best way to buy tickets for the louvre

They should be, as you’ll find all of these oeuvres at the Louvre! Cheers! Disadvantages: Tours may be a bit rushed and it may be more expensive than you’d wish. There’s a reason for that, as it is the home to so many well loved pieces. Disadvantages: It’s definitely more expensive than the group tour option. Paris See all. Related: What are the most popular tours in Paris? Disadvantages: It’s only available on Wednesdays and Friday evenings. The Paris Pass will be quite beneficial for it has a fast track entrance line. You don’t have to use all the day passes on the same day.. but they’re only good for the day you enter! 1) Are the tickets you buy at the tabac date specific as the online tickets one purchases for the Louvre at a 2€ supplement are date and time specific. You will see a red awning written 99 Carrousel du Louvre and a museum when you stand right at the metro entrance.

Tickets will be a bit more expensive, but with so many sites to pick from, unless you are trying to buy them 30 minutes before your visit, you will find something that suits your needs and budget. Tours are easy to book – you just have to pick a preferred date and time, and they will arrange everything else with the museum. Save some time by buying ahead of time. look for the stairs on either side. This is obviously going to be a more expensive option – private tours start at €100 per person. Located on the Denon wings of the museum, you will be able to Italian paintings from the Renaissance, like Leonardo Da Vinci’s work (the famous Mona Lisa lives on at the Louvre Museum). It is better to have your tickets beforehand instead of going through this hustle of purchasing Louvre tickets. This is the best way to end the visit of the Louvre Museum in Paris! If you’ve already bought your tickets to the Louvre in advance, you can head straight to the pyramid if you choose to use this entrance. Image by Guilhem Vellut – WikiCommons. People from Canada and US can have their tickets sent to them, but of course, you will have to pay some extra fees. You are welcome. Here's a downloadable pdf map/plan of the Louvre. Booking the tickets is incredibly easy: pick a day, pick a time for your entrance, pay €17 per visitor (15 for the ticket and 2 for the booking fee), and that’s done. Tickets for the Louvre Museum in Paris are €17 if bought onsite — very limited availability during summer 2020 and timeslot reservations remain obligatory.

You could spend weeks in the Louvre Museum, exploring all the rooms, but, if you do not have a whole week to visit it, here is the best way to visit the Louvre Museum! In 2018, more than 10.2 million people visited the Louvre. Visit the Louvre at night for a really unique experience. When you arrive, my advice is to go to the Apollo Gallery, which is the place where you will admire the fabulous ceiling as well as the King’s crown! Marie is a Political sciences student at Sciences Po in Paris. It’s also a great time to snap some photos without any other visitors getting in your way! Advantages: You get to cruise the Seine for fabulous views of many other sites in Paris, and get skip the line access to the Louvre.

Versailles Learn more about me here…, Ultimate Louvre skip the line guided tour, Eiffel Tower summit, Louvre, Notre Dame and Cruise. Usually, the line for those with tickets is shorter but at least you didn’t have to spend time waiting in a second line! 2.) The best thing to do before visiting the Louvre Museum is to buy your ticket before going to the museum, so that you won’t have to wait in what can be super long line at the security entrance (30 minutes to 2 hours) and then wait in a ticket line (usually shorter) inside the lobby. Disadvantages: You have to book entrances to the each attraction separately. This means that unless you get tickets to the Louvre beforehand, you won’t be able to get in.

There's also a smartphone app, My Visit to the Louvre, available for iPhone and Android. Thanks. The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.

The Mona Lisa room is going to be crowded anyway.

At the entrance go directly to the guard at the front of the Pyramid entrance. I am glad you find the information helpful. Loire Valley Lisa, Some special theme tours include secrets and scandals (of the artworks), the royal apartment, Da Vinci Code (less ubiquitous than a few years ago but still available!). Subsequent kings of France such as Louis XIII and Louis XIV added to the structure – both of them acquired a lot of art pieces, and so did Cardinal Richelieu – who was prime minister during the reign of Louis XIII. 1,675 Reviews . It really won’t be too much out of your way if it is closed. The Louvre Museum is another place that gets thousands of visitors every day. A lot of people visit the Louvre first and foremost to admire the world famous Mona Lisa. Finding Your Way They do sell the Museum Pass which could be a good deal if you plan to visit several museums. Bises, Kimberly. Before the obligatory system is in place, the Louvre has indicated that "admission without pre-booked tickets is not guaranteed." That’s roughly four times the population of Paris city, and that means that – were the museum open every day (which it isn’t – see more about it below) the average number of people visiting each day would be roughly 28000. with bicycle tour, hop-on hop-off bus tickets, and a drive through Paris in a Citroen 2 CV. Tickets are still the same price from the tabac as from the museum itself.


1. . After visiting for awhile, take a break in a restful courtyard in the Richelieu Wing. Contact service providers directly before making any arrangements. They are identified by name and have large red banners that highlight major offerings. US not even listed as an option. Best Ways to Enter the Louvre, Paris The Louvre in Paris is a vast treasure-trove, but ... who already have tickets (paper, on-line, or Museum Pass); and the second, much longer line, is for those who need to buy tickets. This was as recently as early May, 2016. These are currently available only for afternoon admissions and are well worth the slight surcharge. In this post, I will highlight the various ways, pointing out their main characteristics and who are they most suitable for. Thanks . Usually for the general public with tickets, you have to enter through the Pyramid. Let me know Brad how it goes and bon voyage! Disadvantages: Groups can be of up to 20 visitors, so you can’t really go on your own pace. Bon voyage!

At the time of this post, the cost is the same as if you bought the ticket at the museum. Another tip for visiting the Louvre would be to try to visit during the week. ~Then walk to the end and you’ll see the Tabac to your right. Private tours for families (90 minutes / 2 hours) are also a great option when traveling with children. Easiest Way to buy a ticket for the Louvre - Paris Forum.

Linda, Purchasing The Paris Pass is one of the most known and best ways to have the tickets beforehand.

MONEY SAVING TIP: The Louvre is free on every first Saturday of the month between 6:00 pm and 9:45 pm, and on Bastille Day (14 July). One crucial thing you should do before you visit Louvre is to buy the tickets in advance. Enjoy your visit! INTERESTING FACT: If you are curious to see how much you may have to wait in line for the tickets at the entrances of Pyramid and Carrousel, make sure to download the app created by the Louvre. They both meet up at the same place (a row of statues) so it doesn’t matter which one you take. It is also possible to enter the Louvre Museum via the underground La Galerie du Carrousel shopping center – queues here are often shorter. One popular way of getting your ticket beforehand is by buying a The Paris Pass which is a package of entry tickets to various museums and sites, as well as, many other additional activities like hop on/hop off tour bus, metro travel and a Seine River cruise. from US$108.08* Bateaux Mouches Seine River Paris by Night Dinner Cruise with Live Music.

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