manic miners

All in the spirit of 90’s Lego themes and games. You can always suggest your idea by messaging me over at the Discord server.

retrokid97 18 April 2020 MANIC MINER!

Experimental: This download is the latest compiled build and will knowingly be released with bugs or incomplete features (but the game won't crash  or anything). I am however definitely open to other collaborations! Development began in May 2019 and will continue until the game is finished.

I would gladly contribute for this awesome project on a Kickstarter (or something like that).

;), In addition, this would give visibility to your project and help to make it discover to people who would be pleased to see these Lego bricks come back to life in such a beautiful way. It will feature new content, countless improvements, and lots of surprises! Case on point: Intel HD Graphics. Available. Welcome to "MANIC MINERS" - just imagine, "Lemmings" meets "Boulderdash" ... with TNTs, fuse bombs, lasers and flamers tossed-in-too! On this page some of the most Frequently asked questions about Manic Miners will be answered! Manic Miners is an in-progress remake of Lego Rock Raiders, originally released in 1999. I work hard, I program well, and my pipelines for the project are insanely efficient. But, be very, very, aware - there's a million ways to die daan there! I love the details and little secrets and especially chiefs corner. I usually respond within a day. Check "DOWNLOADS + LINKS" and you'll find the game download, or read the Project FAQ if you want to find out more about the project itself. A true classic: MANIC MINER will let you feel the spirit of the early 80s gaming. If not, you can always ask your question trough our social media! Hi Guys, we are The Manic Miners We love to play videogames including No Man's Sky, Minecraft, Portal Knights, , the forest, and many more. They’ll have a “token” showing you commanded a drilling etc there. They’ll turn coloured.

Comments: 3rd place in the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Game of the Year 1983.#Winner of the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Best Arcade Style Game.#There also was a {software|0025588}, {software|0014589}, {software|0003020}, {software|0014735}, {software|0019760}, {software|0019761}, {software|0003022}.

Your browser doesn't have Flash, Silverlight or HTML5 support. I just don’t know where to go after this yet.

You’re Miner Willy who needs to get out of the mine, full of evil and dangerous things: Poisonous Pansies, Spiders, Slime, and worst of all, Manic Mining Robots! Check out the trailer here

In order to use our site, you must review our Privacy Policy and either accept it, or customize your settings. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. No one has gotten as far as I have gotten, but no one has also had the same premise I have. When the game gets completely done, I might consider remaking the “borrowed” assets and launch commercially on other places, but the PC version containing Rock Raiders assets will always be free.

Deploy your Tiny Miners (TM) to collect, and safely return home, as many jewels as possible. The AI is still in its infancy: You will find hundreds of ways the AI can be improved to make smarter decisions, many of which I’m aware but just haven’t had time to implement. Jump in and see what you can create. Feel free to leave these in the #suggested-additions channel in my Discord server! It has been in development since late May 2019 and is programmed by a single person; Baraklava. Please respect that implementations (however easy they are to implement) might take time. © 2020 Valve Corporation.

All rights reserved.

Among other things, one big advantage of the game is a native Level Editor where you can realize the craziest dream levels you had when you played the original game! Found on Soggy Island, to the right of getting off the boat Hey, this might mean running the engine is not supported on your computer. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. You can request changes or additions here. Players: 1 Entry Type: Arcade: Platform Machine Type: ZX-Spectrum 48K Availability: Available Comments: 3rd place in the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Game of the Year 1983.#Winner of the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Best Arcade Style Game.#There also was a {software|0025588}, {software|0014589}, …

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