black tribe with blue eyes and blonde hair

The women sometimes have tattooed faces, wear long black robes with colored embroidery. Dhe grees didn’t exist in that period.

Blonde hair and blue eyes are found in other Pakistan Afghanistan populations, so not a sign of Greeks only.

Many experts, scientists and authors agree that the Kalash Tribes shows all the signs, rites, history and possibly the DNA of the ancient Greeks. Confirmation of the Taliban’s role in his kidnapping came as their leader Mullah Omar urged American and Nato leaders to learn from the history of Alexander the Great’s invasion of Afghanistan and his defeat by Pushtun tribesmen in the 4BC.”, Kalasha: Happiest people in Pakistan? Calls for forced conversion of Kalash to Islam are very recent, made in last 2 decades after rise of Islamic extremism post 9/11. They are not descended from Greeks as previously thought. These natives were said to have rather fair skin and to have red or blonde hair and blue or grey eyes, and indeed especially the women were purportedly so Nordic in appearance that if it were not for their clothing they were said to be nearly indistinguishable from whites. Alexander was from Macedonia, not Greece, although he was educated by a Greek tutor, and practiced Greek culture and spoke Greek.

During this time, the God Balomain (Baal) passes through the valley collecting prayers. People who don’t know Islam, have not studied the Quran and who rely on tabloids and films for their so called knowledge of Islam are the most vocal about their hatred of it, I wonder why! I atleast it wasn’t spread like Christianity where people were tortured and killed ( South America and more) to convert or die. When he left to go back to Greece, some of his men did not wish to go back with him but preferred to stay here. Any genetic study that does not list the YDNA and mtDNA Haplogroups which is the benchmark to properly measure Haplogroup population genetics is in my opinion, race propaganda meant to deceive the stupid. why do the Germans claim that the Makedonians are not Greeks? The Greek government, Greek private organizations and Greek citizens (some of them very rich) have spent millions With some of his officers and men, he came to these valleys and they settled here and took local women, and here they stayed. Parthia, SCythia & Rome were ancient enemies. When I do that, not only am I ignoring the fact that majority of people use Einstein’s theory to teach and learn about physics. The tribe dresses in what can be called traditional old orthodox Jewish-style. By the way Islam has never spread through coercion and if you had the education you would know that. Compared with many compatriots beyond their valleys, the Kalasha are charmingly liberal: drinking wine, holding dancing festivals and worshipping a variety of gods. But the militant maulanas of the Taliban have finally caught up with them and declared war on their culture and heritage by kidnapping their most devoted supporter. Regarding this sentense:” Part of these rites include the making of distilled spirits and smoking marijuana. There was a tribe in south africa that research has shown that they were the first original humans and they were with blonde hair and blue eye. “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorise the unbelievers. If 1.8 billion people accepted a violent ideology then westerners wouldn’t stand a chance, but luckily that’s not true, and you’re simply talking about a group of thugs that happen to be Muslim. All blue-eyed people can be traced back to one ancestor who lived 10,000 years ago near the Black Sea. | CNN Travel – CNN. I also stood by helpless in the DRC while Muslims slaughtered half the village I was delivering to. Interestingly there was a population in Central Asia called The Yamnaya that spread to Europe as well as all the way to northern India (and of course Pakistan Afghanistan etc) that have left their dna and the common indo-European languages. While Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians were slowly driven out of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province by Muslim militants, the Kalash were free to drink their own distilled spirits and smoke cannabis. And a mother of Alexander a great was from Iliria and his father from Macedonia but non from Athens a city-state ant anymi of Macedonia. The Vedas:. Before then, there were no blue eyes… Your blah blah blah does not explain: A recent study prepared by Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University English Language Department assistant professor Elisavet Mela-Athanasopoulou shows the common elements shared by the language of the Kalash ethnic group in the Himalayas and Ancient Greek. who has initiated this? often embroidered with cowrie shells. Did you know that Washington DC was once called Rome? In my many other articles on the Lost Tribes such as the Lost Tribe of Judah Found: The Scattered Children of Bab-El, Lost Tribe of Judah Found: The Bedas, and The American Indians and Phoenician Hebrews: 10 Commandments Found in Arizona I detail that many of these same traits such as the dress, food customs, religious rites and tattoos that is common in almost every single tribe that I have researched. They celebrate a week-long Chamos festival with lots of singing, dancing, ritual, feasting and even the sacrifice of a goat. Just had to get it in there didn’t you? thing in his path and will, very soon, exterminate the Kalas people as a separate entity? The people have a native TYRP1 gene that is partly responsible for the blond hair and dark skin. This is why we believe the Greeks are our first ancestors.”, The Kalash Tribe Connection With the Religion of the Ancient Jews (Phoenicians/HebrewsGreeks). : Seleucus). Not only this, but if Islam was truly the issue, and if there were bad parts of the Qu’ran, there would be a lot more issues. They then dance in circles as they sing and chant around the fire just like can be found with the lost tribes of the American Phoenician Hebrew Indians and with the Irish Phoenician Hebrew in Ireland. why the sudden interest of the tourism industry to the Kalas people? Compare the people to the British, Irish, and Americans. Mass Dartmouth; and author, Brian Glyn Williams had recently written and article in the Huffington Post titled, The Lost Children of Alexander the Great: A Journey to the Pagan Kalash People of Pakistan. Thank you. They speak the Kalasha language, from the Dardic family of the Indo-Iranian branch, and are considered a unique tribe among the Indo-Iranian peoples of Pakistan. Rites that would be a death sentence in the religion of Islam”.

