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In the 1850s he drafted some designs for iron-sheathed ships for Napoleon III of France, including a curious iron vessel with a rotating cupola, but nothing came of that effort. The paper recommended the construction of 'one or more ironclad steamers or floating batteries, and to select a proper and competent board to inquire into and report in regard to a measure so important.' The timing was good, because Welles was worried. Full of confidence, he submitted his plan for a 'subaquatic ironclad vessel with a gun turret' directly to the president.

Stockton did not understand how to properly construct the breech-reinforcing pieces for his copy, however, and during an 1844 Potomac River demonstration run attended by President John Tyler's secretary of state, Abel P. Upshur, and Secretary of the Navy Thomas Gilmer and other dignitaries, Stockton's gun exploded. Great was Ericsson's surprise when he heard that his plan had been rejected by the junior member, Captain Davis.

Few ships in American naval history have been so highly acclaimed as USS Monitor, a vessel that transformed naval warfare with its revolving turret.When Monitor, armed with only two cannons, fought the much more heavily armed CSS Virginia (constructed on the hull of USS Merrimac) to a draw on March 9, 1862, the world took note.In 1870 the British Admiralty built the turreted Captain. The remarkable vessel contained 40 patentable inventions. Bushnell then took the plans to his old friend, Welles, at his home in Hartford, Conn. Stockton and Ericsson bickered, and the officer began to do what he could to relegate the inventor to the background. Donations to the Trust are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. Few ships in American naval history have been so highly acclaimed as USS Monitor, a vessel that transformed naval warfare with its revolving turret.

Ericsson was disappointed and depressed. Should you decide to put the work in hand, if my plan meets your approbation, please telegraph and within forty-eight hours the writer will report himself at the White House. By skirmishing with The Virginia at Hampton Roads, The Monitor prevented her adversary from stopping the blockading action of the Federals at the port. The revolutionary Monitor nearly didn't get built. USS Monitor was a Civil War ironclad that took part in the first battle between ironclad warships ... artifacts, such as the ship's propeller, were removed from the wreck.

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Besides this I have received military education and feel at home in the science of artillery.

People would line up to catch a glimpse of the ironclad monstrosities. Bushnell was concerned because naval authorities doubted whether Galena would be able to carry the stipulated amount of 400 tons of armor on her topsides. When he met Ericsson the next morning, he tried to appeal to his vanity, saying: 'The Board has been very impressed by your ingenious floating battery but one member, Commander Davis, only needs some further explanation about your design before signing a contract, details I was unable to explain.

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Gustavus Fox was present, as were several other naval officers. By not allowing the Virginia to open the blockade, the route for the Confederacy now had to go around the port. There was no time to waste if the planned blockade of Southern ports was to be successful. Designer of the USS Monitor, John Ericsson, USS Monitor battling the CSS Virginia at close range in the Battle of Hampton Roads, Help Bring the Western Theater Battlefield Experience Online, Kentuckians: Support Battlefield Preservation Legislation, Virginians: Support Battlefield Preservation Legislation. Fearing his letter might be intercepted, he did not include actual drawings of the ship, and added the following note of caution: 'At the moment of putting this communication under envelope it occurs to me finally that it is unsafe to trust the plans to the mails. The third member, Captain Davis, had witnessed the Princeton tragedy and did not trust Ericsson. Attachment to the Union alone impels me to offer my services at this fearful crisis — my life if need be — in the great cause which Providence has called you to defend. Ericsson designed her to operate in shallow water and to present as small a target as possible, the water around her acting as protection.

Not only for the million of dollars of damage each side inflicted on each other’s merchant trade, but for the attention taken away by having a ship watch for the ironclads. The Monitor's action against the Virginia was considered a great success in the North, and other ships, also called Monitors, were put into production. That next day, however, Virginia's crew got a surprise.

Furthermore, it specified that the vessel must be provided with masts and sails and that it should make 6 knots under sail and 8 knots under steam. The ship was launched on January 30, 1862, from Continental Iron Works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, N.Y., and was fitted out with two massive 11-inch Dahlgren guns. Sir: The writer, having introduced the present system of naval propulsion and constructed the first screw ship of war, now offers to construct a vessel for destruction of the rebel fleet at Norfolk and for scouring the Southern rivers and inlets of all craft protected by rebel making this offer I seek no private advantage or emolument of any kind. A contract for 'an ironclad, shot-proof steam battery' was issued on October 4, 1861.

While the Monitor had some design flaws, it proved its worth, and dozens of other Monitors were built and put into service during the Civil War. Ericsson agreed to leave immediately for the capital and took the night train to Washington.
In Latin, a monitor is someone who admonishes: that is, reminds others of their duties—which is how USS Monitor was given its name. The ship looked simple enough, a raft with a gun turret in the middle.

Its unique appearance earned the vessel the nickname 'cheesebox on a raft.'. On September 12, Lincoln received Bushnell in the White House. Towards the end of the war, the celebrated ships were more circus acts than actual naval vessels. A win win for both sides when this phenomena occurred. One contract went to Cornelius Bushnell of New Haven, Conn., for Galena, and the other to Merrick & Sons, Philadelphia, for new ironclads. Ericsson was asked to return in an hour, and only five minutes after he was ushered into the room, Welles told him to 'go ahead and start building as soon as possible; don't wait for a formal contract.'

He explained that even in narrow passages it could operate its guns in battle, since only the turret needed to be turned. In fact, he said from his own experience with rafts in Sweden he knew that high seas washed over the decks, but the body of the ship itself remained steady. Controversy raged over engineer John Ericsson's design, and Abraham Lincoln had to intercede on behalf of the ship.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The ship stood between the Confederate ironclad and the stricken Minnesota. Bushnell had been told to consult with Ericsson on the matter. Kept at bay by Monitor, Virginia was eventually destroyed by her own crew after it was forced to a shallow part of the James by the advance of McClellan's campaign. Bushnell was impressed and urged Ericsson to present his model and plans to the secretary of the Navy. Bushnell agreed, and well aware of the difficulties of dealing with the board, he managed to arrange an appointment with Abraham Lincoln. Ericsson had designed a huge cannon with a 12-inch muzzle, mounted on a revolving platform, for Princeton. It is the image of nothing in the heaven above, or the earth beneath, or the waters under the earth. a big body blow to the war effort of the South.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'civilwaracademy_com-box-4','ezslot_0',612,'0','0'])); Following this historically relevant action in the sea, The Monitor stayed in the Hampton Roads vicinity and in 1862 was actively engaged along the James River in water support for the army’s Peninsular Campaign. It strikes me there's something in it.'. President of the United States.
The next day the board held an official meeting to decide on Ericsson's proposal. The inventor proceeded to defend his creation with detailed knowledge and numbers and pointed out that the low freeboard of his vessel in no way made it unstable.

Help save a crucial 22-acre tract on the battlefield where 14 African American soldiers earned the highest military honor in the land.

There were many negative murmurs in the room, and opinion was split on the peculiar warship, but the president openly backed it. The Majority of our funds go directly to Preservation and Education. The battle, although the first between two ironclad vessels, ended in a pseudo-draw, the affect that the battle had on the outcome of the war was undeniable. As Bushnell prepared to leave, Ericsson asked if he was interested to see his own plans for a totally new type of low-draft ironclad warship. He concluded, 'Gentlemen, after what I have said, I consider it to be your duty to the country to give me an order to build the vessel before I leave this room.'

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