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They also have a pan number on the bottom, a heat ring, and a product number (4 digits) at the bottom. Older lighter skillets may be warped or bowed.

Texture and Weight are two of the simplest ways that you can determine the age of the pan. Texture and Weight are two of the simplest ways that you can determine the age of the pan. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be easy to overlook the pan.

It’s very easy to mistake them for low-quality pans. How Do You Identify an Antique Cast- Iron Skillet. This was used during the 1960s when trade requirements were extremely tight, and manufacturers had to mention the country of origin of all pieces produced. Griswold's pattern numbering system is a little more cryptic, with the numbers appearing to have nothing to do with the size.

This may help to explain the reason behind Griswold’s system evolving as it did. The Red Mountain series have patterns or dots at the 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 positions. Cast iron cookware made between the late 19th and the early 20th century is preferred by collectors. Additionally, even unmarked pans have small manufacturer identifiers that you can use to tell their age. Birmingham Stove & Range Miniature Fry Pan Ash Tray With Original Label | eBay. The aforementioned pattern letters of 710C and 1053D are obviously slightly more complex than simple size code followed by lettering. Fakes often have rough, irregular surfaces, casting flaws and faint markings. It belongs to the Blacklock Foundry that paved the way for the Lodge Manufacturing Company. Some cast-iron skillet pans have markings that can easily be searched for online. Following are a list of most of those common codes used: Thanks for reading and be sure to share this info with your friends using the social share buttons below. However a new skillet cooks just as well and I also cook a standard Lodge 10.25 skillet which I find a lot of fun to use.

You see each model of pan produced by a foundry had a pattern to make its molds and in the case of a common or popular size, several patterns would be made so multiple molds could be cast at once. There... Identify and date your Wagner cast iron cookware using logos. Learn about Wapak cast iron. We have our thinking caps on.
The Cast Iron Collector is one such website. So regardless of what sellers may try to imply about the significance of pattern letters or lack thereof, collectors don’t generally concern themselves with what lettering on a piece. Luckily, this is not the only way that you can figure out how to tell how old a cast iron skillet is. Fanner, Crusoe, Puritan, Columbus and other makers produced cast iron cookware in the shadows of the steel mills of the Monongahela and Ohio River valleys in Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio from the middle of the 19th century through the 20th century.

Essentially a stove eye is the equivalent of a modern burner. However, if you want to determine the true age of your pan, you should instead look at the following factors: Older pans have a smoother and less pebbled surface than newer ones. 20 Ways to Deter Rabbits from Eating Your Garden, How To Predict The Weather With A DIY Storm Glass, Find Out What The Numbers & Letters Mean On Your Cast-Iron Cookware - SHTF & Prepping Central, Decoding Cast Iron Numbers and Lettering - Lil Moo Creations, Decoding Cast Iron Numbers and Lettering: See What The Numbers Mean » iSeeiDoiMake, How To Force Spring Bulbs to Grow Indoors, You Can Get Candy Cane Flowers That Will Get …, Smoky Halloween Pumpkins Make For GREAT Halloween Photos.
However if your new to cast iron cooking you may want to find out why people use and prefcast iron cookware. Griswold cast iron skillet. To replace the O in lodge, a cast iron skillet frying a single egg off center was added to the label. DESCRIPTION: Griswold No. This is a raised slash or a scar on the bottom of the pan. Secondly there is no rush, because cast iron is so durable there is no shortage of cast iron cookware out there. CONDITION: Minor wear and patina as expected with age. IT IS STILL A VERY NICE SKILLET. The heat ring provided stability for the pan and helped to maintain consistent temperature by essentially sealing the pan over the stove eye. While the original plan was possibly to have a unique number for each and every pattern or maybe to change numbers when the design was updated, the whole system was scrapped around 1905 when a more consistent numbering and lettering scheme was developed. Due to high demand, certain vintage cast-iron cookware brands carry inflated prices and greater incidence of forgery. The pattern letter corresponds to the one particular pattern that molded a pan in the foundry. However if you're new to cast iron cooking I'd go for a number #8. It was a heavy cover piece made to fit eyes not being used directly. Can You Season a Cast-Iron Pan with Olive Oil. Does your skillet have the words "THE FAVORITE" on the back?

During this time casting techniques and expertise were perfected.

