so use at your own risk). Cold-soaking is an alternative method for preparing food that does not involve heat. Salty and sweet with protein and good fat from the nuts. But on summer trips, stoveless backpacking meals can be just as delicious and satisfying as a cooked meal. There’s a balance between eating too much and wasting calories through defecation, and not eating enough. Going stoveless also means meal preparation just became simpler. There are still some items I might modify after this season, but after saving 1.8 pounds from my 2016 setup, increasing in total calories and increasing my average meal to 160.14 calories per ounce, at this point in the game this backcountry food list is a winner for me. Then I graduated to the homemade alcohol stove on the CT, having skipped a few iterations of stoves between the WhisperLite and the Fancy Feast can and having bought a titanium pot in the process. Copyright © 2020 OutMore All Rights Reserved. Cans are a little heavy but some people prefer that over the packs, just don’t forget to bring your P-38 can opener! She has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Colorado Trail (2007, 2011, 2013, 2012), and bicycled down the Pacific coast from Portland, Oregon to the border of Mexico. In total, I'll bring 6.30 oz. Weight savings going stoveless My 2016 food/cook kit weight.

Most of the meal ideas here are stuff you can get in the store but if you have your own dehydrator, the possibilities are endless. Camping n eating ramen wahhhhh Note: I highly suggest you test out any combination of backcountry food before you jump on a hunt.  ×  Sure, freeze-dried meals taste good and all, but a hot meal at the end of the day is not that essential for me. The Proof Is In The Pudding Stoveless backpacking breakfast while hiking in Montana. Roasted Macadamia nuts: 204 calories per ounce and also 19 grams of fat. My collection of tents, sleeping bags, and packs, all impossibly hard to part with, are a tribute to the timeline that ultralight backpacking has seen over the years. I’m always trying to evolve my setup and hopefully, this will help you create your own food list. Dinner is your reward for a day well hiked. Stoveless Backpacking Meal Ideas The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Trail fuel! The thru-hiker's complete guide to stoveless backpacking: how-to, food ideas, and meal plan.
Here are a few things that might make going stoveless easier for you: Going stoveless is a personal decision that is more about simplicity than it is about weight. On a trip to the Wind River Range, Lollygag & I decided to save pack weight by going stoveless. You’ve got try my foil packs (a.k.a. I crave these in the backcountry! One of the best ways to shed ounces and save money is to ditch your stove and embrace the stoveless cooking revolution. I do this to kickstart my body in the morning and then to recover in the evening. I like to mix a blend of various nuts, oats, seeds, berries, and coconut milk powder together. While the alcohol stove worked well, I updated my cooking system yet again for this past year's CDT hike when I went completely stoveless, converting my peanut butter jar into a "stove" and eating only cold food that hydrated without heat. Any questions or comments? 2017 food/cook kit weight. When comparing my 2017 and 2016 food/cook kit, I saved a total of 28.86 ounces or 1.8 pounds! You need to feel out what your body needs and what flavors your body needs. As you’re planning a trip, you might also want to mix and match meals from different categories to make sure you have enough variety. Bulgur wheat is already cooked and will rehydrate just fine, given enough time (but it takes a while). Stove Options. Add cold water to meals you already like, only add it 2-3 hours before meal time. Imagine essentially having avocado toast in the morning while your friends are waiting for their water to boil for their lame oatmeal, An avocado is totally worth packing on a backpacking trip because with a tortilla I've essentially got avocado toast for breakfast #stoveless #stovelessbackpackping #avocadotoast #hiking #GetOutMore #backpacking Stoveless backpacking breakfast while hiking in Montana. Have a brownie or snickers bar for dessert. Any of these go well with tortillas or pita chips for a very filling meal. On trail, I’ve replaced high cuisine with Pop-Tarts and Snickers bars, and I’m never looking back. This is because the noodles are already cooked and when you “cook” them at home, you are just speeding up the rehydration process.  •  - Mule Deer Tacos, Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg, OUT WEST - A Wyoming Backcountry Archery Elk Hunt, Utah makes hunting and fishing a constitutional right. Packets or Cans of Tuna. They are full of fiber, protein, and are sure to keep you full.
I'm really happy with this setup. Add cold water to meals you already like, only add it 2-3 hours before meal time. Charge the Trail has suggestions of how to make enjoyable meals with this lightweight method! I always shoot for high calories per ounce; I prefer to be at least 160 calories per ounce (this is a very difficult thing to accomplish without just trying to drink olive oil the entire trip). A typical ramen bomb will be about 500 calories. You’ll notice that my food list is mainly "snack" items. Black, pinto, red…whatever you like. Snake River Valley | Boise River | Idaho Centennial Trail - Wild West Trail, Instant Ramen Hacks – For Hiking! Apr 14, 2014. When I was still making hot food on the trail, I would add coconut oil to all of my meals. Handle the cooking before departure and you … Add some chopped up meat if you are so inclined.

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