2,325 years is a very long time, why have they not forgotten as have done millions of other Greeks in the Near East? Similarly, the Solomon Island Melanesians have dark skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. For example, in 2014, the New York Times reported that “The Kalash people of Pakistan were found to have chunks of DNA from an ancient European population. His soldiers could have come from any of the areas he conquered before he reached the Kalash people. Their leader was a general called Shalakash (i.e. Just read his book Who We Are and How We Got Here which is fascinating in clearing up all the human migrations. What Lazaridis called “Ancient North Eurasians” in his “Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans”, Science 2014. Still some of our words are the same as theirs, our music and our dances, too; we worship the same gods. A Kalashi tribal man, Kazi Khushnawaz was recently quoted saying; “Long, long ago, before the days of Islam, Sikander e Aazem came to India. There are 1.8 billion Muslims on the planet, what you’re talking about probably belongs to a group of 2000. These tribes can be found all over the world from Egypt to India and all the way to Ireland and England in places such as Kent that was once known as the Old Kingdom of Jute which was originally Juteland or the land of the Jutes. They make their own bread, clothing, and live from agriculture. The other studies…what they found was far stranger. It was also found to be different from the gene that causes blue eyes in black people.

“We want to help them preserve that.”. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes’.”. through coercion and liaison. Last updated at 08:54 01 February 2008 It is no secret that Alexander the Great had conquered these lands over 2,000 year ago and had occupied the mountains of northern Pakistan in which he would sow the seeds of a tribe that lives on to this very day. Coversion of ancient para-vedic kalash tribe of pakistan This in a Muslim country that forbade alcohol. Blonde hair and blue eyes are found in other Pakistan Afghanistan populations, so not a sign of Greeks only. The children often have curly blonde hair which may turn darker when they get older. Houben (eds.). In it he writes; “High in the snow-capped Hindu Kush on the Afghan-Pakistani border lived an ancient people who claimed to be the direct descendants of Alexander the Great’s troops. This aren’t grees but ilirjan , son of ilirian soldier in army of Alexander a great of Macedonia.

You are making this highly wrong hypothesis that blue eyes came originated from Europeans and some other predominantly white countries. Kalash People (PTV Documentary 1976) from Rai M Azlan Shahid on Vimeo. In the article it says they have a tradition of being descended from some of Alexander the great’s soldiers. They analyzed the genomes of 52 other people from around the world and concluded that the mutation is peculiar to the Melanesians and absent in the Europeans. I want to add that Islam has been there in this region since 10th cent, and the Kalash have survived for over 1000 years. Kindly share with us your source and review this information. have more reasons for that? The Kalash appears to be a relic population. While the neighboring Pakistanis were dark-skinned Muslims, this isolated mountain people had light skin and blue eyes.

A 2009 article in the Telegraph explains how this tribe was also recently the targets of the conservative Islamic militant group known as the Taliban. (Extract from: The Ṛgvedic Religious System and its Central Asian and. Hindukush Antecedents. What makes them unique to most Pakistanis is the fact that many people in the tribe have blonde hair and blue eyes. Greek became the common tongue in the areas that he conquered, and Hellenic culture became the culture people copied in those areas. Most importantly, they produced wine much like the Greeks of antiquity did.

The Two Horned one whom you British people call Alexander the Great. Their ancient temples and wooden idols were destroyed, their women were forced to burn their beautiful folk costumes and wear the burqa or veil, and the entire people were converted at swordpoint to Islam. This is totally incorrect, the death penelty in Islam is defined to a very specific case, and consuming marijuana is not met with death penalty. why did the Taliban abducted and held prisoner for four months the Greek initiator of this help? Stop being bigoted and really learn about Islam. The kings of these regions were the supposed wise men of myth who presented themselves to Jesus as a child, and offered him wealth beyond measure as their “king of kings,”. The archipelago, located east of Papa New Guinea … How did the Kalash maintain their tribal rites and religious customs for over 2,000 years? Tell me. These natives were said to have rather fair skin and to have red or blonde hair and blue or grey eyes, and indeed especially the women were purportedly so Nordic in appearance that if it were not for their clothing they were said to be nearly indistinguishable from whites. Part of these rites include the making of distilled spirits and smoking marijuana. why do the people not try to become like the Greeks?

Rites that would be a death sentence in the religion of Islam. Macedonian nationality egsist 20 century and more than Greek nation is 3 century old, German and English popy… Who is their first king?. He is a father, husband, author, martial arts black belt, and an expert in Gnosticism, the occult, and esotericism.

Your underdeveloped brain keeps you in absolute ignorance !

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