In fact, these numbers instead indicate a size of old-time stove burners. Earlier versions of their pans did not contain the entire name. However if I was to suggest another site to visit to promote cast iron collecting and cookery it would have to be the reddit cast iron page. The main thing with gate marked skillets is that they don’t have any other marks, such as a manufacturer name. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Also the articles cover a lot of interesting historical information about the foundries. Griswold and Wagner take pride and place for many cast iron enthusiasts, however many other manufacturers of the also have the desired smooth cooking surface. This casting method was discontinued in 1890, making cast iron skillets with gate marks rather rare. Whether your'e a keen cast-iron enthusiast or learning about vintage cast iron, I hope you find our articles useful and interesting. Get the best deals on Collectible Cast Iron Cookware when you shop the largest online selection at

9 Trivet, Dutch Oven, The Griswold Mfg. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?!

Identify, date your skillet using logos. Antique cast iron skillets markings collector 5 reasons you should this 2 800 cast iron skillet immediately erie 6 skillet with triangle marking cast iron cookware it numbers letters the cast iron collector information for vintage c1930s lodge single notch no 5 cast iron skillet vintage cast iron dating identification logos history.

Another effective way to tell the age is to look for markings on the pan. Aptly, sizes #10 thru #14 skillets were inscribed 1060, 1061, 1062, 1063, and 1064. Griswold cast iron | Learn about the Griswold Manufacturing Co. Wagner cast iron | Wagner Ware history, dates and logos. Start with the Brand. A good photograph of the skillet of interest is also a good idea to compare with the skillet that is available to examine in person. While many seem fairly obvious, some letters were a bit cryptic unless you had the original label or packaging for reference. Old pans are great cookers even on today's modern ranges. For many, this can be a great way to find out how old their favorite cast iron pan is. These seem to be limited to 1-4. Apart from the texture, the weight of the pans also differs based on their age. THE BOTTOM HAS A DIMOND MARK, THE WORD SIDNEY WITH A ZERO UNDER IT. What are the benefits of ceramic cookware? Griswold and Wagner are the two most sought-after brands of antique cast iron cookware, but many more companies made cast iron cookware, too. Another easy sign that you can use to determine the age of your pan is the Made in USA mark that you can find on the bottom of the pan. Another type of cast iron skillet pans produced by the Griswold Manufacturing Company is the Iron Mountain skillets. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. A size #6 Griswold skillet, for example, is pattern number "699", a size #7 is pattern "701", and a size #8 is pattern "704". The letter or letters after the numerals, in all four of those cases, are known as pattern letters. As if the numbering system isn’t complicated enough, many pieces can be marked with inscriptions such as 3B, 8CX, 710C, or 1053C. However, many people find this method to be a bit difficult, particularly since you need to have two different pans in order to compare it effectively. For the most part, pans with such markings are not considered desirable collectibles. BSR pans have a ridge under the handle and a number as well. There’s plenty of color and size options, too. It's a fun place to see what people are cooking in their vintage cast iron. Many people don’t know how to tell how old a cast iron skillet is. Sure, I hope you stick around and enjoy all the articles at Boonie Hicks after all it really is a lot of work to maintain a site. The following are some standard markings on cast iron skillets that you should pay attention to: Another type of mark that cast iron skillets can have is a gate mark. Talking about social stuff, consider liking our Facebook page to keep up to date with our articles. from. Learn the benefits of cooking with cast iron. Sep 18, 2018 - Explore Anthony Venne's board "Cast Iron Marks", followed by 168 people on Pinterest. Learn the History of Sidney Hollow Ware Co. How did those lovely Sidney skillets... Boonie Hicks is a traditional cookery site. SMALL 4 1/2" ROUND SIDNEY HOLLOW WARE CO. Antique skillets are known for their markings at positions on the bottom of the skillet reflecting positions on a time clock. With the name and logo emblazoned on the bottom of the skillet, its origin can be traced and even dated. How to identify Sidney Hollowware cast iron. MEASUREMENTS: 8-1/2" diameter. Where Staub, Le Creuset and others of their ilk charge hundreds for a single pot, Lodge’s full-sized enameled Dutch ovens run in the mid-$50 range. Is Black Residue On Cast Iron Skillets Harmful? It is hard to answer I like larger sizes, #10 and #11 are my favourites. Home » How to Tell How Old is a Cast Iron Skillet? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Due to high demand, certain vintage cast-iron cookware brands carry inflated prices and greater incidence of forgery. A good photograph of the skillet of interest is also a good idea to compare with the skillet that is available to examine in person. Meanwhile a Martin #3 skillet was actually the same as a Wagner #2. You can have a look at the gate mark on a cast iron skillet here. With a number #8 skillet it's great for one or two people and more importantly it's more forgiving and less prone to warping. Although Wagner and Griswold are fantastic cookware there are many great old pans out there made by different manufactures. Favorite Piqua Ware: Favorite Stove and Range Co. vintage cast iron. Both Griswold and Wagner have produced pieces of multiple models with the same pattern letters. Learn about Favorite Piqua Ware, Miami, and Puritan antique cast iron. These markings would either be used with, or in some cases, in favor of traditional size numbers. Many people usually try to tell the age of a pan based on their appearance.

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